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  1. And she trained that cute server to say it, too. Ugh.
  2. Lito's individual story is still the most interesting to me. A nice mix of comedy and tension. I agree with what Sobriquet said above about it being odd that Joaquin is just now showing up to confront Lito about Daniella. Nomi's situation is frightening but some of her dialogue comes off as sappy to me. I'm assuming Sayid (Jonas) didn't mind being caught, or he's somehow deceiving the authorities. Great fight scene at the end. It was cool to watch them connect in a way that's helpful, rather than confusing. If a part of this story is that no matter our skills, we're
  3. Enjoyed the Mexican actor trying to decide how to handle his "girlfriend" showing up drunk the most, until Sayid showed up at that convenience store and gave Will an ass kicking. That was a fun chase scene. At least the guy in love with the Kala Dandekar seems like one of the good ones, which made that situation a little more complex. I'm intrigued by what's going on with Nomi but the way the actress delivers some of her lines slightly annoys me. It's almost like she has some kind of Valley Girl affectation. Am I showing my age?
  4. A camel's never gonna win. Never.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I was so excited for him to get the Daredevil suit but I think the fight scenes with Matt in the black costume looked more natural. Maybe the suit will get some adjustments for next season? Talk about "Be careful what you wish for!"
  6. Wow! Nice surprise ending! I've preferred Wesley's version of sidekick over Foggy's, so I'm disappointed to see him go. But I'm so not a fan of Fisk that it warms my heart a bit to see the two people closest to him incapacitated. Good to see Claire again, even if it was a brief visit. Intrigued by Karen saying something about shooting someone before.
  7. They had Rosario Dawson for only 5 episodes. She's been in 4 by this episode.
  8. I thought there was more to it than Stick just being an asshole. He wanted a soldier who wasn't swayed by emotions. Perhaps that wasn't something that was achievable with Matt but there was a purpose behind Stick's particular brand of training.
  9. Wait, what was the right lesson he showed to his son?
  10. Am I the only one who isn't loving D'Onofrio as Fisk? Perhaps. Something is still bothering me with the way he delivers his lines, though I do buy him as a formidable villain. And, I liked him being one step ahead of everyone with his news conference at the end. Loved Madame Gao putting Fisk in his place. Certainly she heard the big tantrum he threw as she walked out of the room. A good episode but I wouldn't list it as a favorite. The e-vol daddy back story made me chuckle a bit.
  11. I wish we would have learned more about the Black Sky, especially because it was a kid in chains. Scott Glenn was great. He made me both smile and hate him a little. The "No Killing" thing makes me think of Avatar Aang in The Last Airbender. But at least Aang was just a kid. Even if Matt doesn't want to kill himself, I don't see why he's so opposed to someone else doing it. Leland Owlsley is a hoot.
  12. This show is such a tease. Each week I think I'm going to get some action, then walk away frustrated. Good to see Claudia again. Poor Paige has got a rotten deal with those parents.
  13. They kissed! Then she kinda-sorta broke up with him. Oh well. I enjoyed it while it lasted, lol. Always happy to spend some time with Leland Owlsley, even if it's only a few minutes. What a treat to have a show with awesome fight scenes and characters who have thoughtful conversations. Really enjoyed Vanessa and Fisk's date. "My painting." Like a little boy with his toys. And that ending! I had to watch the first few minutes of the next episode to see how it played out.
  14. Does Vincent D'Onofrio always sound like that when he talks? I suppose it will be unpopular to say that it sounded like he was trying too hard. I did appreciate his body language in Fisk's scenes with Vanessa Marianna. Poor Anatoly, though. He made it all the way from that prison in Siberia just to have his head bashed in by a car door. Is that a dream come true? Loved Claire's laugh when she realized "Mike" had arrived to free her from the Russians. Those two have some romantic chemistry that make me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.
  15. What was Melisandre's motivation for keeping Mance alive in the books? I know he doesn't die at this point in the books, just don't know why she sends Rattleshirt in his place.
  16. Good luck with that! Muahahahahahahaha! ;)
  17. The bit about climbing 50 billion in $5s to see if she gets frostbite was worth a good hearty laugh. Also enjoyed the interactions between the new Veep's staff and Jonah. Looking forward to more of that.
  18. Count me as another who was a bit underwhelmed. I did enjoy the Jon/Mance stuff, though. I suppose I still love Melisandre, though lighting up Mance was a big strike against her.
  19. Do you watch The Americans? It made me think of them trying to get Annalise in the suitcase. Ugh.
  20. Wendy Moniz! Love her. Perception is a curious thing. While Karen Page may have been victimized in the first episode, she's certainly showing some backbone in pursuing the Union Allied thing. Claire was no victim. What about all the men that got their asses kicked? I like how they're touching on the consequences, or potential for them, of seemingly heroic acts. Finding out Fisk's name isn't a happy ending. Ripple effects.
  21. That fight was both awesome and exhausting. I liked how Matt composed himself before he walked in to get the boy. The flashbacks were good at showing the bond between father and son. Even made me feel a bit emotional, which is rare. Interesting that the father made a conscious choice to win a fight, which would lead to his own demise.
  22. As someone who knows pretty much nothing (what was The Incident?) about the Marvel Universe, I really enjoyed this, nonetheless. I tend to like darker shows, though, so that's likely what's drawing me in. I'm curious to see how they'll deal with the "hero" being just as dangerous as the villains. Aren't they all men fighting with their demons?
  23. At least, the nature of a family with sordid past who did nothing to resolve the inflicted emotional damage, lol.
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