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  1. I stopped watching the special last night about an hour and fifteen minutes into it and, instead, played a bunch of "Sesame Street" clips on YouTube. I get that the special may not have wanted to spend the whole time running "The Best of..." segments, but some of that nostalgia would have been nice. They only interviewed Sonia Manzano from the original cast. Instead, we got a bunch of guest star memories and huge portions of the show devoted to how important it is to have an African-American muppet.
  2. I like Ken Jennings enough, but he doesn't have a good-enough host voice. His voice is a little on the thin side. Mike Richards is okay, I guess. He seems friendly. He has host experience. On the other hand, he's got to come up with another departing line. Cribbing Alex Trebek's final message to his fans every night is getting harder for him because he's having to go faster and faster. Last night, he ran through it like he was on the Academy Award stage and was about to be played off by the orchestra.
  3. I am growing tired of this show. * They should not boot out any contestant at the end of the first episode. * I would definitely like to see more of the technical aspects of cooking displayed. They rush through the demos and I do see contestants with notepads, but it seems like they don't really use them much during the actual cooking. I'm wondering if they just can't get down all the ingredients and the steps when taking notes. * The physical games are becoming less and less dignified. This show was definitely filmed during the pandemic because we saw Cameron trying to give food t
  4. Wordsworth

    S04.E10: War

    Camilla's arguments in this episode remind of things I've read of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor. She reportedly wasn't as besotted with Edward as he was with her and didn't want him to abdicate. Apart from him no longer being a King, she knew that she would become the most hated woman in the Empire. And she was right. No, we can't blame the abdication for everything, but, as I pointed out in another thread, Edward casts a long shadow. The Queen's lecture was so wonderful to see, especially in light of the previous episode in which she only addressed Diana's straying. She made sure
  5. If only "The Five Love Languages" had been out then... Those two clearly didn't understand what made the other happy. He was impressed by performances, but professional ones, not modern rock or musicals. Both performances gave me the impression of showcasing Diana instead of directing attention to Charles, though she may not have meant it to come off that way. She should've given him a book and her a grand gesture, as others have mentioned. No doubt Charles loved the boys. Remember in the early season when Charles reached out to shake his father's hand and Philip told him that t
  6. How difficult it is to watch Charles and Diana on this show. You just think that, if only they were of a closer age and shared some interests, it might have been better. That cringe-worthy scene of Diana embracing the Queen who couldn't think of anything to do but flail her arms impotently as if she were being mauled by a vengeful stag was heart-breaking. Diana just wanted to be loved; Charles just wanted to be loved. They were looking for it in all the wrong places.
  7. I really enjoyed this episode. Finally, we got some real quality time with Andrew (who I already knew was the Queen's favorite) and Edward. * Loved the callback to Gordonstoun school and its boorish bullying. By all accounts, Andrew and Edward did much better there than Charles did. * Loved Andrew's landing on the lawn; waking up Margaret who is still in bed at what is certainly no longer morning. * I jawdropped the whole "Movie about a much of older predators in a fancy house deflowering a teenaged girl". Did they really go there? Mr. Wordsworth was too busy googling the name
  8. On Monday's episode, the minute the Final Jeopardy category popped up, I yelled, "Benjamin Franklin!". And, of course, that's exactly what it was. Did anyone tear up a little bit when Alex mentioned how quickly this year was going and how it is a week-and-a-half before Thanksgiving? I thought to myself, "Yep, when you filmed this, you didn't know you wouldn't be alive when this aired".
  9. This was a train wreck. It was so horrible and, yet one couldn't look away. * I really enjoyed Margaret's pointing out how interfering in the love lives of their relatives has cost the family a lot. I rather wish Elizabeth had urged Charles to make sure he was making the right decision rather than trying to bolster him by reminding him of how her rigid and frigid grandmother became more British than the British in order to make her marriage work. By all accounts, she and George had a good relationship, even if they were lousy parents. No doubt, Margaret wished she'd been given more le
  10. Of the three episodes I've seen, this one is my favorite. I was in grade school when Thatcher became PM and I remember the hoopla over the first female Prime Minister. I don't have the same antipathy toward Thatcher as others do. I am finding Anderson's portrayal to be wonderful, though, perhaps, she doesn't quite have the same tone and pitch that the real Thatcher did (she's certainly much better than whatshisname who played JFK in season 2). I am loving the Thatcher marriage, stolidly middle-class people with more egalitarian ideals than the Royal Family. She unpacks his bags, full
  11. I agree with you here on the Thatchers. I am finding the Thatchers' marriage a high point of the show. He's clearly not cowed by her and she obviously adores him. I knew what was going to happen to Uncle Dickie (Mr. Wordsworth was not and his eyes widened when the explosion happened, though he has seen enough shows to know that the montage indicated something was afoot). The juxtaposition of his death and his letter arriving while Charles is grieving certainly gives the viewer an impression of Charles as an unhappy man manipulated into settling for someone he doesn't really want. Fu
  12. I just thought the finale was too busy. I was annoyed by the Q&A panel spending so much time on Jim & Pam and then pretending that Erin's search for her real mother was a significant storyline. It would have been nice to have Meredith or Kevin talk about the pitfalls of letting cameras follow you around. While David Wallace had a brief bit, I think him talking about the good and bad publicity a business gets from a show like that would have been interesting. It didn't have to be long, but the Q&A was just unbalanced. Otherwise, I suppose the wedding was okay and tied
  13. Yes, I meant Darryl. Can you believe that I proof-read that thing again and again and still put Dwight instead of Darryl? Must be the stupid D's. Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂
  14. Oh, and can we talk about Darryl and Val which appears to have come about as a way to give Craig Robinson more to do on the show? So the warehouse employees win the lottery in “Lotto” and Darryl, bummed out because he stopped playing when he moved upstairs and because his ex-wife, Justine, is a gold-digger who isn’t interested in him anymore, costs his employer a client while failing to hire a replacement crew. In that episode, we are introduced to Val who is ultimately hired as a replacement foreman. In “Doomsday”, Gabe tries to court Val who turns him down because she has a (
  15. Andy likes Erin; Erin likes Andy. Andy and Erin get together. Erin finds out Andy dated Angela, hides in her hair and throws cake at him. Erin begins dating Gabe because she thinks she has to. Erin starts to like Andy again and breaks up with Gabe in public. Erin wants Andy to take her out; Andy turns her down. Andy starts dating Jessica; Erin tells the camera how hard it is to keep working with someone you used to date because you have to see them every day. Erin runs off to Florida because she can't have Andy; Andy loses his job after abandoning it to go after her (By this time
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