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  1. If that’s your flavor weakness and you’ve never had it I’m either about to change your world for the better or ruin it. Haagen Dazs PB and chocolate. And it’s consistently good. I’ve had enough to verify this. I’ll be like ok I’m done. Oh damn, a huge thing of peanut butter ok last bite....you know where this goes. I’m with @proserpina65 above. Why does Amy Pohler want a new dog? Train your dog. I think it’s ridiculous we’ve come to where toilet paper ads have to remind us why the product exists. I’ve lived long enough I’ve had “oh shit are you kidding me” (no pun intended) times
  2. Such kind words and I too am so grateful for an outlet like this. I hadn’t thought it through but you and @JTMacc99 are correct. My significant other, with only good intentions, would want to fix the situation and be understandably confused as that would feel total left field move versus how I act day to day. My parents, the greatest people in the world, I appreciate the relationship we have and don’t want that changed. My wish is for one of those pills, treatments, or doctors to be the magic one. Until then- we’ve got each other’s back. Today I did a major upstairs cle
  3. Wow such great advice from so many wise people! Thank you so much. I joined a tennis league this Spring and we played last night and it was a lot of fun and beautiful outside. I felt better just saying it to you all. I think I felt alone and didn’t want to talk to people in real life. I have a great support system but didn’t want to- can’t explain why. Thank you all again. Knowing others feel/have felt this way makes me feel much less alone and fearful. One day at a time. Hugs and good thoughts to all.
  4. Since this is chit chat I’ll chit chat. I have been really down lately. For no cause or reason, just feeling down. Feel a bit overwhelmed at some sadness I read (though I actively try to avoid such news). I don’t have a history of clinical depression and don’t think I have it. I wake up each morning trying to think of only good things. And yet...I feel sad. Has anyone else experienced this and what were some good ways you kind of got up and out of it. Some things I’ve done- upped my walks with my dog and stopped watching Investigative Discovery, in general tried to think positive.
  5. This depends a lot on you and if it’s just you or a family. For me, it’s just me and I love drained garbanzo beans with feta, grape tomatoes, red onion and cucumber mixed with a red wine vinaigrette (bought or made). If you have family buy a rotisserie chicken and take the meat off and lightly chop. Throw a bit of chicken to family dog as desired or necessary in this step. Mix chicken with one can cream of chicken, 8 oz sour cream, and some fresh squeezed lemon. Put in 8x8 or 9x9. If you bought your bird at Sam’s or Costco you should double all ingredients ideally and go to 9
  6. If he’s still alive I hope he’s miserable.
  7. Haha! That would have scared me so much. I’ll never forget when Knox and I were on a walk at prior apt complex and she had a dead rat in her mouth after veering on her leash. I went to a new male neighbor (sorry to all women but I couldn’t do it) as she was so animalistic -ugh that memory! Poor neighbor opened her like the jaws of life and got it out. Possums are good little animals but I have a fear of either The Neverending Story or Princess Bride- haven’t seen either since youth but there’s an attack and I have such a fear of that with them. Even though I know it was a fictiona
  8. I find asparagus and carrots a weird combo anyway. Steamed veg mix for sure, but asparagus and carrots? Hard pass all day. To the stylist yes please just leave. I regrettably informed mine I was leaving and it turned into her having wine fueled texts about why I shouldn’t go. I did it bc someone told me it’s good so they learn why people leave but that was terrible advice. Just make a clean break and don’t look back.
  9. My apologies I read that wrong. I think we are on the same page that she needs to move forward and yes, with a “normal” guy. I only said the circus bit bc she was blubbering about it so I assume it had been discussed and he was a no show. Just going off the show- again agree I found it weird she’d expect him there.
  10. With all due respect to your situation and only kind vibes and yes I would feel the same -Scott didn’t die. He denied her. Her didn’t show up at the circus and he rejected her. It’s a totally different emotion. You were fulfilled which is wonderful and what we all hope for. Tins- not so much.
  11. I completely agree with you. This is what I was thinking about earlier walking my dog (apparently I have nothing going on in real life) and you said it much better. If we are to believe the timing the demise of their relationship was recent. Being heartbroken at 25 is one thing...and indeed awful. But speaking from experience finding yourself alone again at 35+ is a whole other ball of wax. You mourn the loss of what you had and the future. And you think “oh my word, I’ve got to do this all again” if you want a future relationship. Add in a couple bottles of Pinot and a big bow and
  12. I saw this- Popeyes Unveils New %@$# Sauce That Will Leave You ‘Unhinged. That may be old, I’m getting old but no! Now what’s a person with social ordering weird name anxieties going to do with that? Well, I was at a good old fashioned Baskin Robbins yesterday and did tip them cash in the jar. The kids deserved it even if wet walnuts are more money now 😞 And I probably would the Jersey Mike type peeps. But to have the computer ask me gets my conscience. Akin to being at the grocery store “will you do donate to ...,” The one I always say yes to is the roundup
  13. When I was walking Knox this week I passed a girl with a real sweet and excited dog. As we pet people do I said “love your dog!” She said “he’s not mine. I live in an apartment where they’re not allowed but go to the shelter and they let me take them out for walks and fun”. One, my happiness factor went up and two, maybe you could do that if it’s allowed!
