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  1. Artymouse

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    I didn't read through all 34 pages of this thread, so I apologize if my question has already been addressed. I'm watching the current season because I'm a newspaper reporter covering one of the contestants who is from our market, but prior to this, I'd only seen a couple episodes of the first season. I'm really enjoying it, even though lots of fans say it's a pretty dull season. I'd like to go back and watch previous seasons, and they're now on Hulu, so that's possible. What two or three seasons would be the best places to start to get a real feel for the game and the strategy and that kind of thing? I don't want to go all the way back to season 1 since I know basically what happened then. But where should I begin if I'm going to watch the old seasons?
  2. Artymouse

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    This is my first season watching Survivor (except for a couple of episodes in first season), and I'm watching this season because I'm a journalist, and one of the players is from our market, So I'm a little lost among all the talk of strategy and previous seasons etc. However, I'm also intrigued enough that I'm going to watch some previous seasons on Hulu. Never expected to find this show interesting, but now I'm worried that I'm going to become a Survivor obsessive! I dislike Wardog, Ron and Gavin, and Aurora's toughness is starting to grow on me. It was really cool to see her determination at the immunity challenge. Overall, I don't think she's going to win, but she's proving to have more guts that I gave her credit for. David has also grown on me, and I was bummed to see him banished last night, but hopefully he will make EoE a little more interesting, and maybe they'll show us a bit more of what's going on there. When the previews said that two players would be voted out last night, I expected one tribal council with them voting for two people. Then, with all the talk of blindsides, I thought maybe Jeff was going to blindside the players and tell them they had to vote out two people at the one tribal council, even though they were only expecting one vote. So my question is -- has that ever happened? And for the love of God, are they ever going to give these people something to wear besides their undies??
  3. Artymouse

    Cast In Other Projects

    Just popping in to say that I'm a journalist, and I had a phone interview with Maks recently, in advance of the Maks and Val Tour. I'm a fan of both of the brothers, but I have to say, I really was pleasantly surprised by Maks. There wasn't a trace of the arrogance he's sometimes (often?) exhibited on DWTS. He was thoughtful, interesting, friendly, generous with the time. I've interviewed some arrogant performers (mostly musicians) over the years, and I half-expected Maks to come across that way too. But it turned out to be one of my favorite interviews in a very long time. I'm not sure if I'll get to see the show, for a variety of reasons, but he left me with a very positive impression of himself as a person.
  4. Artymouse

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    My theory on how things will play out keeps evolving, but I am now leaning toward the idea that Penny goes and Callie stays. For one thing, Penny didn't ask Callie to come to NY; Callie insisted on being asked. So I think (and I hope it's not wishful thinking) that Penny wasn't all that keen on having Callie in New York, but she kinda went along with it because she likes/loves Callie and thought it would be an adventure. And really, how many of us have agreed to a dumb idea posed by someone we thought we were in love with? I sure have. But stuff got real when Callie and AZ got into a court battle, and Penny realizes it's not fun anymore, and she leaves Callie in Seattle while she goes off to NY, never to be seen on Grey's again. Just a theory, but one that would plausibly re-establish the status quo and get the dull and lifeless Penny off my TV screen.
  5. Artymouse

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Any chance it could be Penny's funeral (fingers crossed)? That would keep Callie in Seattle, give her a big, emotional storyline, and fit with her pattern -- "everybody I marry either cheats or dies, or cheats and dies."
  6. Artymouse

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media

    That was one of my favorite Justin moments, when he thanked Izzie for helping him to become a better man and to believe in himself, and that's how he knew he didn't deserve to be treated the way she treated him. Wouldn't it be nice if he got more of a chance to show off his considerable acting talent!
  7. Artymouse

