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  1. She did. I can’t remember if they showed a flashback, or it was aural flashback. It made me shudder that she was going to get her memory back, because it seemed like a significant recall. The main reason I watch their scenes is for all of the awful things she says to Ben, and I was worried that was going to be taken from me during that episode. :D ETA: OK, I found it. It was an aural flashback of when Ben found her buried under the rubble. She hears him calling out to her and calling her his “love”.
  2. She actually did have a brief memory recall during one of her arguments with Ben a week or so ago. Theo showed up and interrupted the moment. With the way you are so invested in all of their scenes, I’m surprised you missed it. *chuckles*
  3. Lucas throwing the letter in the trash in front of Philip was such a hilarious I-Don’t-Want-To-Hurt-Sami-But-You-Can move. You’ll never convince me that Lucas wasn’t hoping that Philip would do his dirty work for him. But I appreciated that Lucas cares enough about Sami to muddy the waters, while Sami basically patted herself on the back for annihilating her brother’s marriage. Are you sure this is the woman you want to have as your HEA, Lucas? Way too much crying for me but I thought AZ was mostly great. GV is hit-or-miss for me with emotional scenes, and this was a miss. There has
  4. This was such a good family-oriented episode. I loved all of the different family members coming from different POVs, and having different influences on how they see things. I think John trying to see the best in Sami was more of him falling into the role of Marlena’s husband. I don’t think he necessarily believes Sami couldn’t do that to Eric, he just knows it’s smarter for him to play dumb. I loved Belle knowing Sami would do this to Eric, and voicing it when it was just her and her father. Belle being stuck in the middle of multiple family members is when she gets to
  5. Shouldn't EJ know when Sami is lying? Alison Sweeney plays all of those scenes so that the audience knows that Sami isn't being truthful. It's odd that EJ isn't calling her on it, unless it's supposed to be because he's so grateful for how she nursed him back to health. After all of the proclamations of glorious happiness and long-lasting love, I was as relieved as Sami when Xander finally arrived at the Pub. Even better that he blurted out an accusation, rather than just walk through the door and change his mind on Monday. I think it's pretty rotten that Sami wants to blow up her b
  6. I’m here for the entertainment, so I appreciated Travis taking his shirt off for his speech. He seemed to have a sense of humor about himself in doing it. Unless Alyssa has the potential for some kind of a meltdown somewhere down the road, I would have rather had Travis stay in the house for entertainment purposes. So far, Alyssa seems relatively boring.
  7. There doesn't seem to be much of a "steamy" chemistry between the two actors but I'm fine with it, as storyline has them at a low point in their relationship. I can't wait for Lucas to find out Sami has started having sex with her husband again, though. He's going to have to do a lot of rationalizing to keep up this idea of him and Sami being destined to be together. I loved how Nicole went at Lucas, disorienting him a little with the question about his brain tumor, then going for the knockdown punch with the accusation about him and Sami having sex. I got the best laugh out of that
  8. We could assume, though, that Paulina exists in a world where men engage in all of those underhanded methods, and get away with it. I’m not excusing or endorsing anything that Paulina did but I appreciate her more as a character who’s challenging double standards. I’m still rooting for Abe to come at her with everything he’s got but I can understand why Paulina sees the world the way she does. The funny thing would be if the Show can no longer afford to use the Horton Square set anymore, and Paulina/Stunt Casting was the spot the dart landed on the Plot Point Dart Board in the writ
  9. James Reynolds was so good today. I’m glad he was given the opportunity to shine. Jackee Harry didn’t do anything that stood out for me but I liked that Paulina explained how her past experiences have molded into her into someone who dehumanizes others for her own gain. It was interesting watching both characters coming from a place of truth with no easy resolution in the mix. Ben looks like such an asshole. If you’re not a CiN fan, I don’t know how you can see him as anything but an asshole. Not that Ciara is a real prize. Theo reminds me of one of those people who end up as collate
