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  1. She's a cheap, knock-off, if I ever saw one! Heather was born to play that role! Another episode of Rinse-N-Repeat but I did get a kick out of Meghan cross-examining Icki over their lunch. Icki never fails to have an excuse for her bad behavior, lol. Lydia should go home and stay home...for the rest of the season. K Dudd is really good at going for that low blow and taking things to the dark side real quick. They all are keenly aware of this, right? Poor Eddie. I can't wait for next week's gossip but I feel bad for him at the same time.
  2. You're not the only one who noticed. I thought she started laughing at one point but then covered her face. I was listening to see if it sounded like she was crying or laughing but then admitted to myself that I couldn't remember if I've heard her sob before. The weird thing was that Stephanie seemed so sincere throughout, so either she was left in the dark over the whole ordeal or she's a better actress.
  3. George Costanza: "Because it's on TV!" #TeamStephanie with the Brandi nonsense. If a person is calling you and trying to get in contact with you to resolve a problem maybe you should talk to them before holding a grudge for months? I thought Brandi looked foolish during that sit-down. D'Andra makes me smile from ear to ear but did anyone else notice the step-son scratch his face with his middle finger while she was talking about the Ebay project during dinner? It's too bad she doesn't have someone who has a true appreciation for her dresses and gowns to work on that project for
  4. I missed the first half of the show, or did I? Am I really supposed to believe that Armenians don't escalate situations, or engage in yelling at each other, Peggy? Are you all Buddhist monks or something? Good grief with this woman. It's not like I minded Shannon and K Dudd going at each other's throats but that was actually kinda sweet when they were able to share a moment of compassion and understanding with each other. Is that considered a Producer's nightmare? Maybe now we know why they keep Icki on the payroll.
  5. LuAnn claiming that Frenchie is an actor was fun. She's got to do something to keep that apple. I loved how Sonja got all worked up about it. Andy wouldn't let it go with Bethenny and her issues with Jason. He reminded me of how good he is at looking like a nosy gossip who can't stop digging into someone's personal life. The man wouldn't know genuine concern if it bit him in the face. A few good chuckles here and there. I can't believe I've sat through the entirety of 2 parts of a Reunion. That rarely happens anymore.
  6. Yes, I think that's why I taken to her so quickly. Living under the eye of a disapproving Mother.
  7. D'andra is my new favorite Housewife. I don't think I've ever liked a new Housewife this much this quickly. And I love the stuff with her Crazy-Eyed Mother. But I'm not sure she has what it takes to get down in the mud and pull pig-tails like she's supposed to. Kameron is way too annoying to have 2 family-time segments. She didn't have to interact with the other Housewives once in this episode. Why *wouldn't* Stephanie think that LeAnn is up to her old tricks? Because she's gone to a few anger management counseling sessions? People don't change that quickly. Either there's
  8. This season is a mess. I don't know why the producers think this franchise can't exist without Vicki. And she doesn't seem very popular with the viewers, so why are they turning their show into a snoozefest just to keep her around? I like Shannon, and I'd love to hang out and drink with her. But I can see how it's hard for David. Why don't you support me? Why don't you like my idea? Why are you eating chips? Why this? Why that? The man is no Prince but that would really wear you down after a few years or so. Vile Vicki. It's going to take me a few more episodes to g
  9. Perhaps her crazy mother didn't allow her to watch television? lol. It was a little ridiculous that she couldn't make a better guess-timation at it. It's sad but thought-provoking how Cora has taken on her mother's twisted world view and can't seem to see her way through it. That's the main thing that's still making this believable for me. Otherwise, it feels like half-truths and deception on the part of the writers. I like that the sister is well aware of how to outsmart the mother. I still see Bill Pullman as the moron from Ruthless People, so many of his scenes aren
  10. Normally, all of the rehashing of past arguments and grievances comes off as another round of beating a dead horse but that was more fun than I expected. The NY Housewives have put on a good show! Not to defend Bethenny trying to run the show but I find Andy to be a rather flimsy personality and I know that when I'm a situation with a person who can't/won't control with confidence that I'll try to take over, too. Ramona impressed me with how well she took all of the criticisms. But she seems the type who lacks the ability to put herself in another's position, so I'm sure the b
  11. D'andra apologized to her mother for her husband's improper use of the butter knife, so I imagine there's a bit of anxiety and all kinds of mother/daughter issues that come up when Mother comes over to the house. Mother seems like she holds her daughter to a very high standard.