    S22.E06: Week 6

    I thought most of the dances were really good. Even Ginger, my least favorite among the female celebs, was pretty good. But that's one of Janet Jackson's best songs, so maybe I'm just predisposed to like the dance. Wanya killed it, and he's become my pick to win. I thought Jodie was amazing, and I really liked Kim's dance. I hope her performing so early in the show doesn't hurt her with votes. With a double elimination next week, who do we think will get the boot? I'm thinking there's a good chance that Von is one of them. He just doesn't seem all that into it. I'd love to see Ginger leave, but I doubt that'll happen, so it'll probably be Kim. This is the first season in a while that we've gotten to the midpoint and I couldn't point to anyone as a lousy dancer who needs to go. It's an interesting lineup.
  8. Artymouse

    S12.E20: Trigger Happy

    What has Shonda put in the TV vapors? I liked Amelia again; I think this is the third week in a row. Still can't stand Penny, so maybe I haven't gone to the dark side yet. The gun stuff felt very heavy-handed to me. I'm from the South, so I know people who own guns, but it seemed that everyone was behaving as if the idea of knowing someone who owns a gun is just inconceivable. It didn't hit me until at least an hour after the episode ended that most (at least many) of them were in the hospital during the shooting, so maybe that experience colored their perception a bit, but it seemed a bit unrealistic. The PSA at the end was great, and made a bigger impact for me than some of the PSA-like dialogue. And was it just me, or did anyone else worry that Jo's gun was going to fall off the bed and end up shooting Jo or Alex? What have they done with Callie? I know she's generally an idiot in the realm of romance, but ugh! I have more chemistry with my couch than Callie has with Penny. And I'm pretty sure my couch is also a better actor than Penny. Team Arizona all the way on this issue. If my ex unilaterally decided to move across the country and take our kid, to the point of submitting school applications for the kid, and then decided to have a conversation about it, I doubt I would've been as calm as Arizona. Glad to see Japril making tentative moves toward a peaceful relationship; I hope it lasts. And I liked smiling Meredith. She and Edwards were cute together.
  9. Artymouse

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Please, no! I don't think we need another season of dead Denny romancing a live person. Because if they went supernatural, you just know that's the direction they would take the Meredith and her return to dating storyline.
  10. Artymouse

    Promos & Sneak Peeks

    So that's better than my first thought, her wingman Richard. That would screw up his marriage to Catherine, give Maggie another half-sister, and add all manner of twists and turns to the already complicated romantic and familial relationships on the show. I kid! But it would be funny....
  11. Artymouse

    Promos & Sneak Peeks

    I can buy that, except .... which male friend impregnates Arizona while Callie's away?
  12. Artymouse

    S22.E05: Week 5

    I did feel a bit of bias coming from Maks, and I think he was a little too sharp in some of his comments, but it was nice to have a counterpoint to Carrie Ann's gibberish nonsense and Bruno's hyper dramatic commentary. It was interesting that he and Len had the same score on almost every dance, and it was usually lower than Bruno's and Carrie Ann's scores. But I agree that Bruno's actual critiques seem helpful and not snarky. I think Jodie became my favorite tonight. She was so much more relaxed and dynamic with Val as her partner. And reading between the lines -- her comment that it's "just a dance" -- made me wonder if she really is having a tough time connecting with Keo. She got most of my votes tonight. And Ginger just bugs the crap out of me. Her shimmying didn't strike me as sexy; it reminded me of when Monica was dancing for Chandler with a turkey on her head on "Friends." I did like the sunshiny outfits, however. I like Doug, but I think his time is up. He needs to go next week.
  13. Artymouse

    Promos & Sneak Peeks

    I have a feeling that Owen is going to irritate me more than Amelia in this episode. What would he have Amelia say to the boy: "your friend is alive now, but if he dies, it's all your fault"? Geez!
  14. Regarding custody agreements: they don't always include a provision about what happens if one parent moves to another state. My custody decree with my ex addresses almost every imaginable scenario -- it's 20-30 pages -- but relocation is never mentioned. Not sure why we or our lawyers didn't think to address it, and I guarantee we'd have been back in court if the ex tried to move with our kid to another state. Anyway, my point is that Calzona could have a detailed agreement in which both are legally recognized as Sofia's parents, but that mentions nothing about moving to another state.
  15. Artymouse

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    All of those things would make me happy, but the Penny thing would be the best plot development this show has ever had.