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  1. I felt so bad for him while I was trying to get through Friday's show. I guess if he really needed the paycheck it might be a little easier to find peace of mind about it.
  2. No wonder I warmed up to her so quickly. I loved her on Another World.
  3. I decided to watch the episode to see Andre and Kate form their unholy alliance but I thought Maggie stole the show. It was nice to see her lay into Victor, even though I tend to enjoy the cranky, old man. I kinda like the actress playing Clark's sister. She's like a poor man's Carrie Ann Moss.
  4. Thanks for that link to the Sony story, buffynut! Makes me think the JFP is the EP who is rumored to be getting fired soon. If only they'd get rid of Dena Higley and put someone competent in her place, though we wouldn't see it on screen until 2017.
  5. For as much as I loved Vincent Irizarry on Guiding Light, I'm a little surprised I'm not sure I even like him here. It's possible it's the writing, with the way so many of the characters have been reduced to walking and talking plot points. I was really hoping he'd make something about the show fun to watch again. Oh well. We don't even get to watch Jennifer make a drug-induced mockery of her life at least once a week. Sheesh.
  6. It seems like the only thing they think about is how to get a "shocking" caption on the cover of Soap Opera Digest.
  7. Poor Theo. I think Abe's heart was in the right place but his delivery was a bit harsh. Too bad the show won't spend a little more time on a father/son dynamic in which Abe always says the right thing in the wrong way. A how about a ghostLexie? A dreamLexie? Andre! Mop the floor with Hope!
  8. A crying baby, Vivian Jovanni gnawing her way through her lines and the sublimely bland Kate Mansi? There are Geico commercials that are more entertaining than this.
  9. Who knew that Caroline was such a big fan of vigilante justice! She must be loving The Punisher on this season of Daredevil. He kills people with no remorse.
  10. Who said Deidre Hall smiles at weird times? Blasphemy! It was nice to have Eric dealing with the emotional consequences of his actions. Can't say the same for Hope or Joey. While I'm no fan of Greg Vaughan, I am curious about how a relationship would play out with Jennifer and Eric starting out as such broken people. Of course, that would require writers who could thoughtfully explore the subject, which this show doesn't seem to have. Casey Moss is a young guy in good shape, so it's unfortunate Wardrobe makes him look like he's drowning in that Salem PD uniform. But w
  11. Chad and Ciara? Do they really hate Billy Flynn that much? Good grief, lol.
  12. Kayla admonishing Joey for telling Jade was the best part of that episode. I was really hoping she'd throttle the little simpleton. I actually liked Joey as the hormonal teen in lurve with Ava but this murder storyline has killed just about all the affection I had for the kid. Theo is about the only reason I can sit through a Ciara scene without having my finger on the FF button, and sometimes even that's not enough. They fired Lauren Boles for this??? It's too bad Theo isn't involved with another storyline that doesn't include Ciara because the actor is one of the few bright sp
  13. That heart-warming scene with Maggie and Theresa caught me off guard. I didn't think a show that annoys me in so many ways could make my eyes water a little. After all the blubbering over the surfer dude she was going to marry, it was nice to see that snarky side of Nicole that I love. Caroline yelling up the stairs at Deimos made me chuckle.
  14. But why wasn't Maggie holding on to the railing on her way up the stairs? And was Deimos hiding outside in the bushes with a baby monitor just waiting for something to happen? Is there a lot of giggling and snickering in the writer's room? I love a good old-fashioned tale of someone losing their mind. If only it was in the hand's of a capable actress. It's just not as fun when I have to make myself get goosebumps at all the right moments.
  15. Even though Kate Mansi has trouble acting her way out of a wet paper sack, I enjoyed the scenes with Ben as an expression of Abigail's subconscious mind. Her breakdown actually makes sense, too, because of the way the show spends so little time dealing the emotional consequences of its many plot points. But by that rule, more than half of the town should be having a breakdown about now. How unfortunate for KM that RSW owned all of those scenes that should have been hers. Bested by an underwear model!
  16. Maybe some of the brainwashing images were of Victoria Secret models pouring milk and honey all over their bodies.
  17. Dee Hall gets to be a bad ass! That was fun. While Jordi Vilasuso was real nice to look at on GL, his acting skills were minimal. The only reason I liked "Tony" was because JV worked as a lovable, pretty moron. Not sure I'm going to feel the same about Dario. Sitting through the ramblings of Yo Ling Ding Dong was a chore. Glad that's over.
  18. Yeah, I don't know what happened to Beemer. He's nice to look at but his acting was pretty bad the last time he was on the show. Maybe a good acting coach taught him a thing or two? If only they'd send Eric Martsolf to an acting coach. I'd take any kind of improvement I can get. I've enjoyed Martha Madison this time around, although I'd rather see her interacting primarily with Claire and Marlena than that Phillip recast.
  19. And the ax falls! Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison, Sal Stowers and Marie Wilson all get a pink slip. http://daytimeconfidential.com/2016/03/21/days-of-our-lives-bloodbath-brandon-beemer-martha-madison-sal-stowers-marie-wilson-out
  20. I think I was more pissed than Quentin was when Penny told him he'd thrown it away. I saw myself losing my temper real quick.
  21. Was it odd that Hope made no acknowledgement of Claire being her grand-daughter when the kids came to the house to check on Ciara? No hug or term of endearment? The kid who plays Theo is good. I'd love it if they brought Lexie back so she could interact with him.
  22. This could be so much more fun if Victor was taunting Deimos and telling him to take his best shot. With his giant ego, I don't see Victor being intimidated by Deimos, or trying to chase him out of Salem every other week. Unless we're supposed to believe that Victor has a sliver of guilt over what he did to his own brother, and he doesn't want to face it. But I don't know that the writers are smart enough to play that angle.
  23. I thought Claire figuring out that Ciara was raped by Chase was a strong scene, mostly because of the actress who plays Claire. She carried the scene, which really should have belonged to the actress who plays Ciara. Victor cutting Deimos was ridiculous. I wonder where the actors go to laugh about these idiotic scripts. Is there a bar across the street from the studio?
  24. Maybe this is why Ben is headed back to town. He's realized that his buzz is wearing off.
  25. I realize that Kayla doesn't want her baby boy to go to prison but the fact that he smothered a woman with a pillow seems like a non-issue. He held a pillow over another human being's face until she was dead while she kicked, screamed and tried to fight him off! Are there no emotional consequences to murder? It's like the only time anything matters to these people is when the script notes call for it, lol. At least Hope seems slightly conflicted about killing Stefano.
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