  12. Dogs, dogs and more dogs. The producers were really trying hard with that. D'andra's stuff with her mother was actually interesting to me. Did she say her mother won 35 pageant crowns? And she created her own empire? And she's a control freak??? How the hell would you ever live up to all that, lol! Of course, LeAnn has to put her nose into Stephanie and Brandi's business. You're on a reality show, Cari. The Elle Woods character may be smarter than she portrays herself but I can't decide if her Valley-Girl style of talking was amusing or annoying. Something abou
  13. Given what we have to work with this season, Tamra and Shannon make a good comedy team. At least I want to watch their scenes when they're together. Are your ears ringing? Is that what happens when people are talking about you? Poor, unfortunate Peggy. It's too bad she wasn't actually friends with one of the housewives before joining the show. Does she even know why those camera men are following her around??? Tamra's eye roll as Vicki was saying goodbye did get a good laugh out of me. It's hard to imagine the producers don't hate Vicki when they show a TH of her sayi
  14. Color me surprised. I thought they'd canceled Dallas, so I was shocked to see promos for a new season. Looks like I won't be the only one watching on Monday.
  15. Bethenny bitched about the party but she also told Carole she was happy because she was having fun. That's Bethenny in a nut shell for you. How does Tinsley find those matronly looking dresses? It's like she wants to look old for her age. LuAnn and Tom timed this perfectly! I wonder if someone in Production was coaching them.
  16. Can you imagine? I'd love to see Peggy squeezing Vicki's lips shut play out but suspect it will never happen. The only reason Peggy put her hand on Meghan's lips was because she knew she could get away with it. On WWHL, Meghan explained that she had only just met Peggy that night.
  17. The "family-time" stuff is a snooze. I don't understand why they're allowed to refuse to film with other housewives. Aren't they being paid to interact with each other? I don't know if I even watched 20 minutes of the episode. Saying sorry doesn't work for Vicki because she always does something rotten again after she says it. No one is buying her shtick anymore. "Look at me I'm rich! I'm so fucking rich! Screw you!" That was hilarious! Squeezing my lips shut? No thanks, Peggy. No thanks. If she can't take feeling a little uncomfortable, she shouldn't be on this
  18. Not at all! Thanks for all of that! It was an interesting read and now I understand why LuAnn is trying to imply that Tom has a place in Palm Beach. She loves to imagine herself living some grand, fabulous lifestyle, lol.
  19. This season is 19 episodes before the Reunion. Last season was 20 episodes before the Reunion. Season 7 was 19 episodes. The ratings look similar to last season's, although the last 3 episodes of last season with all of the Tom drama scored a little higher than this trip to Mexico. This trip to Mexico has been the highest of the season.
  20. That was an interesting clip. Wasn't there an odd moment between Tom and Missy earlier in the season?
  21. It doesn't seem to be in her nature to get involved with petty squabbles and the nasty pigtail-pulling the other ladies engage in but I do appreciate her sense of humor in her THs. And it's nice to have a voice of reason in the midst of all of the madness. I don't think they spend too much airtime on her.
  22. That was quite the roller coaster ride! While watching, I thought Bethenny was being too hard on Dorinda. But, OK, if I had been sitting there and waiting for an hour and a half to eat dinner I'd be pissy about it, too. I can see how any kind of attack on SkinnyGirl is a big NO-NO but even we get tired of seeing it in Bethenny's scenes, so I can imagine why the other housewives would get annoyed with her incessant product placement. Sorry, I don't know the difference between Palm Beach and West Palm. But if I did, I'd say it wrong just to annoy the rest of you while we are f
  23. I guess I'm not the only one who thinks Jimmy may be In-The-Closet, lol.
  24. Vicki doesn't like nice people. She likes people who don't challenge her or call her bad behavior into question. Is there a more insufferable Housewife in the entire Housewife Universe? Ramona has had her moments this season but Vicki still beats her by a landslide. If Peggy is going to become one of Vicki's cheerleaders, it won't be long before I can stand her, either. I'm not trying to belittle Tamra's struggles with her daughter but she comes off as someone who tries to milk every situation for how much it pains her. At least Meghan isn't afraid to stand up to Kelly
  25. "The girl is crazy!" The pot meets the kettle for the umpteenth time. Please excuse me while I fast-forward through the entirety of Kelly Dodd's unnecessary "medical" procedure...
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