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    You're fast! I edited it because I jumped the gun and knew it was them....then I read you liked them! Sometimes places just get things wrong. I don't want cinnamon in my red sauce and I don't want sweet on my white pizza. I want cheese, garlic and yum. I always say though "well, it could have been the best slice of my life. Have to try to find out".
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    My big time vote is the sun dried tomatoes. Even typing that made me gag a bit. I had an identical situation as you and they were the culprit. Maybe when combined with the other things it throws it off. My sun dried offense happened at Big River Brewery.
  3. It's ordered! Thank you so much.
  4. Oh my gosh, Mini-Mart, Ludo is the cutest thing ever. So soft, so happy, so wonderful!
  5. I do (hence the Coors light for dinner) and wish I always cooked dinner. I love to cook, but I just haven't perfected the cooking for one. And the recipes I find online for one or two never call my name. So I find myself having Cap'n Crunch for dinner last night. This all makes me sound 21 and sadly, I am not. When I write it out like this, I'm a tad ashamed. Hold me accountable: I will make and post two dinners next week. I challenge all singles to do the same :) On topic: My (also single) friend found a recipe for pimento cheese and she's invited me over. So pimento cheese and wine on th
  6. You're my hero. I do it for 2 weeks and want to hit a brick wall with my fist. I have so much respect for you. I really do. Well guys I'm going to keep it honest. A diet pill and a few Coors light.
  7. I guess it doesn't qualify as a disaster but it has created a go to quote for me. Back when I was younger the Food Network was taking off and I had always loved cooking. I fell in love with Emeril and my parents bought me a cookbook. I made his chicken and dumplings. It said to cover the cover the whole chicken until it had (guessing) a 1/2 inch over it. Well I was a kid and didn't think of buoyancy and filled a huge pot with water. The chicken floated so I kept pouring water. In hindsight I'm guessing quarts overage. And I know he gets some bad press, but Emerils recipes aren't that easy
  8. KnoxForPres

    Ice Cream

    I love mint chocolate chip ice cream. But....it must be green. I don't like Breyers and I went to a farmers market last year where they made it with fresh mint. I hated it. I'm not proud of that. But damn I love the fake green stuff. Add Hershey's syrup, wet walnuts and yeah real whipped cream. It's akin to heaven. Not trendy and I don't give a fuck ;)
  9. Some things I hate: Olives. I hate them. Like to the annoying point where I can't just pick them off; the smell and taste lingers. Side story. I went on a date one time with this great looking guy who ordered me an extra dirty martini and I went to the bathroom and puked. I can drink gin or vodka like 007, but no. Sweet potatoes: As a kid at Thanksgiving I was told I had to try the sweet potato casserole. I obliged but sadly didn't make it to the restroom that time and threw up all over my parents dining room. This was before hardwood was the must have flooring.
  10. I wish someone in this thread would adopt me. Even if only for a week. I'm in awe everytime I read here. Pinot Grigio and frozen chicken cordon bleu (that spelling was my attempt to hang with you all) cooked to perfection at 450 in about 50 minutes.
  11. bosawks this is a gorgeous dog! He is amazing. What a wonderful and loyal friend. Hello Max!
  12. I love a meximelt from Taco Bell. Especially if hungover, Arby's roast beef sandwich with Horsey sauce is good. The one near me has horrific service though so it's like a once every few years thing. Our Quizno's closed too. Agree about the high prices. Oh speaking of subs, I freaking love Subways Cold Cut Combo. It's like a Totinos pizza, it's not even trying to be cool which is what makes it spectacular.
  13. I love everything about this post. Your dog looks like she has wisdom and compassion. Yet she appears to have humor too! She's absolutely beautiful and it makes me so happy to hear she was saved and is so loved.
