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  1. Repeat complaint, but it annoys me that the Prai folks make those bedazzled containers for some of their products. They look cheap and I’d rather have a reduced price with simpler packaging.
  2. Really, if Shawn is a Small or even, Gasp! a Medium, big deal. Admit it and be okay. Still smaller than me.
  3. Maybe I am naive, but she has mentioned she has learned a lot about quality, fabrics, and tailoring from her dad. I don’t mind her so much. I’m not slim enough for many of her items, but I have purchased a few things that I like.
  4. And jello salad, doncha know! (I have lived in MN for 30+ years.) MBR and her wide-eyed “golleeee” is an embarrassment at times.
  5. JRT looks very nice in the Susan Graver dress A367258! So does Jacqui (they just posted her name — never knew that’s how she spelled it). https://www.qvc.com/Susan-Graver-Liquid-Knit-Mock-Neck-Elbow-Sleeve-Dress.product.A367258.html?sc=IROA Oh no, now she put some busy coat thing on top of it! 😳
  6. Since this is from the Q propaganda site, I am not convinced. But thanks for sharing!
  7. Wait, what is this Bravo Chat Room? And who is Gizelle?
  8. I didn’t notice the peas, but have to say I was impressed that Kyle was “cooking.” With the help of 2-3 cooks, of course! Must be a BH thing. 😁.
  9. This. Thank you for saying it better than I am thinking it.
  10. Yeah, I agree that’s Dorit and others left Sutton out to dry.
  11. First time I’ve heard Ericka say the victims need to be taken care of.
  12. Interesting that Teddi is there. Denise? LVP? 😁
  13. Oh right, Lisa. Did you follow your advice with Denise? (Innocent until proven guilty)
  14. Gorilla — chicken … ??? Not following.
  15. So they are going to grill Ericka at the Christmas party??? So Housewives!!!
  16. Don’t know if I did this properly — mods, feel free to fix. Just wanted to start a thread for tonight’s episode.
  17. I was surprised Lu is GenX. Looked her up; born 1965 so just barely an X.
  18. I also think Rick has her number and may have said something to her. But I also think Shawn has a crush on him, so there's that "tension."
  19. So if I understand, this is a new home Kyle and Mauricio bought after selling the former Kyle/Kim/ Kathy house?
  20. Yeah. My impression is that unless it’s her own special, “message” jewelry in hushed tones, it’s not her thing. She can’t go off on the stories and won’t/ can’t do the details of real jewelry.
  21. First time watching, so I don’t know many except some from the last two seasons of B and B’ette. Joe is cute to me, but I’m old! . 😂. I don’t know the background of a lot of these people.
  22. She is like opposite-land in sales technique. 😩
  23. Leah’s baby daddy is looking older. Sorry, I forgot his name.
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