  14. This unfortunately won’t help you given the logistics but I’ll post in case it helps others. It’s possible I’ve posted it before, but it would have been years ago so sorry in advance if I did. When I was at my last apartment young people moved in who apparently worked a shift where they’d get home around 11. They had what had to have been a state of the art sound system and were gamers. Words cannot describe the bass and reverberations that I felt/heard. It was as close as I can recall to feeling insane. When you can’t hear the melody but just the low bass- it could be used as effectiv
  15. Yeah I tip at least 10% on takeout as well. My tipping pet peeve is the Jersey Mike type places that put the tip option when I run my card. To hit “no tip” makes me feel like a piece of shit as the cashier is staring at me but why should I have to tip there? Or put a tip line on the receipt. My guilt is oddly less on that method (though still have a twinge). Another peeve is cutely named food. As an example, when I worked at Chili’s as a server in college we had the Mombo Combo (today called the triple dipper). What a horrific name! Look I wish i was the type of person who found w
  16. She does me as well but I’m not holding out. Robyn is one of these people who isn’t aging well. She was never a beauty to begin with but she’s got a real harshness about her and I don’t meant physically. Shes becoming a shrew. She is talking about where she wants her bones laid. Even typing about her makes me feel a little tired but in a different way than typing about Janelle does. Janelle oddly owns it “shit, I just watched 4 seasons of Breaking Bad which exhausts me mentally and made lunch and you want to meet” vibe which I kind of respect. Robyn’s emotionally draining and that will w
  17. Great point. He turns me off on so many levels. I feel I can speak from a bit of experience bc he, Shep (Southern Charm) and Iare all about the same age and while I’m female have lived oddly similar lives. But through relationships and maturity, even if I fought it, I can’t fathom acting the way he does. He’s not good. She does not need to marry him.
  18. I co-sign he’s a piece of shit but he’s also promised nothing and she’s desperate enough to think her shenanigans will make him want a relationship. She allowed and consented to this setup. While I yelled “fuck you” when he said that at Sur I had to concede she is an active partner in this. No one has fooled or lied to another and that just makes her beyond pathetic. At 33 years old I feel if you say “have you ever had a threesome” on a first-ish date it should be followed up with “my friend Kelly is coming over and we’re game”. Otherwise it’s akin to a 23 year old saying it in hopes o
  19. Another thing that bothered me was Robyn’s nonchalant attitude to her wedding certificate. She’s so transparent. Down to the nerve she doesn’t even know where it is (framed in her closet). And the idiot host bought it and was like “just look at that love”. Ughh that made me so angry. For all the other wives.
  20. You should only watch it if you have a history of not instantaneously vomiting. She’s horrible. With her weird neckwear she nods, smiles and laughs in delight and indulges them in all ways. She also asks questions and answers them while asking. I think she views herself quite an insightful therapist type but she came off as a sycophant. I’m horrible at names but especially non standard names so forgive me on this next part as I just don’t have the energy to figure out who was who. Ok, the married kids. The couple on left couch- the normal weight ones. When it started her husband had h
  21. Agree. And as can happen I’ve read many times about Janelle divorcing Meri’s brother but I actually thought that through today (to my chagrin) and have nearly vomited. Six degrees of separation is one thing, one degree oh blech! Respectfully disagree. I bet she was full of suggestions just zero assistance in making that happen. “Spaghetti and meatballs in Alfredo! A happy marriage! Quick someone run to the store”. I shouldn’t make fun of her- heavens knows I wake up daily going “today I will be healthy and amazing” and fail but I’m not obese but even more I don’t push that as a
  22. I would too but we aren’t married into this bullshit. If it were me I’d yell I was duped by a woman posing as a man I’m beaten down. I sent banana pics I reached such a low for fucks sake They all, man included, seem miserable. If this was the avenue to introduce us ignorants to polygamy I can’t imagine a worse platform. They don’t want to live together, they don’t like each other and they’re all dramatic and sad sacks at the same time. Even the kids suck. “They’re tall here”. Riveting. Other bursts into fake tears to where I had to look away it was so fake and poorly done. I ho
  23. I couldn’t get over how bad the lead was. She’d say bullshit like she was the greatest therapist of all time. It was like comedy. Who is this hack and how can I land this job? I’d ask real questions. Meri is excited because she got asked to dinner. That relationship is gone. I felt she was hurt by a few things he said (rightfully so). It was such a tell-nothing They are boring and deserve to be canceled.
  24. Bottom layer vegetarian refried beans mixed with a bit of Ortega taco sauce (if you’d never have use for that in real life you can use taco seasonings so no waste) guacamole (optional but you guys like) next sour cream mixed with some hidden valley ranch seasoning (redneck alert I know- but it really makes this good- when making a 9x13 I use about a 1/2 packet to 16 oz SC. This can be omitted as well but give it a try sometime) Now you go with what you like. I use fresh shredded cheddar, green onions and either chopped tomatoes but off season have used drained rotel. Olives popu
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