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  1. I’d agree she could have bailed on the trip. From the pot to her kids she has some decent excuses. And without T Rav she’s not an integral part of the drama- though she managed to bring it with her pouting. Why does she love those horrific pleather/leather pants! And that sweater! That meal, infused or not, was a letdown. I’d like to think I’d take better advantage of the advertising and not produce stroganoff looking pasta and a chicken thigh. I truly enjoyed the ski scenes. As looks are subjective for some reason I don’t find Madison attractiv, though I appreciated he
  2. Ha, yes that was so funny. I’m not sure what word he was going for- companionship? She seems like a nice person but every time she is onscreen my brain has to do a “who’s the gal that’s unattractive trying to be relevant” only to go “oh, it’s Jasons wife”. In 2019 is MTV wanting the viewer to wonder if Brody dies? It almost felt like a cliffhanger. The Stephanie/Audrina Vegas conversation was edited in a manner I have no idea what really happened. It was like: A: “I don’t KNOW Stephanie, did you! (8 second pause) S: “oh my gosh, ummm no” 12 second pause
  3. That’s the part that bothered me the most. We know she’s an insufferable victim but this one felt a stretch. Had he blown her off and been hungover in the bed on Valentine’s Day, all right, maybe. But Mother’s Day? To drill down more than it’s even worth- admittedly per her words he seemed to adore Brynn. But Beth, who was raised by wolves, should feel stronger than most about the sweetness and special time that daughter and mother can spend ALONE on Mother’s Day! Hell I was fortunate enough to come from an ideal family and each May mom texts me and my sis to discuss our plans.
  4. Agree. I had no idea this is how it played out. Quick aside- I dated a very nice person with a not nice brother. Brother thought he was making a legit deal which turned very bad very fast with 3 people dead (not him). He got probation and I know money talks and assumed Sasha’s was like that and she had a public defender hence the strong sentence. Quite the opposite. She was the mastermind and knew guns would be there- for a TV! Really ruins Brittany’s friendship in my mind- Sasha is bad news. I wish Brittany had not had a kid with Marcelino. This is why I could never work in this
  5. Haha, they so did! If ever there was a guy who doesn’t have two fucks to give it’s Micheal. Who has two women worrying and thinking about him! What about at the late brunch no one had any issues cramming food down while discussing the issues. For some reason I found that so funny. As stated I watch all kinds of reality shit so no complaints as normally it’s sitting there but it was like “Clint (takes large bite of croissant, swallows) hard drugs are bad, son!” I’m a horrible double quoter on phone but whoever above said we don’t need this post release follow up nailed it and it’s wh
  6. I’ve found Life After Lockup to be boring. Which is heartbreaking as this was must see TV at one point. Clint has aged in front of our eyes. He’s 39 going on 50+ in looks. He is not sober and obviously Tracy isn’t either. I hope his parents have willed their money to the University of New Mexico or a pet rescue or a cheese factory- anywhere but to him.
  7. This is wonderful to hear! Even though I’m only a passenger on Uber I read a message board for their drivers and the majority are so hateful and mean- which to be fair I’ve not experienced in hundreds of rides. Maybe they’re just venting. It’s not the same but it’s the quick-need work variety and I can’t bring myself to read about dog walking (hope I’d read only good like this). I’m sincerely glad to hear this.
