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  1. Talk about the monsters of the ID! It'd be fun if they spent a little time exploring how Sami could do something so awful to her son but I suspect they'll breeze right over it. Anyways, in my own mind it was fascinating to observe how one can go to such a dark place to accomplish an end goal.
  2. It's weird because it seemed like the entire season was about how Tamra was trying to push Vicki off of the show, but now they're all crying and hugging it out. Or, maybe the big kiss and make-up session at the reunion was the plan all along, and the path to get there was poorly executed.
  3. Do you think that's what it was? The apologize-and-hug performance was nauseating. It took them a whole season to realize that Vicki is fun to hang out with, so maybe it's time to forgive her and start the whole routine all over again. While we got stuck with one of the worst seasons EVER.
  4. They should have given them one of those special Watch What Happens episodes. I don't know why they'd spend the money on a full blown reunion for this awful season. Shannon made my eyes water a little. Not only did she get dumped but he wouldn't even allow her the delusion of believing they had a few good years. Heartless! I was pleased she owned that she was lashing out at others because of her pain over the disintegrating marriage. Andy is such an awful interviewer/host. Just terrible! Who lied and told Kelly she should wear that dress out of the house???
  5. Susan couldn't have predicted that Rolf would tell Clyde, Clyde would tell Ben, and Ben would break out of prison and tell someone in Salem. She probably thought that if they lived a quiet, simple life in Memphis that no one would find them. Alaska would have been a better place to live, though. If Susan is actually Kristin in disguise, I guess it would make sense that she got tired of this charade and told Rolf to spill the beans and get the ball rolling.
  6. All I could think about them wearing those Viking helmets was how they were doing a good job of perpetuating the "Stupid Americans" stereotype. That was an amusing dig the editing team threw in there with Shannon bitching at Heather over the chair as she was talking about Lydiot being immature.
  7. Based on what they've shown throughout the season, I think D'Andra and her mother are stuck in a pattern of behavior that was established when D'Andra was a young girl. It seems like every time we've seen D'Andra and her mother interact on screen, D'Andra's mannerisms become those of a less confident person. I imagine this happens with many people who are raised by an over-bearing parent. I wouldn't be surprised to find out of there was some degree of emotional abuse in their past.
  8. Mother! In all of her overdone glory! Hooray! LeAnne is ridiculous but she knows how to bring the money shot. Yes, score 1 for Kameron and her comment about the plastic glassware. It took her 10 episodes to get there but I laughed through most of the following commercial break. I'm not sure what I think about Brandi going below-the-belt with the Nanny comment. All of these whispers and gossip that surround Cary and Mark make me think of BH's Taylor and Russell's skeletons being drug out of the closet.
  9. If it weren't for Shannon losing her shit just about every time they poke at her, this season would have been even more of a waste of time. She's been doing most of the heavy-lifting up to this point. Hopefully, it's been a blessing in disguise and she's been able to take out her frustrations with David on Peggy and Lydiot. Who would have figured that Lydiot wouldn't want to be in the same proximity of a psychic? Ugh.
  10. I totally imagined Tamra licking her fingers with glee as I was reading that! Thanks, lol!
  11. Brandi's Big Bird and Elmo routine mixed in with her impression of Kameron was hilarious! She was cracking me up "being" LeAnne when they went to get the room key, too. I could watch Brandi and Stephanie drink and act foolish for days. I'm going to credit D'Andra with getting Kameron to actually laugh at herself for saying that Brandi could "Suck it." I almost couldn't believe my eyes. D'Andra is probably a little to level-headed for this nonsense but I do appreciate how she balances being the voice of reason while still letting the others go at each other.
  12. It was interesting to me that Vicki's boyfriend said Tamra was trying to win something, especially after Vicki started it off by turning it into a contest of which one of them has been nicer to the other. Does he even know who Vicki is? Many times I've said that the problem with this season is that too many of the women won't film together, but then when they're all together I realized I have to actually watch Peggy and Diko. Tamra says Shannon is over-reacting with a tone in her voice that sounds like we've moved one step close to their breakup.
