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  1. Yeah. I have straight hair so Shawn’s hair looks like a bad hair day for me. Maybe curly-haired’s think it is awesome? I don’t know.
  2. The one we can’t talk about posted a photo of her and Ant on FB. it’s been nice knowing you if I get banned … Love is in the eye of the beholder. Hope it works out for Elise. He looks cute!
  3. Oh boy, a canned voicemail from Dave would certainly entice me to buy the book! 😂. <sarcasm>
  4. Well, I hope Elise’s love relationship:is true. I don’t follow her, but I find her very pleasant on the odd Denim & Co. show with Gary. Hosting 4-8 (?) hours of kitchen shows every week would be sooooo boring to me! I rarely watch the shows. How much kitchen gear, Temptations, etc can one kitchen hold? I do see that there are many fans, though. I liked Dave on other shows, but from what you all have described here about him on ITKWD, I think I would find him annoying and pandering to the audience.
  5. Aww, I watched some of Jane and Courtney tonight tonight and I didn’t think it was that bad. Court sort of caters to JRT as a “senior” host and lets it ride. She goes along. And JRT, bless her heart, does her best to be current. I mean, I muted at times for items like electronics that I don’t care about, but I think they are trying to make it work. 😁
  6. Exactly. Who complains on air about their workload??? Tacky. Unprofessional. Many happy to take your place from other networks. So go to ShopHQ or that gem network I can’t remember. Sorry! 😂
  7. This is what I wonder. Where would they have sat if not with Sutton? I see both sides — Sutton bought a table — but where was Lisa going to sit, if not for this invitation by Sutton? And a thank you was definitely in order! Lisa attempting a Mylie Cyrus moment with the tongue sticking out. 😩
  8. Oh my. I fear for the thousands of “cabin sock” presentations we will be subject to. 😩😩. (That is probably bad grammar; my apologies.)
  9. I’m not on Instagram so don’t know what she is saying, but I do think she needs to talk to a counselor or therapist. Too many of these crying episodes. Nothing wrong with that, and I speak for myself that mothering young children can be stressful. (Teens too!). Plus she puts enormous expectations on herself as to exercise and eating. She does not need to be perfect. If she is this unhappy, she needs to talk with someone — it’s not healthy for her or her family.
  10. @blixie, you cracked me up when I read this today! 😂😂😂. “Circular bitchery” perfectly explains it! And those creepy doll head wreaths! 😂😂😳😳
  11. Oh, I’m sorry to hear this, because in general I like Amy. Why carry a handbag while preparing dinner? 😂😂
  12. Albany certainly promoted that image on QVC, for sure. Was not a fan.
  13. lol Yes, I agree about the shower cap. But I know sometimes I go in intending to “do the cap,” and remove it because my hair or scalp feels icky. The time spent on hair can be immense, especially if you have fine hair that likes to stick to itself. That said, if you are on air and in the biz, you must do it anyway!
  14. Is Amy thinking this is a good sales tactic for Shawn, so she’s saying it too??? I can’t imagine not showering when I am going into work. Disappointed she said that. Maybe she does a “sponge bath!” Now, in their defense, I could say maybe showering means washing and styling the hair, which I agree takes time. But for work? Must be done.
  15. I sometimes have this issue when looking at the Q2 “items currently on air” site, in which it will only show the ONE item currently on air. Happened again tonight, but it is rather random. Anyone else?
  16. I agree with both you and @BusyOctober about memory care, and was wondering the same thing about the quality of the facility E’s grandma was in. My mom also died from Alzheimer’s and was in a lovely facility with caring people. Ericka acted like all these memory care centers are something out of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”
  17. Kathy being surprised that no one wanted to extend the evening by coming up to their suite for coffee or tea. lol. They were probably sick of being together (working) by that time! I also noted that Kathy, despite wanting everything to go smoothly, started up the merry-go-round of arguing again at dinner.
  18. I missed which house they chose. Can someone tell me? I could not tell from the ending. Was it #3? Figured it must not have been the one that was located farther away. Yeah, it seemed that the daughter was going to get the “main” bedroom with en-suite bath — because they promised her since she’d miss her senior year in high school back home. Wow — nice for her! And those bathrooms were big! I get it but I also shake my head, having shared a bathroom with 9 others growing up, and somehow survived.
  19. Yeah, house3 was my favorite. Interesting that they were moving from OR to OK. The friends in OK did not have Oklahoma accents.
  20. Maybe he just tunes her out. I have a neighbor like that, very sweet, but talks and talks and talks —- that is all we can figure for her husband. Also, he works a lot.
  21. I think it’s a way to draw her fans in — “we are all friends here.” Now see if she responds to them!
  22. Could be. I don’t do much shopping for clothes in stores right now, but I have noticed price increases in food and at Target. Just saying for me, $50 for a top is something I have to think about, and I see it more and more at QVC.
  23. Prices on clothing have really gone up at Q. Other than Cuddle Duds, the Not Cuddle Duds whose name escapes me, and some Denim & Company, most items are $50+.
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