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  1. We binge-watched a bunch of first episodes last weekend. Mr. Wordsworth wanted to see the rest of this show because he was so upset about what happened to Marie. Unfortunately, there are men who kill, cheat, steal and lie. If women are the equal of men, it means that women are also capable of killing, cheating, stealing and lying. And women can and sometimes do lie about sexual assault. In this fictionalized version of the story, a vulnerable victim with virtually no support system behind her happens to get detectives that are willing to ignore binding marks on her wrists in order to get this case off the docket and medical professionals that aren't that helpful in treating her. I wanted to know why none of her counselors or even one of her foster mothers showed up for subsequent meetings with the police. It is very easy for a troubled teen to be dismissed, especially when a mother figure questions her credibility.
  2. Thank you, yes. This random couple who we've never seen before and not seen since are the godparents over sisters, cousins, grandparents, etc.
  3. Just rewatched "Christening" again. Can I share my loathing of this episode? * When, besides their wedding, have Jim and Pam ever indicated that they attend church on a regular basis or that religion constitutes an important part of either of their lives? Pam reveals she's a Presbyterian in "Grief Counseling", but we've not been given any other indicator on her part that it's anything besides the religion her parents and grandparents practice. To this end, what do they think the point of Christening CeCe is? * If they don't want their co-workers attending their personal or family events, they need to leave that information at home. They should already be aware that Michael will abuse his power to encourage or force his employees to attend non-work-related activities. This Christening should not have been discussed at work. * Female minister. "Friends", "Smallville", wedding after wedding on tv seems to involve a female minister these days. * And said Minister doesn't know how to pronounce Halpert, invites the entire congregation to their reception and the teen mission group is permitted to hijack the reception for their departure event. I'm not saying it's impossible for that to happen, but I've never been in a church where the entire congregation has been invited from the pulpit to a wedding or other personal event without the express permission of the celebrants...and I've attended churches for over 40 years. * To teach Sunday School, I had to undergo a background check. In this day and age, no church in its right mind would allow two grown men who are not members and have no luggage to spontaneously jump on a bus with teenagers to go on a trip with them.
  4. They finally revealed that Ella and Sergei were married. I did appreciate how they showed the charismatic Rasputin reaching out to people with compassion and empathy which attracted them to him. But, call me a prude, I don't think I've ever seen a show that had so much sexual content that was so unnecessary to move the plot along.
  5. That's exactly right. Toby's job was to protect the employees and, by extension, the company. That means that he's supposed to intervene in situations that could result in lawsuits against the company. But Toby, while well-versed in HR duties, does not have the ability to stand up to Michael. It's quite likely that he doesn't get the support from Corporate that he needs. Michael wants to say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whomever he wants, regardless of how inappropriate it is. Corporate clearly tolerates this as I find it hard to believe that no one has ever complained to them about Michael (or Todd Packer). We even get a scene in Season 3's "The Job" where even David Wallace complains about Corporate's HR guy, Kendall. This is the same Kendall who, in season 5's "Business Ethics" doesn't think Meredith's sleeping with a supplier for Outback gift cards is a big deal...because it benefits the company. The fish rots from the head down. Corporate tolerates Michael and doesn't back up Toby, Michael resents Toby trying to tell him what to do, but knows he won't generally be held accountable for his actions. This means the Scranton employees work in a hostile environment rampant with sexism, racism and a boss who invades their privacy and abuses his power.
  6. MeTV appears to be airing them in random order, too. They showed the entire first season, then a few episodes into the second they started jumping to 6th and 9th season episodes randomly inserted.
  7. So we were concerned about the TV-MA rating. Granted, Netflix shows are heavy on the language and Russia was a rather violent place even before the Revolution. Mr. Wordsworth quipped, "Well, if there's a Russian orgy ten minutes into it, we'll turn it off". 20 minutes later, he hollers, "I was joking!" I do realize that Rasputin's cult philosophy regarding continuing to sin in order to get God's favor is an essential part of his character and that his rationalizing sleeping around figures into that philosophy, but, I did think it was a bit much for one 45-minute episode to focus on titillation to the extent it did. Was it really necessary to show Nicholas deflowering his bride on their wedding night to demonstrate that they did, in fact, love each other? How much of Russia's complicated problems did they ignore just to fixate on nude bodies in this show?
