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  1. Sheila is still a Master Manipulator. Stroking Eric's ego with compliments about he was always able to see through her, although she deceived him time and time again. I could picture her leaving the station while smiling and saying, "Like shooting fish in a barrel!" to herself. I'm also hoping she's been rehabilitated but the frustration and anger of being rejected by all pushes her back to her old tricks. It might be fun to watch Kimberlin Brown playing Sheila trying to mange her old "tendencies."
  2. I hope Jill is still kicking herself for ruining their friendship. I don't ever remember liking Jill all that much but I did enjoy her friendship with Bethenny in those early seasons.
  3. I got the sense that Bethenny was somewhat bemused by the whole "attack" which is why I was a little surprised she left right after. Was Bethenny so upset by Ramona that she had to leave, or was she already planning to leave that night and tried to make it dramatic for the audience to react to? I wish Bethenny would have stayed just so it didn't look like she was running off after another fight. It's not like she was never going to see Ramona again.
  4. Ramona was too drunk during her attack on Bethenny for me to take it all that serious. It was like she was just throwing insults out and hoping Bethenny would be wounded by at least one of them. Their recaps afterwards made it seem more dramatic than how I felt it played onscreen. The damage Ramona did to Dorinda's room seemed worse. For as much as I enjoy Bethenny's witty barbs and retorts, I think her running off after each squabble really does prove the point that she can dish it out but can't take it. Disappointing. I wouldn't mind seeing Jill a few times a season. She's
  5. It seems safe to assume that no matter how wonderful Bethenny's life is on the outside, her inner rage and torment will always blind her to her blessings. I share the same affliction, which is likely why there's still a tiny place in my heart for her. It's hard to tell if LuAnn is truly an optimistic person and takes life as it comes, or she enjoys living a certain kind of fiction. It doesn't sound like Tom is a faithful, romantic partner, though. Maybe the sex is just that good?
  6. Thank you. Another fine example of Erika's hypocrisy. She really does seem to believe that her poo is odorless.
  7. Do you think LVP warned her about this kind of thing before Dorit joined the show? Manipulation and innuendo is basically how most of the drama is manufactured on these shows. It's fun to get caught up in the drama as I'm watching the show but then that little voice reminds me that they're being paid to entertain us.
  8. What is wrong with Lisa Rinna? Dorit didn't pull out a bag of cocaine and talk about how she mixes it in her smoothies. Good grief, this woman is insufferable!
  9. Wow, I wasn't sure the ladies of Beverly Hills could still pull something like this off. I haven't had this much fun since the dinner with Alison Dubois. Thank god for Kyle and her facial expressions. Much needed comic relief. Ok, I no longer have wonder if I like Erika or not. The verdict is in! Where is zoeysmom? I didn't see you anywhere up to this point.
  10. The irony being that she seems to take a tone of looking down her nose at people who are overtly superficial, yet we don't see her leave Los Angeles without that clown crew. Did she take one of them to Mexico?
  11. Sometimes I think Eden looks pretty good but that was the best laugh I've had all week. Thanks!
  12. Did Lisa Rinna think up the bag-a-pills "plot line" all on her own, or was she coached by the producers? Enquiring Minds would like to know. That it was so blatantly over-filled with pills makes me think she came up with it all on her own. That woman wouldn't know subtlety if it came up and bit her on her deflated upper lip. The travel porn was delicious. The comfortable clothes on the flight made sense but why did it seem like Erika was wearing her pajamas everywhere she went? I like the conflict between Erika and Dorit, as it seems to driven by philosophical differenc
  13. With the way Rinna and Eileen were bitching about it, I thought they were walking up to one of those big blue potties that smells like a sewer.
  14. I'll agree that Eden is behaving like a self-appointed self-help guru, and she's being rather annoying about it. But I still think that when Rinna told her that Kim could be on the brink of death during the shopping trip that it triggered something in Eden. How could it not? Her sister died from an overdose, right? And with the way she brings up her sister so often, it's hard to believe she doesn't have unresolved feelings about her. She even said that maybe she could have prevented what happened to her sister in one of her THs tonight.
  15. Even Harry Hamlin making pies presents Rinna with an opportunity to name drop. She's so desperate to be one of the cool kids. The Gatsby party was better than the White parties. The look on Kyle's face when Eden approached her at the Gatsby party was priceless. I couldn't stop laughing. Her facial expressions are one of the reasons I love Kyle Richards. There, I said it. Rinna really set-up Eden when she filled her ear during that shopping trip, and what makes it even more cruel is that it's triggered Eden's (likely unresolved) feelings about her own sister. It seems
  16. Like her face is frozen in a state of mild surprise. It made me a little sad for her.
  17. But doesn't Deimos seem like the kind of character that Ron would love to write for? :)
  18. It's weird how she talks about things being cool and awesome in a bland tone at times. Like she wants it to be true but can't even convince herself.
  19. If I paid to go to a party and Erika Jayne showed up singing her ridiculous little songs, I don't think I'd be too happy about it. I'd be much happier with Luann de Lesseps croaking out Chic, C'est la Vie. I thought Dorit was going to make for a nice train wreck this season, and she still might, but Eden is really taking the torch and running with it. Rinna must be patting herself on the back now that she has someone on her Kim-is-on-the-edge bandwagon. Eden's home looking so modest surprised me a little. It seemed odd to me that any of them believed the water damage sto
  20. OMG, the dog on the far right! Have we ever seen that one on the show? It's an amusing contrast with LVP's pets being displayed like trophies, and Kyle's dogs feeling just like a part of the family.
  21. Is Farrah married? I can't remember if they've ever discussed her romantic life on the show. I was thinking that Kyle was pushing it with her comments about Kim being a grandmother, though. I think it's great that Kim is going to be (maybe already is?) a grandmother. She really lights up when she talks about her kids.
  22. Are we observing a phenomenon of the human mind, or are the editors just a bunch of silly pranksters? How many times will these women talk about the past being in the past, then proceed to dredge it up and roll around in it? Not that it isn't fun to watch at times. It still makes me laugh when Kim calls Brandi a SLUT! PIG! because she spews the lame insult with such conviction. Why isn't Eden in the opening sequence? The producers didn't like her resolving all the issues between the women? She has the potential to bring an interesting dynamic to the group. All of th
  23. Veuve is the best champagne that I can afford. There are sparkling wines that are more affordable but they usually give me a headache. The only way I'd get a bottle of Dom Perignon in my hands is if someone bought it for me. Someone else recommended trying the small bottles, which is a great idea. There were at least 5 to choose from the last time I was at the liquor store. Cheers!
  24. They're really trying hard to get some kind of drama going this season. I'm not saying Brandi should come back but one of these ladies needs to step up to the plate and take the role of the sh*t-stirrer. It looks silly when you can see them all desperately making a mountain of an anthill. My favorite part was seeing 2 unopened bottles of Veuve in Kyle's refrigerator. POP!
  25. Didn't the librarian run off when Marcy was banging on the window?
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