  14. Are you my long lost identical twin?I since finished the series. I got my wish and it rained last weekend. I hated Walt. Hated him. And not in the love to hate way. Man, that scene where Gus took out the cartel was seriously one of the best scenes ever. One thing I've wondered about is how did Jesse know where the doctor was? With Gus close to death and Mike in a bad way, were they even able to communicate? eta: I have started another way hyped series; The Wire. I have to say, so far it's living up. Check it out if you haven't.
  15. Thank you harrie for saying she's cute! At my apt, I have become good friends with a girl who has a Corgi (yes, damn adorable). We walk our dogs together nightly and man, that Corgi gets all the attention. And I understand why. He's awesome. Every blue moon a walker will focus on Knox (clearly a mutt) and I want to hug them. Maybe because it looks like she has pit (and likely does) I don't know, but in the "complex" she doesn't get the love! So thank you so much!Lest anyone feel bad...this is one happy pup who i take to daycare 5 days a week and they love her. She plays all day with all ki
  16. Wonderful! I will catch up to season 2 and report back so you don't have to rewatch. I've really been enjoying it so that shouldn't take too long.
  17. Thank you! I felt very honored you are who taught me how to post a pic. I've admired your posts since TWOP so it sort of felt like interacting with a famous person, lol!
  18. I wish I had known and we could have talked about it together as we went through it! Yes, what an amazing role for Bryan Cranston. Role of a lifetime, indeed. But unlike Don Draper or Dexter (severely flawed leads is all I mean), I never really cared about Walt. I understood his motivation but that wasn't enough to keep me in the game or even care if he lived. When I finished I texted my friend and he said "Was Walt amazing or what". So I'm very aware that I'm in the minority. I love those Comcast commercials with the guy who played Badger and that sweet little pup.
  19. I'm on season one, episode seven if anyone wants to join me! I had started it through 6 eps then watched all of Breaking Bad. While great, did not live up to the hype (only in this girl's mind, don't shoot the messenger). 6 eps in I think it lives up to the hype and if anyone wants to watch with me I would love it! I'm watching HBO on demand.
  20. I followed stillshimpys advice Trying! Yay, thank you stillshimpy! I present you Knox... http://i.imgur.com/lufSMtH.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RSIMNYK.jpg
  21. My friend at work said something similar regarding Tori Spelling and Dean (see how important our work talk is). I had an instant dislike to the conversation because I interpreted it as "if she had only been wild in the sheets this wouldn't have happened". It doesn't sit right with me. I do believe that isn't the intent implied by either speaker, but a part implies that it's the woman's fault for not doing (insert crazy sex here). I think Ramona is bat shit crazy. And would be a gigantic pain in the ass to live with. I think Mario is hot and always has been. I doubt he was a virgin which make
  22. Well, I just finished it this morning via Netflix. Overall I thought it was excellent with the 4th season being my favorite. It was a satisfying finale which is hard to pull off on any "great" series. I hated Walt and loved Jesse from nearly the first. An interesting part for me is when I hit play this morning for the finale, I was ready for it to be over. I didn't have the sadness I have for the end like some other shows or even great books. For me, I think that puts me in a camp of I thought it was great, but by no means one of the best series ever made. Blasphemous words, I know. I'
  23. I just finished season four. I struggled in the beginning and came close to giving up. I'm so glad I didn't. Gus' death was amazing. I hated to see him go. To be fair, because I am late to watching, I think this show was so built up that I've been expecting too much. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but I think all the hype can give false expectations. It's hard to remember everything exactly, but I think season 4 is my favorite. Maybe I will sing a different tune when I am fully finished. 8 eps to go. Praying to the gods for a rainy Sunday soon.
  24. I read the how to. Her pics are on my iphone. How do I make that a URL? I hit a ton of buttons. My age starts with a 3 but I've never had a Facebook page so maybe that's mitigating? These sweet babies inspired me to post my own. All of them have been wonderful to look at. If I fail I can describe. She's a rescue mutt who has webbed feet so I think there is lab and a square face like a pit. And she has it made. Her name is Knox.
  25. That was like taking 21 days of birth control in one fell swoop.
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