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  1. Yeah it’s becoming evident Kyle has a real need to put others down unless they’ve landed in her safe zone (Teddi and Sutton for now). Why would she care about the ice sculpture or Dorit doing a photo shoot and showing up late? It’s like she has put them in boxes- you’re a ragamuffin and not allowed to have an ice sculpture. I stood up to Lisa for you Dorit so you need to go to the end of the world for me. That was your mistake. I wouldn’t do Dorit a solid any day of the week. So I’m generally a bandwagon type viewer when it comes to RH. But I really like Lisa Rinna (smal
  2. Haha- she sure is giving a stink eye. So we are to believe Kathryn spread this rumor about this girl who has vehemently denied and Cam endorses the denial. I can understand the above- but where and how did K come up with her being the mistress? It’s awfully specific. If I were Cameran I’d be hesitant to comment in any capacity bc often things come out when it gets dirty. We live in a world where we think no one could cheat on Cameran but I’m surprised all the time at things I’d never believe. I hope it’s all bullshit but I don’t know- so many high reactions fro
  3. Oh forgive me for this but you made me realize what I thought it looked like! My dog ate a (oh guys I’m sorry) used tampon once (she’s fine- this was years ago!)- that is EXACTLY what it looked like on the other side. @LibertarianSlut I don’t know your age but I’m 40 and Denise Richards was very much an it girl. Guys swooned over her. They don’t have huge resumes but Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy had the same effect. When she says “I’m Denise Richards” it makes sense to me. Mind you she’s smart enough not to say that to Meryl Streep but she’s keeping this c list folk in chec
  4. Haha- yes! Like I hope Lisa’s mom comes back from the dead to bless that marriage as an apparition at the ceremony and Stassi pulls a Duggar and gets knocked up on the Honeymoon. I hate Beau- but I hate Brittany way more.
  5. I don’t have a cat but they didn’t hurt my dogs ears nor what I could tell deter the mice. The only thing that worked for me was finding any crevice those rascals could get in and sealing it. The only upside is they leave trials so you know where the danger zones are. I was just making something that involved using Pam to spray and not sure why but remembered how much my cat Hampton hated anything aerosol. I had her since she was a kitten and she only had love so no PTSD but she would gag and almost cough each time anything of aerosol was used! Like shed be 10 feet away
  6. I hate the Noom commercials where the people say incredibly vague comments yet it’s supposed to convey life changing techniques. The Noom people need to link up with the Audible people so they can all make weird profound statements with faces brought to you by Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.
  7. Thank you @Sun-Bun for that great reply on the property! That makes sense- all of it. And I failed to notice but you’re right- for that land and home a majestic pool is a must! What were they thinking. I agree @SarahPrtr- I am so weary of celebs signing their name to shit and acting like they are designers. Kyle on BH comes to mind. Also- can we agree James is used and never needs to be in a vanity project name again!
  8. That’s a great pet peeve and one of mine too. Any advice of “be the best you!” leaves me with- I need next steps! After breakups I’ve googled and it’s like “join a club of like minded people”. Ok- where is the club listening to Roy Orbison and drinking copious amounts of Pinot Grigio and using the hell out of Uber Eats. I will sign up!
  9. I thought it was funny how Stassi referred to herself as the Beyoncé of Destinys Child. Really aiming high there, Stass. I said in her forum I went to her (really kind of lame) show when it came to town and she and Beau just think they are the most adorable people. He has hitched his wagon hard. And he will pay for any misstep she thinks he makes. It’s kind of like Britney and Jax. When one person is a gigantic ego- though has their moments of clever and wit- and a hanger on comes to town and they fall in love I don’t suspect it will end well. The person who has to fawn is
  10. I saw this news and decided to watch some of Season 3 (why are my decision making skills so poor!). I had watched one and two and had to hell with this prior. Whether it’s cameras or not- they never seem natural with each other. Part of that is her- she’s always on and “hilarious and laughing” with most people. But like she got back from Chicago and they gave an awkward side hug. Not that I think you should jump your mate- just overall they seem kind of....meh around each other. She mentioned they hadn’t sold the house and I looked it up and it’s still on the market fro
  11. Is there someone who has talked to@walnutqueen to make sure she and her animals are ok? Or a way we can outreach?
  12. Fuck! I sort of feel close to Lara bc of the , ahem, normal hours I’ve listened since learning of the podcast.
  13. @bilgistic Yes, yes and yes!!!!!! Sis I am so happy for you and wherever you land know I’m always sending you the best.
