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  1. I agree with your assessment of Kyle. She likes to twist things around. I wanted Sutton to ask her why SHE (Kyle) didn’t support Sutton at the dinner. Kyle could have asked the questions. She left Sutton hanging.
  2. Do you mean Dorit in the blazer and bow blouse? (And leather pants. lol). I don’t think Chrystal is at this Haitian dinner, is she? Never mind — now I see her!
  3. Leah is very pretty! “Old” is relative. She is older than some hosts; younger than others. I appreciate Leah putting up with Shawn.
  4. After not watching the last two actual shows, I did see part of this show. As I said in another thread (Live Chat), I think this show was amusing, because it showed more of what was really going on, and how the HWs knew it was a show, and how they recognized their personalities.
  5. I agree that I like this hairstyle. I like the messy look, although I am unable to do it! lol From subsequent posts here, it sounds like the curl fell out, which I can relate to. I am learning to use “product” and hairspray (am liking Callista Embellish) to at least give my straight hair some lift and movement.
  6. The comments after this article are good and enlightening.
  7. This “So .. That Happened “ show with outtakes is pretty funny.
  8. I have two Aran knot sweaters that I never wear (usually because I forget about them or it’s too warm/cold for them!) — but I still want to buy another one today! 😂😂😂.
  9. I’m sure the sign is just meant to be humorous. But having an outdoor shower in a suburban neighborhood does not seem smart to me.
  10. When she pulled her shirt back down, Carolyn looks really good this morning, IMO. The jeans and boots with a heel are a good look and her top fits her well.
  11. Too short, like many Q joggers. Spoken as a Minnesotan heading into fall/ winter, when I can’t wear them with sandals.
  12. Yes, I used to cringe watching Judy Kroll all “ fairy-ed” up and then the creepy male characters ( pirates???) who would come on set to deliver the jewelry. 😳🙄😁
  13. That is what I've heard, too. Years ago I ordered the famous crabcakes and didn't like them. Still had another box of them, frozen. Called CS and they told me just to toss them and they credited my account.
  14. I don't mind David's photo. He's not showing us his junk.
  15. Just watching now. Where was Kathleen Turner in this episode?
  16. Even the spats??? I have a pair of basic black Miz Mooz ankle boots that I love.
  17. Unpopular opinion. The spatz boots ARE bad. The other ones don’t bother me. Maybe not what I would choose, but oh well.
  18. Yeah, she definitely was not showing off her feet. Please. (I like Sally, but this is much.) Congrats on the screenshot @CandyApple!
  19. That first tweet is so boastful and, to me, flaunting her “ religiosity.” Ugh.
  20. Honestly, that whole anniversary “scene,” just like the one with her and Kathy the previous (?) week just seemed so fake, filler (which maybe the show needed), and an “homage” to Kyle. It was funny how her husband was in a tshirt and jeans(?) while she was all dolled up.
  21. Very perceptive, @CandyApple. I wonder if her obsession with exercise and “healthy” eating is also a response to those feelings.
  22. Yes. Even Saint Mary Beth doesn’t say stuff like this. At least on social media. 🙄🙄
  23. It’s the latest Jessica Holbrook jacket!!! (Which they tried to unload for years and years and years and …) 😁
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