  8. James thinks he's being targeted by the police because he's black and not because he's the infamous vigilante Guardian that they've been looking for for awhile now. See, I don't think National City will have any problem with Guardian being black. I think some of them will have a problem with him being a vigilante. But TPTB had to make their SJW point that skin color is the only reason someone is confronted by the police. After all, everyone knows that police officers routinely handcuff 7-year olds for playing outside a hotel, rather than telling them to go play someplace else.
  9. What was disrupting that one Civil War raid supposed to accomplish? The Battle of Vicksburg had been won by the Union in July of 1863; this was September. It is highly unlikely that this one raid would have tipped the scales in the Civil War.
  10. I watch this show to see Goran Visnjic emote. He's the best actor (see him in his "Leverage" episode) for being able to contort his face into an "You're an Idiot" expression when he's speaking to someone who is, in fact, an idiot. I don't understand Rittenhouse's game plan here. What is it that they are trying to accomplish? Where are the pieces to the puzzle that the Hindenburg, Lincoln Assassination, Witch Trials, Werner von Braun and the suffragette movement are all apart of? Are they trying to prevent the United States from ever existing? Are they trying to set up a dictatorial U.S.? What is the end result and how can they possibly guarantee that with all the what ifs of history? As for Emma...no, I don't lump her in at all with conservative women who people apparently seem to think shouldn't be trusted to vote. Whether you agree with them or not, they have certain beliefs and sincerely believe that some practices (such as abortion) are wrong. That doesn't mean they believe all women should be barefoot, pregnant and subject to the whims of a drunken husband. Emma is more like those people throughout history who rationalize evil because of what evil can do for them and only stop to think about the evil when it affects them personally.
  11. I agree, maczero. They messed with Agent Christopher's memory when they went back and hassled her about how she has to come out as a lesbian in 1981 (oh, yeah, and also go to Quantico). She's not the same person she was before, even if their meddling was, in their minds, an improvement. They try so hard to prevent major historical events from changing, but have no problem affecting the lives of ordinary people when it suits their sense of The Way Things Ought to Be. In this, they are no better than Rittenhouse.
  12. Rittenhouse's plan was overly complicated. They could have just released a bunch of information about Kennedy's scandalous behavior and health problems to push the election over to Nixon. They didn't have to pull some risky Terminator-style assassination. Destroying Kennedy politically would have been easy. He didn't win by a landslide and Nixon was hardly as controllable as Rittenhouse claims he was. Nixon worked a lot on civil rights issues during the '50s, including with Kennedy at one point. LBJ just used the momentum of JFK's death to push through civil rights legislation (think "It would have been what President Kennedy would have wanted") as part of a cynical ploy to get African Americans to vote for the Democrats for the next 100 years. This was just a typical Hollywood love letter to JFK and hate mail for Nixon. And these guys have to stop trying to change history. This is why Lucy's sister doesn't exist anymore. Who knows how many lives were changed for the worse because Rufus wanted Hedy Lamarr to get credit for her work? Who died in Austin that wouldn't have died in Dallas because he tried to save JFK from an assassin that would have been shooting from a different vantage point? Was Governor Connolly injured? What lives in Dallas changed because nothing happened there? There are consequences for real people when these amateurs decide to play SJW. Maybe they'll learn how great their responsibility is before Agent Christopher's children disappear or Wyatt ends up never being born.
  13. To be honest, Leslie made a big mistake allowing Entertainment 720 anywhere near her campaign. I would have tossed Tom out on his ear the minute I walked into my meet & greet and saw his face everywhere. Leslie's campaign had a lot of problems with it, but relying on her friends, despite their known idiosyncrasies (April's social hostility, Andy's idiocy, Ron's obstinacy and Tom shallowness) didn't. And then she got elected anyway...
  14. This show was fun...but I'm not sure I like it so much when it deals with serious issues. It's hard watching Tom Bradford from "Eight is Enough" be an abusive spouse to Blanche Devereaux. Or Chrissy Snow's dad making passes at Mrs. Brady's daughter.
  15. Wordsworth


    I have fallen in love with this show over the past few weeks. I utterly adored watching bearded Dick Van Dyke, the fancy-schmancy photographer, slowly simmering every time he sees The Trenchcoat. That scene at the funeral where Columbo is just clicking away and sticking out like a sore thumb. I want to order the TV Shirt on METV's website that has the line he gave Van Dyke afterwards, "I'm sorry, sir, I tried to be inconspicuous." And Van Dyke's frustrated reply, "You have failed...miserably".
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