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  1. I had a similar thought amongst all this outrage at Lala. Didn’t Kristen Cavallari and The Hills teach us this all is bullshit anyway? They’re probably being fed lines. Both in the literal and cocaine sense. There is so much to be mad about at the world right now. Putting Lala on that list gives her too much power. I watch VP as an escape. There’s enough of that in real life. Id rather discuss Tom and his flat iron and Stassi and her boobs. And Katie losing her shit.
  2. I take it seriously. Years ago I had lied to my mom about something. She said “you promise on Scout’s (amazing 65 lb black mutt- I miss her so much) life you’re telling me the truth” and I was a blubbering mess of honesty. I couldn’t do it.
  3. Since my name was mentioned I’ll agree if what she’s doing offends that is not ok. I don’t watch this show as closely as I watch a show with a compelling plot so can say while I think Lala is an idiot- I really didn’t know she was such a high offender. Also can’t recall Jenny McCarthy being on there so missed that but that is ridiculous of her to say. Where she has not offended but put me off is with her crassness and vulgarity. And I’m a sailor with a pretty dirty mind so that’s no small feat. Where at one time I was almost taken aback by her beauty I no longer see that beauty and see a
  4. And here I just thought she was a hot 20 something spewing whatever bullshit felt right bc she thought she looked cool. Not everything is multi faceted
  5. I had the same thought! I’m on twitter and play Fantasy Football and had a nearly identical response to my first draft killing it. I was I expecting amazing and then I was like, oh, I texted my friend similar today about Reese’s eggs. So yeah, Beau is ok on that one by me.
  6. This show is about having fun. I thought it was a great episode. I’m a child free 39 year old and can throw down so that part really doesn’t faze me. Though reading here I feel kinda bad about it 🙂 I took issue with Beau and his speech of how he treats her great and how he’s amazing and pretty much described himself perfect. That’s so frustrating to the person feeling slighted. I’ve been in Stassi’s shoes and being told “I’m a good guy- I don’t know why you’re doing this” is hard. I don’t mean it directly to this fight but if that in general is his comeback, fuck offf. Much less him
  7. Exactly. It’s what families do. What is wrong with sharing a house? Their refusal to go back to that makes no sense to me. If I was a believer of polygamy and sister wife world I’d want to be under the same roof. Id retreat to my room when needed but I’d at least want to reap the rewards of having my “sisters” help me cook, clean,, parent. I’d be like “oh hell yes it’s Tuesday, I’ve just got salad duty tonight” (or whatever system was determined). What’s the point of living autonomously if your end game was polygamy? It’s not economical and it’s not how families live. While
  8. If you’re in the US @Brookside that’s going to be a tough one. I don't recall a person in TV saying an-ton-ee Bourdain and he was all over the world nor anyone I know with that name. Can we meet in the middle on Tony? 🙂 I went to the store today to get stuff for dinner. Taking up some decent real estate in front of the entrance were some lawn chairs. I spotted a poster board. The fat ass in me got excited I might score some Girl Scout Cookies. The reality was it was girls just wanting money for softball. No offer on their part in return just “can you please help out our softball t
  9. You’re really making me go there @Brooklynista? Haha, I hadn’t gone that far but you bring up a good question. If ole Buddy is Tommy Lee this should be easier if not, oy vey!
  10. I can’t describe like my brain views it so it’s futile for me to try but I think Whit seems the fakest. She reads to me like someone playing a part. She’s married into this saccharine shit show and by golly has thrown her whole world into projecting “special and sweet”. Conversely I see Erin as really believing what she’s selling. It seems almost surreal to me but I actually believe her. I hope this doesn’t come off argumentative as is in no way intended. But I could almost see Whit in bed at night going “damn, I could use a strong drink but gotta keep up the facade” and Erin “far
  11. Is this figurative or real question? My best guess doggy style. Ive reached new low. I thought about that.
  12. My sentiments exactly! That koala is more interesting than the entire episode. Im in disbelief this game night got the green light. That unintended rhyme is more interesting than the entire episode.
  13. I hated the “it’s not for the bride in a polygamist marriage so Aspyn wants that” credo that Kody said. There is passive aggressive and then there is him. Fuck you Kody.