  13. Is that why it's so quiet here? It feels like the RHOD forum. I expected more of a NY or OC experience.
  14. OMG, that cake was melting in my mouth! I didn't show up until the episode was almost over but it sounds like I didn't miss anything, so I'll just delete it. Honestly, I'm back only to watch Danielle stir some shit. I had my fill of Teresa years ago.
  15. But I think having OC as a lead-in has been a good thing for RHOD. It makes them actually seem fun to watch by comparison. And while LeAnne Locken is batshit crazy, she's not nearly as vile as Vicki. Vicki has set the bar soooo low it will take LeAnne a season or two to get there.
  16. LeAnne threatened Marie last season during their trip to Austin, which was the big dramatic climax for the season. It sounded like she was under the influence of her pre-surgery drugs, this time, which doesn't excuse the behavior but does offer some explanation. I do think it's funny that D'Andra can't even be bothered to be intimidated by LeAnne. Speaking of D'Andra...where has Mother been? I miss her overdone makeup! Kameron saying she doesn't want people to take her seriously could be amusing if she weren't so damn annoying with those exaggerated faces and the speech affectat
  17. Whatever happened to K Dudd??? I'm sure she still has plenty of haters but I feel like she's doing some major image damage control. She's even amusing to watch when she jokes around with Tamra and Shannon. I wonder what Heather would think? Poor Peggy. I think it would be tough coming into this group with no friends on the cast but was no one coaching her at all? No producers giving her helpful hints? She's looking like a complete moron at this point. She needs to show up at the playground ready to pull some pigtails before she closes out the season being easily forgettable.
  18. D'andra seems smart enough to know that they're not supposed to clear the air and resolve their issues, so the tea party was probably just the set-up to introduce the trip to Mexico. She threw me off a bit, though, when she started rolling her eyes at LeeAnn for pulling out the old song and dance about her mother abandoning her. As silly as the motivation for the tea party was, it was more fun to watch than the past 11 episodes of OC we've been given. Brandi makes bird noises, too! *swoon*
  19. As soon as she sees a better storyline with one of the other women? Tamra is shameless when it comes to her Fair-Weather-Friend tactics.
  20. How is Fake Plastic Doug getting a vasectomy even a storyline? The desperation to fill airtime is real, my friends! For as much as I'm frustrated with Production for serving up such a dreadful season, I do love it when they show that clip of Vicki admitting she lied right after she claims she didn't. The best part is imagining Vicki shrieking while she's watching the episode. You all should give it a try! Why is Shannon getting slammed on Twitter? She was trying so hard to make a mountain out of a molehill, lol.
  21. Stephanie at the catfish pond was hilarious! I know Brandi has a contractual obligation to 'bring the drama' for the viewers but I can see why her grandmother didn't want to answer the door for a bunch of cameras. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a text in which the grandmother expressed that sentiment. It seemed like D'Andra was projecting some of her frustrations with Mother onto the kid. "You won't commit to anything!" or something like that. She sounded genuinely remorseful that she might have scared the kid out of the house. I think they said he was g
  22. Interesting interview. Is there a forum where Vicki and Kelly are loved and respected? It sounds like they think there is one. It could be fun to read for a minute or two, lol.
  23. Does Meghan think that being pregnant gives her a pass for the text she sent to Kelly? I like Meghan but I was disappointed that she couldn't/wouldn't (for the cameras, *wink wink*) recognize that Kelly was retaliating in a fight that Meghan started. I thought I was good at wallowing in self-pity but I'm gonna hand the trophy over to Shannon Beador. We have a WHINER! She should have divorced David after the affair. Or, maybe this is her way of getting back at him? lol I miss Lizzy. Icki's birthday speech looked great in fast-forward. WOO-HOO! So all of the tawdry ru
  24. For the life of me I can't figure out why anyone wouldn't warm-up to Kameron's annoying voice and ridiculous facial expressions. That prank phone call was hilarious, as was Brandi's impression of Kameron. Funny Brandi is back! Does Mother really want her D'Andra to succeed? My gut tells me there's a part of her that cringes at the thought of her daughter having an idea that might be better than her's. I've been wrong before.
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