  14. Thank you for this!!! The podcast is amazing. I have been listening to The Margaret Cho which is good (not about reality tv) but this got me walking hours with my dog! I love the host and had no idea it existed.
  15. You’ve been very honest I’m going to be very honest with you. I know you from a message board and I know Ysabel from a reality tv show. Record stands- you’re a lot smarter than she is. Theyre not talking Chapel Hill- they’re talking normal college. Like the kind I went to. She can thrive and do all kinds of stuff should she choose.
  16. Agree Kristen is exhausting. But I also see a vulnerability/sadness in her whereas I see Katie as a stealth bitch. When Kristen asked her pups if they wanted to drink wine with her and called them best friends it felt real to me as opposed to “this will look cute for the camera”. Maybe it’s moments like that which keep me on her side. Now Lala, I straight up cannot stand. Her treatment to Raquel was unacceptable. And fuck her for life for even going there about a Michael Vick dog. Unforgivable. On a shallow note I thought even if I had the body of Raquel (didn’t
  17. Yes, agree. It was the fostering with all this home time calling my name for sure. In an even better update the shelter has publicly announced ALL adopt/foster able dogs and cats have been taken in and asked all others to be patient Such great news in a time where it’s so bleak! @MargeGunderson if that duo lived with me I’d probably never get work done because I’d draft an email and say okay- now that’s their most adorable yet and stare and watch , pull up an application and go-oh no, that is illegal to be that cute. And so on and so forth. I’d stare in awe and wonder all day!
  18. Yes I think she’s doomed for polygamy. If it’s even out there for discussion she will go all in. @LibertarianSlut made one of the best posts I can recall reading all time but like her it drove home the lack of work experience. Has Kody ever had a real job? His “big ask” and I think at the end yelled “you can call me at midnight” was one of the most awkward things I’ve seen on this show. And think of the shit shows we’ve seen with this crew. I think that call was real I live with one person and a dog but I’ve been praying for about 2 months He will give us a 15 bedroom.
  19. Follow up I called and they are overwhelmed with people like me! And said to go online to check out when I could come. The closest is Tuesday so there are a ton of wonderful people in this world 🙂
  20. I feel compelled to foster an animal right now given my at home status. My only caveat- Knox the Dog. She’s 9 now and foster would come from shelter she did. Here’s my concerns: 1) she’s always been number one and gets to do whatever she wants (she’s an amazing dog so this is really involves being loving and amazing) 2) She barks and tells off the new moved in next door dog and especially doesn’t like it if I show it love. This is getting better but exists. Do you think I should give it a go or let the old girl live her life alone? She’s a strange dog. Nothing ba
  21. Yes they are. I was at the store this week and this nasty old man was griping “I’ve been here 3 times this week and each time you’re out of chicken” in a very hateful tone to the overworked, underpaid and lovely worker. I wanted to say “Why don’t you go fuck off somewhere else and leave her alone”. Instead I stayed silent and felt very sad and walked on. So know for every jerk you encounter there is likely another one who wants to pick up 50 LBs of kitty litter and throw it at them but don’t know what to do in the situation. I am proud of you for going in and appreciate a
  22. We got a call last night someone self reported 14 days ago. How does that work? They were active all 14 days and you knew? I can’t believe that I hope they fired that person if so.
  23. We just got an alert call tonight at 100:pm EST that 16 days ago someone was positive at our local site. Now being told to to work from home.
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