  14. Yes! He was slicing his own bread- which surprised me in a way. But it’s like three or four slices width wise were close to the heel and he said, fuck it, calling that a slice. Holly seems so detached. She seemed a huge people pleaser but not in a mitigating way. She liked to look at people giving her good advice with wide eyes and a hint of humor but it all felt fake. I’m pretty new to this show so have seen eh, maybe 7 or so- but I’ve seen some real self loathing or denial. She seemed liked you could wind her up on her back to “play normal person”. Which in retrospect ma
  15. Ugh! I hate that we’re out here wondering. That is weak writing indeed. I reach a point where I don’t care. Was I supposed to care about the Barcelona storyline? Bc I care more about debating cheese on hash browns. (Always a yes) We need answers. Suicide by massive debt -but!I I let my hot secretary know about apartment blocks and desire for others to get a restaurant. There are sweet children here- connect some dots. When you think of really great shows that have things happen (Mad Men comes to mind) I wish we’d all get together and throw in a few bucks and we could make a
  16. This song has got me through a lot of times. You gotta wear those shoes
  17. The only engagement party that involves tea bags without innuendos would be with the Bates. They’re like the gift that keeps on giving. Im with @zenme Carlin is the epitome of optimism. And she’s very beautiful. She’s very close to a lot of men’s dreams come true in a way. Myself if you masked yourself and burst into song to let me know you were going to propose I’d be apt go “what the fuck is happening.” If you then rolled out a luggage piece that still had the 29 dollar price or whatever I’d really start feeling weird.
  18. Today was a big day and I feel we got hopeful news. Turns out there was cancer in both ovaries and cyst had erupted. All markers they took were negative for cancer. He wants her to undergo 18 weeks of chemo to lessen her chances of return. He called it palliative and her wish and she said yes. She’ll lose her hair and all that comes with chemo but this is good I feel! My god ovarian cancer is a scary search even if you keep it to the Cleveland/Mayo clinic types which I did(I was the only one to look this up including have a librarian in the family- but I get it). So this is good! Her spirit
  19. Have mercy I have such a crush on Justin.
  20. I didn’t mean to put brake lights on this good conversation and am sorry if it came off that way. I think I have different views and that’s ok. I’ll become a reader/non poster on this sub forum and wish all of you nothing but happiness and success- however that is defined :)
  21. They may be. Which makes me a little sad Clint must have answered “a line dancing bar-which peaked in popularity in 2003- complete with empty dance floor and odd people staring” when asked his desired wedding venue.
  22. Take it one day at a time. You kids can discuss and decide what are best next steps and options but as DeLurker said, who is always wise, take care of yourself. And having a good solo cry of the why is this happening variety has been cathartic for me in my life.
  23. I had not thought of this but holy cow you are spot on and I can’t stop laughing. I think Clint smoked crack. Possibly for the first time. His demeanor and reactions were so strange- even for him. But yeah bud, when an addict gets a taste they’ll hit the streets for more. These people get involved with additcted felons but it’s like they assume they’ll come out reformed and wholesome. Hell they could watch a few Interventions as a crash course to prepare for release. The naiveness/stupidity on this show is scary. I do have compassion for Caitlin. She wants a normal relationship
  24. You shouldn’t feel bad about it but you need to see your place in this and what you do and do not have control over. You’re in control of you- and just you. Not her, not her health. You’re also not a victim. You’re a fully able (to my knowledge this forum is long so if you’re disabled I apologize) working adult, yes? Work gives us such a sense of purpose and satisfaction. I’m an animal lover and would probably get on Amazon and have found head gear to wear- but growing up as a kid our neighbor in Baltimore had birds and admittedly I was scared but they were sweet. Is it that mean
  25. I’d stop paying your dads phone bill, I’d completely leave your mother in law to your husband and I’d just stop- full stop. It’s heavy to read it much less live it. They’re in control and can handle as necessary- brother is hard but you can deal with as needed too. The other- Is what your doing working? Are they getting it? Nothing seems to change so give that part of you to them and for real let it go. Breathe out and in your car or room yell I am done with it. And mean it. Unless you have a better idea I see you have to either stop or lessen it. Do you agree?
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