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  1. Didn’t see him, but Rick mostly cracks me up. I think he’s in on “the bit,” and goes with it.
  2. Yes. Julia Cearley, a newish host. I think she pronounces it “Carely?” I don’t see/ watch her much.
  3. I like it. I don’t do off the shoulder because I must wear a bra (grr), but this looks nice, IMO. You think otherwise? I still don’t like to watch her, but I appreciate the more modest yet attractive outfits. No pubic displays.
  4. Jane looks good tonight on “Home for the Holidays with Jane.” The top she is wearing elongates her and is flattering.
  5. Agree. It sounded/ looked like she made two lasagnas — one with meat, one with eggplant (ewww! Hate the texture of eggplant! 🤮 lol). I think she did make her own sauce, too. It takes about an hour to cook, so it is time-consuming, even if not difficult.
  6. I like that outfit on her. At least she is covered up. It shows her slim figure. Not a Kerstin fan. Nor could I or would I wear it! 😜
  7. I’ll admit to having a soft spot for the VPH shows. Have two items in my basket. (Not mercury glass! 😂) Not sure I’m ready to buy yet.
  8. Do any of you get the LTD Commodities catalogs? I just received my fall one today. Tara/Temptations is selling some fall/Halloween items in it! I thought she was an "only on QVC" brand.
  9. I think that’s a cool top, but definitely not flattering the way she is showing it. Nor would it look good on me! But the material and embroidery are beautiful.
  10. If it’s a mattress, it must be the weekend. Sigh.
  11. Using Argan oil to start the flames? Or how did the two go together? I’m watching Olympics, and Diane Gilman (mostly muted!) on HSN.
  12. I have never noticed that about Kerstin! (the eye darting) Then again, I usually click away if she is hosting.
  13. On the positive side, Jane had on a very pretty red dress either last night or the night before. Plain, a-line, fit her well! I think it might have been the night of "Jane's Christmas" (or somesuch) where she showed her old family movies .... 😂
  14. How do we know that candle cost $224? (Again, I only half watch because so much of these shows makes me cringe!). Did someone tell Kyle that? So tacky!
  15. Agree that these frames are a much better look on her. They don’t overpower her face. Very flattering.
  16. I remember you talking about him, @LeeDenny! Have fun!
  17. This fascinates and appalls me at the same time. It’s like a big “ F U” to her whole story last night. Why would she think this helps her story?
  18. I noticed that too! (You all here have trained me well to watch Kyle!😁)
  19. I felt like the Kathy and Kyle hi-jinx were forced/faked. Kathy doesn’t know to look for a broom? Please.
  20. Joan’s wearing a short patchwork - looking jacket in a couple of her shots ( including the end swearing) that she sold on QVC. I recognize it as I bought one in a different color. 😁
  21. And that is STILL a dumb reason!!!! Honestly, the dumbing down of America!!😩😩😩
  22. ^^^ That last one! 😂🤣😂. I almost choked on my Fritos!!!!
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