  10. Isabel Durant was miscast as Claire but, yeah, the writing for the character isn't doing her any favors. She's so needy and without much agency in most of her scenes. I'll miss ORK forever but I also miss how determined, cunning and strong-willed Claire used to be. She shouldn't be having any trouble at all maneuvering her way into Ben's heart. Was the demolition foreman smoking a cigar on his way out of Julie's Diner? He should get the Dick Dastardly E-VOL Villain of the Day award for that alone. Give Paulina a run for her money. Jackee Harry has provided me with man
  11. I like him. Daniel Feuerriegel has a menacing presence that's perfect for the character. And I'm not bothered by how much chemistry he does or doesn't have with Alison Sweeney, because I see Sami and EJ's relationship being driven more by each character's narcissism rather than some capacity for romantic love. Why didn't the bear talk in Jordan's voice? Jordan's-Guilty-Conscience could be the new dastardly villain wreaking havoc across Salem, USA while Kristin is off licking her wounds in some UNDISCLOSED LOCATION. Are we supposed to be learning something about Paulina
  12. It seems like they gave at least one of Those Writers! the responsibility of research and continuity during the COVID break. Kayla references HIPAA rules now, the DiMeras are counting votes, and characters make mention of past crimes and call each other on hypocrisy more than they did in the past. While Sami was pathetically begging EJ not to call Kristin, I was imagining that EJ really didn't have Kristin's number and was lying to Sami just to mess with her head. It was curious that he said to Sami that she seemed to not want him to win the vote, rather than it seeming like sh
  13. It wouldn't be very DiMera of him, though. And I don't remember EJ being particularly amicable in the past. The weird thing is that they spent a little time building up to him becoming the CEO, and then totally dropped all aspects of that from his character development. I agree that EJ storming in to takeover feels a little flimsy seeing as how the Show hasn't said much about how Jake feels about being CEO in months. It totally made me think of the show Hannibal and how Dr Lecter always knew when Will was in the room. Definitely enjoyed Friday'
  14. What choice did she have? She opens the door to her own home, and they’re there sucking each other’s faces off like horny teenagers. Already a fan of nuEJ. Maybe his arrival will give Jake/Brandon Barash something to do other than make schmoopy faces at Kate or Gabi. BB was really good when I watched him on GH all of those years ago. Kate forking with Jake and Gabi makes me smile. I appreciate whichever script writer that makes references to the past but Nicole quoting a former president/Lyndon Johnson seemed really out of character. But maybe she totally m
  15. It still makes me chuckle when they make reference to it. One of the funniest episodes of a Soap I've even seen. Glad I was watching at the time. Wasn't Xander in his socks? I thought I noticed him wiggling his toes. Oh, of course. Jan goes back into a coma. Why did I ever think she'd go to Statesville, or escape into the shadows. I know Those Writers want a bunch of scenes where it someone may or may not figure out what's happening between Gwen and Dr Snyder but they made Dr Snyder look like a total moron of a drug dealer. It made me chuckle when Shawn/Brando
  16. Jordan sleeps there when she's not tormenting Ben as his Guilty Conscience, and she makes the bed every morning. It was funny to me that Ben still wanted to hang out in the cabin after he almost Char-Grilled Claire. Like that didn't kinda kill the mood of going there to Not-Sign the divorce papers? It seems like the Show doesn't like to kill off its female villains, so the only real mystery left for me regarding Jan is whether she'll actually get sent to Statesville, or she'll get to sneak off into the shadows like Kristin.
  17. One could also argue that Jan is holding a gun in Chloe's face, and because Chloe is a mother she doesn't want to risk her own life by bringing a knife to a gun fight. The gun is probably going to win. There was the potential for an interesting thought experiment into whether Chloe could actually kill Claire in the way she killed the drug lord when her life was on the line, but Those! Writers didn't go anywhere with it. Was Paulina's reveal that she was lying to Marlena about her plans for The Square some hint at Paulina being the next Mustache-Twirling Villain? That was weird.
