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  1. I’m rewatching this and can’t believe how good it is on rewatch. I watched The New Girl this morning before work and that speech to Peggy in the hospital. And the beginning of them. Ive always liked Bobbie. In every scene my eyes were on her. Anyone else watching who cares to chat about it by chance?
  2. Thank you all for kind words and wishes! I will say in the truest form I never thought I’d be engaged. And I was ok with that! You just never know what will happen around the corner. We met at a happy hour. So take that it never happens you silly TV trope 🙂
  3. @JTMacc99 Man I love that picture of Danny. That was such a lovely and well written tribute I got visuals of what occurred though I’ve never seen the location. I am so sorry for your loss. @AgentRXS She looks scrappy indeed. I’m a little jealous of her adventurous spirit-girl knew how to live life. And grateful she received so much love by you and others. Sending you hugs.
  4. Well guess what, I got engaged Friday night! The ring is amazing and it was very low key. We love to play cards together and were playing and stepped outside with the dog. And he got on one knee! I know I’ve expressed sadness earlier and the books and overall advice has helped a lot. Really trying to do better I was 38 when I met him and 40 when it happened.
  5. I completely agree it’s boring but respectfully disagree Thomas and Kathryn were the stars of the show. One woman’s opinion to be sure. I loathed their scenes and haven’t missed him one iota. It seems like they’re all just pulling a (makes me sick reading here the amount) paycheck and phoning it in. It would be different if we knew even Madison. Austen is boring always so for us to care about the just met her girl breakup is insulting to viewers. Same with the offscreen Chelsea America’s Cup guy. Who cares! Shep, who I’ve always liked has totally lost me this season. Th
  6. Ha! My mind went same place when I read it! Didn’t Tori say something along the lines of “I can’t imagine a scarier surgery than back surgery” in the car? Even if she’s thinking that, how in the heck is that helpful! Every time Caryn is onscreen I feel if there were a thought bubble it would say “ain’t I just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen”. And it makes me want to punch her in the face.
  7. Yes they even give him that title of bodyguard/driver, le sigh
  8. How do you quote where it says read more instead of all? I wanted to quote a great post but didn’t want the wall of text. Sorry if this question is not allowed
  9. I feel it’s unfair to expect the cast to be teetotalers bc the Countess lost her shit and assaulted a cop. In all truth, I don’t think Lu has the biggest problem on NY, l think Dorinda does, but Lu got busted. Ive got to believe any substance abuse counselor or lawyer would advise not filming RHONY while on probation. For one, as said drinking is everywhere all the time. That alone is enough. But two, this shit has to be stressful. These women are ruthless. Someone (myself included so no judgement) when faced with a stressful day wants a drink to unwind- just setting up for failure.
  10. Too funny! I watched it three times too! His happiness is wonderful. Danni is really loving her screen time this season, isn’t she? And what’s with talking with your mouth full on this show. I feel like in the off season she googled facial reactions and studied them intensely. The mac and cheese that was catered looked divine. I thought Blanche’s room too with the wallpaper! House looks great overall. I’m happy for her. Guy looks hot too. When Limehouse was talking and they cut to a pic of her normal looking dad and some hottie sunbathing- was that his mistress?
  11. I work on the insurance side of this and think you’ll be ok. You can look into a transition of care option. Admittedly I don’t know Aetna but know as a general rule Botox isn’t near the hoops it once was. If you have problems, feel free to PM me. There are ways. And not to stick up for competition but Aetna doesn’t have high copays. They may be higher than prior but that’s just what your employer elected (bc its all about the benjamins). ETA indeed they may have outrageous copays. But I meant our employers dictate that. There is no “Aetna is good”. “BCBS is bad”. Personally I
  12. They are. No fantasy.
  13. They do give that cheesy poem yes. I think they’re all waiting. But I think they’re having a hell of a good time too while here. Meaning some dogs have eaten tampons finding it wonderful at the time, some cats may be nowhere to be seen til you find them behind a piano. A dog who jist destroys all your chances at Victoria Secret panties. &$$
  14. I agree so much. If I could see my sweet Scout and hope she’s running everywhere with good friends waiting on me. I hear you and I’m with you. Lots of other critters but damn I miss her.
  15. All have been ordered. I’ll start with Yancey. Thank you!
  16. But if you’re raised a certain way it gets very messy. You are to believe in God-full stop. The older and more I’ve seen I’m with you but I cannot even describe the heresy it feels to say that. It’s complicated. I think a huge part is the optimism boat “God will....”. But we’ve all prayed to no avail The older I get I think we are in crazy times. Can’t even imagine what the internet has done
  17. Thanks. And I appreciate your kindness and insight as well as that link.
  18. I watched that clip. I’m glad for him-we’ve lived similar lives. My issue continues to be reconciling evil. I’m happy he heard whispers. If I’m all powerful no one, tiniest insect to man suffers. You don’t have to know bad to know good. You just do good - all the time. Every time. Im glad he found that peace. I’m still looking and downtrodden by evil and the allowance and acceptance of it.
  19. And that’s exactly what I’ve been told. I struggle with it endlessly. Why was I who had nothing
  20. Your and @walnutqueen responses were perfect. But I will answer. Bc if I’m god no one suffers. We don’t need comparison. We just need love. I like ice cream. Yes, if you interviewed me my favorite is Haagen Dazs peanut butter and chocolate. But I’ll see the great in vanilla. We can meet in the middle at best , we agreed to not hurt innocents yet you must go to church every weekend So weird
  21. I appreciate this post. My last was a moment of Pollyanna and things actually are awesome! Right!? I had a bit of writers remorse if you will. I received such great feedback and wanted to please- I’m ok! I’m fucked (anyone else want their phone to make that ducked-wholesome). Im a huge lover of Dave Matthews and aforementioned drive a 97 so I still listen to CDs. Today I heard Jimi Thing and wept in my car. I said- why are you doing this? I can read or see a story where something very bad happens to an innocent- whether that be a child or animal and it ruins me. I try to
  22. Well I love Toyotas! I think you did great and got a good deal. Nice work and I appreciate the time you put into it. Hope you love your vehicle.
  23. What the hell? Then you could make a jingle “Me? I’m not cut- you- your bottoms hurt” A whole different marketing concept. My word.
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