  8. If it’s the most disgusting, nasty house you’ve ever seen and they’re inviting you to dine I imagine they’re oblivious to the nasty therefore wouldn't take excuses personally or hurt their feelings. They’re just trying to hang out, not impress with their home. I’d try to make it a non food friendship. Ask them over to play cards, board games, drinking games whatever. You should not be a chef in this situation. Have packaged chips and salsa. And if John (I named him that) goes “Rescue we won’t let it go til you eat her lasagna” say “I love you guys but I have weird dietary restriction
  9. I found it a very boring episode. If we really want to do this Audrina/Justin Bobby thing I would feel a lot more invested had they not both rattled to media they weren’t really a thing. That seems so stale given what has transpired. Stephanie is unrecognizable. Like I got to thinking about myself last night. Go under the knife enough they will be able to reproduce a nondescript blonde. So sad that was her aspirations even with the England transfer. Kelly Cutrone called it right- she’s vapid. Brody has such an ego. But yes, he still looks good. But talking about single ver
  10. Yeah I have an entire set I was gifted what feels years ago and I’m now 40. I never thought that brand to be designer but they do wear like iron for certain uses. I use them all to this day. I’ve always been rather simple in taste so my mom got me a nice navy/white set. I guess it isn’t so much making me scratch my head but my brain explodes with concerns are the ones where these nice folk walk your dog. Knox, as mentioned in my name, is my dog and the thought of a stranger coming in much less getting her makes me think all kinds of problems. And she’s a great dog- a mutt with gray hairs
  11. There is something about this group and its like Ive found my friends. Hi, my name is KnoxForPres and I’m glad to meet you.
  12. I wonder the same thing. Of all people why were they like let’s bring her in. And then she agreed? Though as a lover of The OC I’m ok with it. I remember her in the Law and Order episode! It’s like they threw a mix of people that make no sense. Years ago, I’ve never met anyone who watched this except me, there was a show with Tori Spellings brother and I think 2 other equally rich yet zero known guys- maybe Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunters kid? and I watched every episode. Apparently I’m easy to please in shit shows. But oddly I never got into the Kardashian’s. Should
  13. You can order cheese only. It should always be available unless weird timing and then a short wait. I’m a cheese girl too 🙂 I don’t know what a combo is on reread. So this is likely bad advice sorry
  14. To be fair I felt nothing about her looked good. Glad you did. My dear mom born in 46 has her on the looks better. She looked.....hard.
  15. Ha!!! I knew I liked that cat for a reason. Vapid indeed!
  16. I enjoyed it because I love this franchise. But it lacked the magic of The Hills and Laguna. I’m in insurance so lack the knowledge to describe it but it always seemed like it was shot with the sun or nearing sundown. I loved whatever it is they did. Pamela Anderson has not aged well. Though I enjoyed seeing forehead lines on a person of a certain age. Don’t see that much anymore. Maybe it’s the facial hair but I’d have thought her and Tommy Lees genes would have produced a hotter offspring (shallow). Brody hasn’t changed. In looks or dickish behavior. I appreciate the overall norm
  17. This is how I feel as well. As a general rule I dislike the cliche “you’re just jealous” to justify bad behavior but I do think it applies here with Shep to Craig. Ive never seen any of these people in real life but I suspect Craig is just devastatingly handsome. He’s hot on camera but I bet he’s wowza in real life (bet Cam is too). Shep doth protest too much with all the couch talk but we all know ole Conover could score the best looking one night stand should he choose to. And petty shit like that would bother Shep. TMI but it’s hard for me to think of Kathryn as a rock sta
  18. For some reason I saw this dog and felt if he were mine I’d name him Banks.
  19. I hope Mom Bastet enjoys that beautiful red Lexus and drives the ever loving hell out of it. Thinking of you, too.
  20. A whole lot more than three. But skirts and dresses are my go to.
  21. @sistermagpie yes! Kodak! Want to join me?
  22. I’m rewatching this and can’t believe how good it is on rewatch. I watched The New Girl this morning before work and that speech to Peggy in the hospital. And the beginning of them. Ive always liked Bobbie. In every scene my eyes were on her. Anyone else watching who cares to chat about it by chance?
  23. Thank you all for kind words and wishes! I will say in the truest form I never thought I’d be engaged. And I was ok with that! You just never know what will happen around the corner. We met at a happy hour. So take that it never happens you silly TV trope 🙂
  24. @JTMacc99 Man I love that picture of Danny. That was such a lovely and well written tribute I got visuals of what occurred though I’ve never seen the location. I am so sorry for your loss. @AgentRXS She looks scrappy indeed. I’m a little jealous of her adventurous spirit-girl knew how to live life. And grateful she received so much love by you and others. Sending you hugs.
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