  18. Yes, she did! And it's driving me crazy because not one of Those Writers can remember their own Plot Points! And, at the time I was relieved we'd never have to see those stupid teeth again. Dr Snyder revealing to Kate that he knew she was faking her blindness was hilarious. The best laugh I've had all week. I like that Dr Snyder is both smart and despicable. If Kate is faking her blindness just to mess with Jake and Gabi, I love it. But sorry, I don't buy Kate being so desperate for a man that she can't stand the thought of losing Jake to Gabi. Ava lying to Rafe about
  19. Kate's blind! The Plot Point Dart just landed on Ciara having amnesia, so I was puzzled as to what Kate's malfunction would be when she woke up. For as much as Jake disappoints me as a DiMera, I kinda liked him being there for Kate when she woke up, and how Brandon Barash conveyed a genuine concern for Kate's well being. Probably both. If it's not at least one of them, I may have to throw out my Plot Point Dart Theory and start over again. Those Writers! *shakes fists at the sky* Seriously, though, as bad as Kate faking blindness could be, I have some faith that Lauren Koslow c
  20. Stacy Haiduk is a good actress. I like her. But she didn't make those scenes, with all of the hysterical crying, work for me at all. It was like a bunch of fake crying was the only way Kristin felt like she could save her relationship, and maybe that was the point? Eric Martsorf was the only reason some of those scenes were interesting. It's refreshing that Nicole and Xander's affair can have ramifications that don't involve Nicole becoming pregnant with his baby. Even if Rafe was being a good detective in asking Sami and Lucas questions, there was no legal reason for them to
  21. Lucas verbally assaulting Brady was awesome. After being subjected to this ridiculous KruSan storyline for what seems like an eternity, Lucas could have gone on for the entire episode and I would have watched every second of it. If my guilty conscience is my dead sister who looks like she's been hanging out in Botox and Fillers Heaven, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be too bothered by that. Please let it be EJ at the door so we can get on with this!
  22. Yep, and I loved her decision to call Ben rather than her parents. Of course, I wanted it to be ORK, because her Claire was far more self-serving, but whatever. I'll take it. Did Chrishell Stause look like that the last time she was on? I did not know who Ben was talking to at first. All that I kept thinking during Jan's Plot Moving Exposition Dump was that she saw Dr Rolf out in the parking lot with a syringe full of something. She didn't say anything we didn't already know, and what a pathetic villain revealing every step of her diabolical plan to someone who never needed to
  23. It's like you're reading my mind. There was no way she could tell Jack the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because I don't think she's ever had the experience of being accepted flaws-and-all, and loved what Emily O'Brien did with that. But I think, as least with Gwen, Those Writers have done a good job of demonstrating that Gwen is such a broken human being that it would be more unlikely for her to start being absolutely truthful at this point. That's not to say that the plot isn't also an influential factor. And honestly, I'm ready for Dr Snyder to start rol
  24. Me, too. I'm not a big fan of this kinder, gentler version of Ava but I really appreciated the friend she was being to Nicole today. Why is that Ron's fault? There are at least 13 other writers on The Writing team. I like Allie in her scenes with her parents and Kate. I like Tripp in his scenes with Dr Snyder being an ass to him, and with Steve and Kayla. Allie and Tripp have already become FF material for me, though. I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes that Sami and Lucas will conspire with Xander to trick Kristen into thinking they're dead, so he
  25. I'm pleasantly surprised that they've allowed Kate escape Kristen's Mustache-Twirling antics, because I hated the idea of Kristen being able to triumph over Kate. Why wouldn't he? The breakup was fake. And even if Kate had really broken up with him, emotions don't just die off in a day or two for most people. I'm not sure Lauren Koslow is actually trying to be Kristin in a Kate mask but I love watching her and pretending that's what's happening. The Writers haven't done much of anything to establish that Xander is so desperate for cash that he'd help Kri
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