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  1. Did Madison call Dylan McDermott a FILF during tear jerker scene? Hilarious and co sign if so. As others have stated- turns out she was good in this- as was Behold (great name). I thought it was pretty solid. The Moira scene felt longer than a Stevie Nicks ballad for me but other than that pretty good. It feels like they’re caring a lot more this season and I’m really appreciative of that. This is an aside but in the intro kmow when it does that chilling noise (I’m an English major- not music sorry). I always think to myself egotistically Id want my name to hit then. But Emm
  2. This show is beyond bad. My DVR caught it from last season. No one is believable and it tries to be cutesy. It’s like if Michelle or Stephanie from Full House wrote a sitcom.
  3. A smoked meatloaf with pepper jack in the middle. And mashed potatoes and peas.
  4. I can’t describe how funny I found this.
  5. It’s as old as Stevie Nicks gray faux leather feathered jacket. You don’t hurt or kill animals and you don’t kill little kids (preteen seem to be ok). i think it’s because the biology prof was a dick. Had he shown an ounce of kindness there might have been a sentence of outcry. He sucked. The frog just wants to live an innocent life on a lily pad. So I was ok seeing his intestines come out via the antichrist.
  6. I admire that. Thanks to everyone saying this is a flashback.. So-with that it seems the main people survive? Then what was the point of the beginning? The Antichrist grows longer hair? Ill sit back and watch and am still very much in but what?
  7. It’s funny I’ve watched this show for years and never noticed “buncha” until reading here and now its hilarious how much she says it! Also in a little marathon she said “also known as” a lot. Like “a quarter cup also known as 4 tablespoons”. Less annoying but repetitive and kind of weird too. I don’t like the contrived farm scenes. For one they’re boring but I don’t enjoy watching the cattle work (or whatever) at all. Recently they did something where it looked like they had smoke coming off of them whIch I never want to see again. I don’t ever want to see them herded into trucks. R
  8. Yeah I had so much second hand embarrassment for the singing scene. You know it’s funny I have been so checked out and can’t get engaged to season finale since Asylum and I’m really digging this season and look forward to each episode. Since this is essentially an anonymous site I will ask this because I know how stupid I’m going to sound. Yet I don’t want to google bc of spoiler potential etc and really don’t want to rewatch. I think because of my assumption I’d hate this season I didn’t pay enough attention early on. In a timeline is what we’re watching today before or after the
  9. I love cats and have always been a single owner car when I had one. I didn’t realize they bonded like this and am so thankful the awesome lady took both! What about little gray deciding Red Baron box is a good bed. I know we’d get along just from that.
  10. KnoxForPres


    Yeah I don’t find it too bleak either. I’m really enjoying it. When the female cop was interrogating Snake (?) why when he broke on the false detail was that treated like such an a ha moment? Fundamentally I get it but the way I read the scene it’s like they saw that has a hook, line and sinker confession. Did I miss something? Comtinue to be amazed how good Sela Ward looks. No relevance on this part but the opening house reminded me of the house Reese Witherspoon’s family lived in the movie Fear (if not seen - Mark Wahlberg is SMOKiNG hot but there is a sad dog scene).
  11. I don’t thing there was any ““gaslighting” I’m pretty sure it was a promotion. And a sad one. And I did it, The Scampi to me the was only one worth anything . Because of deal I withheld the crack laden biscuits and opted for broccoli as my side. I got a Caesar salad and didn’t eat the croutons. No carbs when you’re serious So my guy and I were there and we were going to eat some shrimp I went scampi double (smart) and he went some type of fried and scampi. He’s easy to please and I’ll say it’s a decent tartar but out of the box fried shrimp. I then ordered a fiesta or someth
  12. Yay! That’s great news indeed! I’m a little voyeuristic so if you spill details I’ll read them with so much excitement it will negate any monotone voice on the phone. I think your phone concerns were valid and the important part is you met in person bc the texts and other things kept you interested to see if you were right. I have a good friend who went on an online date (this isn’t directed at you but kind of in the same scenario) and the girl he was with was kind of awkwardly outgoing and inserted herself into someone else’s conversation. And he saw it as a dealbreaker. Otherwise
  13. I see a few drops on her side and a dry well on his. Yet I don’t see her sad with this arrangement which I find odd. I also think she is better of the two which makes it even more confusing. With that said, and I dislike him, I thought he handled the have another daughter talk well and managed to stay in the adult. In a matter of minutes I am going “fuck this guy” to “he is making sense”. Again this is all odd! Have mercy Gina is exhausting. Be my best friend though I’ll berate you and no one can teach me anything because I’m unique. Why aren’t you acknowledging my hurt? Why? I
  14. Yes so much. When I first saw it and they panned out to show the son I said out loud “what the fuck Aldi?” How are people sitting in a room and they agree “yes! Let’s go with that”?
