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  1. Really enjoyed this episode, too. The show was losing its magic a bit for me, too, when I was trying too hard to figure things out but somehow I've gotten back to just appreciating the emotions driving the scenes. These last 2 episodes have been a real treat. That was Mrs. and Mr. Lewanski. The woman who answered the door was the same one we thought was Victor's mother. Poor Sandrine. The actress is tearing my heart out a little. I also feel bad for Claire. She is probably realizing on some level that she will lose Camille again. My theory is that Lucy is trying to fi
  2. The coat is a problem, isn't it? I could see Julie entering the water with some suicidal intention but then her survival instincts kick in and she removes the coat to swim unimpeded. I know that Julie is emotionally burdened but I do see a survivor within her. Or, maybe I just like her so much that I don't want her to die, lol. Curious to see where she ends up.
  3. It's odd how the show has been so vague about the whereabouts of Laure. I've re-watched the final scenes of season 1's finale and she wasn't specifically shown inside or outside of the Helping Hand. I love the friendship between Victor and Julie, so it pained me that he lashed out at her like that. I didn't interpret that last scene as Julie drowning herself, just that she was reluctantly swimming across back to the land of the living.
  4. The friendship/bond between Victor and Julie was one of my favorite parts of season 1, so I was pleased when she came to his defense. But I suspect his mother isn't a bad mother, she was just trying to protect him from whatever motivated the attack on their home that resulted in her death. I didn't understand why Lena was so upset with her father. Considering they're living in a town in which people are returning from the dead, I felt it makes some sense that Jerome would try to figure out why that's happening. How long do we have to wait for Sandrine and Audrey to reunite!?!?!?!
  5. Did anyone else notice that there was no #BLINDSIDE in the bottom left corner of the screen like they do for every other blindside? That was the best blindside of the season!
  6. I was confused by Victor saying that, so I went back and watched the ending again. I had assumed Laure was inside the Helping Hand when they shuddered the windows but I didn't notice them specifically show her inside. The officers outside are shown from a distance, although they all look like men to me. Could be that Victor is referring to him and Julie not having contact with anyone but those inside the house they are being kept in.
  7. Good observation! I hadn't considered that Victor was the reason Julie and Laure couldn't leave in S1. The thing that confused me was the horde of Returned showing up after Lucy took Audrey to be with Camille and her mother. It seemed like Lucy was working with them in S1. Maybe I misunderstood that scene? Looking forward to Sandrine's reaction to Audrey's return. She was so nasty to Camille last season.
  8. Has Tamra never talked to someone who goes to church before? I didn't understand why she thinks her life will transform into something so fantastic. People who are baptized have plenty of problems, too. Makes me all the more suspicious of her Come-To-Jesus storyline. Vicki doesn't understand why people would be talking to her about Brooks faking cancer? How dense is this woman??? LOL!
  9. Ain't that the truth! The only good thing about Andre's return, so far, has been him and Chad being snarky with each other. My hopes for this new writing team are diminished by the day.
  10. The producers should have cast someone who'd have a personality conflict with one of the ladies. I enjoyed Shannon and Heather going at each other last season far more than all of this gossiping about whether Brooks has cancer. Are they contracted to sit through a scene? I didn't understand why Vicki didn't just get up and leave Shannon sitting there at that lunch. For once, I think I actually felt a ping of sympathy for Vicki.
  11. I was thinking along the same line. Being dead on a soap usually means we're going to see plenty of crying, not necessarily that the character is actually deceased.
  12. I didn't think Shawn Christian would ever leave the show but someone will take Daniel's place as the over-used, annoying character. They always do. It's like a Universal Law.
  13. Heather has to walk away because she can't be phony? Since when?
  14. And she trained that cute server to say it, too. Ugh.
  15. Lito's individual story is still the most interesting to me. A nice mix of comedy and tension. I agree with what Sobriquet said above about it being odd that Joaquin is just now showing up to confront Lito about Daniella. Nomi's situation is frightening but some of her dialogue comes off as sappy to me. I'm assuming Sayid (Jonas) didn't mind being caught, or he's somehow deceiving the authorities. Great fight scene at the end. It was cool to watch them connect in a way that's helpful, rather than confusing. If a part of this story is that no matter our skills, we're
  16. Enjoyed the Mexican actor trying to decide how to handle his "girlfriend" showing up drunk the most, until Sayid showed up at that convenience store and gave Will an ass kicking. That was a fun chase scene. At least the guy in love with the Kala Dandekar seems like one of the good ones, which made that situation a little more complex. I'm intrigued by what's going on with Nomi but the way the actress delivers some of her lines slightly annoys me. It's almost like she has some kind of Valley Girl affectation. Am I showing my age?
  17. A camel's never gonna win. Never.
  18. I was thinking the same thing. I was so excited for him to get the Daredevil suit but I think the fight scenes with Matt in the black costume looked more natural. Maybe the suit will get some adjustments for next season? Talk about "Be careful what you wish for!"
  19. Wow! Nice surprise ending! I've preferred Wesley's version of sidekick over Foggy's, so I'm disappointed to see him go. But I'm so not a fan of Fisk that it warms my heart a bit to see the two people closest to him incapacitated. Good to see Claire again, even if it was a brief visit. Intrigued by Karen saying something about shooting someone before.
  20. They had Rosario Dawson for only 5 episodes. She's been in 4 by this episode.
  21. I thought there was more to it than Stick just being an asshole. He wanted a soldier who wasn't swayed by emotions. Perhaps that wasn't something that was achievable with Matt but there was a purpose behind Stick's particular brand of training.
  22. Wait, what was the right lesson he showed to his son?
  23. Am I the only one who isn't loving D'Onofrio as Fisk? Perhaps. Something is still bothering me with the way he delivers his lines, though I do buy him as a formidable villain. And, I liked him being one step ahead of everyone with his news conference at the end. Loved Madame Gao putting Fisk in his place. Certainly she heard the big tantrum he threw as she walked out of the room. A good episode but I wouldn't list it as a favorite. The e-vol daddy back story made me chuckle a bit.
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