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  1. I think the “picking your own” bridesmaid dress idea, with guidelines from the bride (color range, etc) is becoming much more common now, although my friend did it for her wedding in 1980.
  2. I think ours was called “Growing Up and Liking It.” 😂
  3. @Kathcart, no wonder we rarely see you post here anymore! You’re not watching. 😢. You had some of the funniest commentary during the TWoP days! “Lydd Burphy” (Lynn Murphy, HSN) always comes to mind. 😂
  4. Just finished this episode last night. I often find Uncle Nicky annoying, but he cracked me up in this episode. He is just so socially clueless! 😁
  5. Yeah, he sure loved his wife. I’d be happy for him to meet someone.
  6. It seemed like Gabe and Maria were the best combo, in that she understood more about his style of cooking. Shota and. ______? (Sorry, I never remember that guy!) also worked well together. I felt like Dawn was not as good of a communicator to Jamie, and was still thinking through some of her dishes, or Jamie was just not as familiar with Dawn’s style. I felt anxious for Jamie! I would love to try Dawn’s food sometime, especially that beef cheeks meal she made.
  7. https://www.qvc.com/Disneys-Frozen-2-16"-x-16"-Silk-Touch-Plush-Pillow.product.H220818.html?sc=PRODFEED Sorry I don’t know how to get the picture to show. This is a lunchtime special today. It is a pilllow, but when I first saw it, I thought it was one of those little packets we got as young girls learning about periods! You know, a little booklet and a couple of pads. Even the wording, “Trust Your Journey” fits! 😂
  8. I liked tha Jai TSV, but I just can’t buy from him because either he or Jill annoyed me so much! lol Trying the Eclissi watch JRT sold in the last few minutes Wednesday. I really like Robert Elizondo (?), the rep — who was not on air. But I trust him. Think it will be small enough for my wrist. (My wrists and ankles are the smallest parts of me! 😂)
  9. Yeah, ignorant or just thinking she sounds more important that way.
  10. I’ve been watching Katrina’s “Upgrade Your Look” show on Q2. Impressed. She takes questions from the viewers via her FB page (I think?). She actually answered a question from a viewer who asked about best designs for someone with an apple shape! And asked the viewer to connect with her via FB for more information. As an apple, I appreciated the information and the offer. I’m pretty casual, but I enjoy her perspective regarding “fashion,” which of course I could upgrade! Just fun to watch, without making me feel dumb (as the host we cannot mention often made me feel.)
  11. Makes me wonder about him. (Haven’t watched this episode yet.) Do women his age catch on to something about him???
  12. I started a little after some of you, but learned about jewelry from QVC. Overbought. Now can’t remember whether some eternity bands are Diamonique or actual diamonds (Affinity). lol. Liked the Southwest jewelry and simpler designs. Still love the Or Paz and jewelry from Israel (HSN). One of my favorite pieces is a pair of earrings from Ross-Simons. Silver leaves with a small red gem (carnelian?) hanging on the leaf. Very “Thumper!” 😁❤️
  13. Didn’t watch, but this is what I think too. How could she be so rude to Bob Mackie?!!!! I’m embarrassed for her.
  14. Still watching. What happened to Heather? I don’t want to watch Leah.
  15. I use that Bumble &Bumble Hairdresser’s Primer and like it a lot. Helps detangle without adding weight. But I can buy BnB at my salon or Ulta.
  16. I “clicked” as soon as I saw her, but from the comments here, it is very telling that she blamed the producer. She could have come on, smiled sheepishly, and said something about her own bad time management and sorry for having to finish her nails on air, but no — it’s the producer’s fault.
  17. So, how far for him, commute-wise? Not familiar with that area.
  18. Received some catalogs today and having fun looking. Has anyone ever ordered full price from Sundance? Worth it? I ordered a sweater on clearance last year. A pair of earrings, full price $100+, is calling my name, but the price! Or JJill? Have only ordered or bought in store on sale or clearance. Colors are often too bland for me, but I see a few things I like in the latest catalog. Just curious.
  19. I’m kind of getting a kick out of Renée from Women with Control/Attitudes, as long as she stops the the “wiggle jiggle”and making everyone dance. I like the messy blonde wig tonight — it is very Tina Turner, as someone else mentioned! lol Lovin’ life! She seems to enjoy life. So she switches up the wigs (some of which I’m not a fan of) — she is enjoying life, making some $$, working hard! 😁 MERGE!!! Ooops, there’s Shawn. Click! Courtney, do NOT lower yourself to her level.
  20. Whaaaat??? Under her name???? hahahahahaaaa <small voice> might have to check them out — just not B’s. 😊 I think I want that tshirt too! 😂😂. How do I order it? Only if it doesn’t profit Beth though.
  21. Yeah! I’m all about Bluestone Manor! She makes it nice! No to Beth and not sure I can trust Dorinda yet. Definitely not to Jill!!!
  22. Whatever lighting they are using probably didn’t help, either.
  23. A Baggalini handbag listed as “in process” by QVC was delivered to my house today. 😂
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