  15. My dog is an avid tv watcher. She gives absolute hell by barking to big dogs (she’s 50 lbs so seems to be selective and doesn’t mind the littles) on tv. She loved/hated depending on your take a Range Rover commercial that had beautiful white dogs. I need to DVR a commercial like that and play it if ever scared a la Home Alone . One rainy Sunday she watched Back to the Future from start to finish. Never figured out why that movie captivated her so much. Sometimes I wonder if dogs could be used for marketing. There are some non animal related ads that play and she will run from anot
  16. Oh no- that is so sad! I hope they get her back. I was zooming in and and really enjoying looking at her and then read this which made me broken hearted as well. Come home sweet pig.
  17. Oh @AgentRXS she is gorgeous! I’ll pay the transport to get her to @walnutqueen :) To make a long story short Knox had traumatic experience getting her nails trimmed as a pup. She showed true aggression on subsequent time so is unable to get her nails trimmed like normal dogs do. Ive paid for sedation throughout and anytime she’s had to go under for surgical reasons request to get them as small as possible while knocked out. Her left paw looks like Edward Scissorhands (right and rear ok- weird-this is an inside dog who goes on long walks on concrete daily ) and so I called
  18. Thanks! I meant add. I’m in the South so not sure if these are made elsewhere but sausage balls are a big thing here. I’ve never gotten the appeal but had some yesterday that changed my mind. I’ve always found them dry and hers were not so I asked what she does. She uses one lb breakfast sausage, one cup Bisquick and one package shredded velveeta. Rolls in balls and bake at 400 around 10 mins. She said they’re prone to sticking so use Pam butter silpat etc Not one you’d submit to Food & Wine mag but oh my word they were good! Made me a convert!
  19. I won best dessert at work. Have a ribbon and everything haha! To tell you the truth I found the cake just ok but boy it was a hit with the masses- and easy!. Goes to show you don’t ever know.
  20. I think you’ve made some great points that I think and you were able to put into words. And I’m with you- I’m not invested nor care if any live or die (though the lovers could die for boredom reasons anytime). With that said, I watched Murder House and Asylum while they aired and was so in. I have watched anywhere from 2 to 4 episodes of all other seasons due to complete disinterest. This season I’m finally back in again....for now. I love Leslie Grossman (oh Popular how I miss you!) but am not loving her character. Give these people some dimension. Spoiled brat is one of the easie
  21. That completely stinks. Mine was a (failed) attempt at humor. Though all cooking statements are true I’m glad to make something (on the cheap!) for my peeps! I usually drop well over 20 and the non bringers are the biggest intakers (this isn’t humor- this is real)
  22. I’m not making this for dinner but making for a tailgate party competition at work tomorrow. One year my friend made the most amazing spinach and artichoke dip and lost to “walnut and mayo dip”. Last year a homemade peanut butter pie was made and lost to orange snowballs. Orange gross things tossed in coconut. Look, as if life wasn’t hard enough our poutluck is rigged so gone are the days where I get Boars Head for pinwheels as I did last year in vain This year I perused the weekly ad for Publix for inspiration. A cookbook my mom got from her college had make choc
  23. What great stories I had visuals of them from your good storytelling. I love you had a dog named Zack.
  24. Put a blender in a marinade for chicken and shrimp fajitas. Going now. Will be done on a big green egg. Anyone else smoke/cook this way? Would love to chat. Grill the vegetables and meats, shred cheddar, sour cream and my boyfriend owns a lawn business and one of his customers gave him some homemade salsa and it’s amazing!
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