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  1. He’s (Blake) not “checking on you.” He wants to get in your pants. (And you want it too.). Or be the next Bachelor.
  2. Wow, she’s got the hots for Blake, huh? Ewww. Uh, I also think he took advantage of her saddened state. Although it didn’t take long for her to get “not sad” about Connor! 🙄😂
  3. This James (?) is very shiny and the slicked back greasy hair is not a good look. For me, anyway. 😂 He reminds me of a character in a James Bond movie. Ugh. Hunter.
  4. That Fake Wedding thing is so weird. And wrong.
  5. Holy crap, do guys really need to masturbate that often???? That said, as I mentioned in another thread, this is stupid, especially from the girl (I use that word purposely) who brought a dildo to her introduction on The Bachelor.
  6. It looks like these models still have a flatter tummy, which helps with a tucked-in shirt. (Agree QVC probably did it to show the waistband, but yikes!) I always have a round tummy, even when I lose weight. No tucking in for me! 😂
  7. Where are you reading the stories? Facebook? ”Guapo” means “handsome!” 😁
  8. This photo is not a selling point for these jeans. 😳😳😳 https://www.qvc.com/Belle-by-Kim-Gravel-Flexibelle-Side-Braid-Skinny-Jean.product.A383524.html?sc=IROA
  9. Eh, I figure TPTB encourage that stuff. Or, they are so bored, they decide to do it for fun! 😂
  10. Awww, I kind of love Val. She used to irritate me (head tilt, perhaps Stepford Wife-ish), but I think she has rolled with the punches at QVC and survived. Once in awhile I see something I like, but often it is too mercury-glass-ish or cutesy. I give her credit for stay-power on the Q. Her shows are calming for me. And I love her with Rick!!!! 😁
  11. This from the woman who showed up with a dildo for her intro on The Bachelor. Please. Hypocrite, much?
  12. Shawn does have her fans who see her as “real” and “quirky.” I am even seeing it in that “I Love QVC” Facebook group I joined. Can’t say too much negative or posts get bounced. lol 🙄
  13. I ordered a Beatrice fruitcake one year for Christmas in memory of my mom, named Beatrice, who loved fruitcake. (The rest of us did not! 😁.) I tasted it and it was the best fruitcake I had ever tasted (not that I have tasted many!). Can’t remember if it was dark or light cake, though. I’d order it again for a fruitcake lover. If they had a small portion, I’d even order it for me, in memory of Mom!
  14. “Star Search” is not listed on Garcelle’s Wiki page, but I thought I recognized her name from years ago. Obviously, she must have made an impression on me!
  15. I have highlights, and my stylist says to only use the clarifying shampoo once a week. No problems for me. Edit: I use Bumble n Bumble “Sunday Shampoo.”
  16. Oh wow. Sounds like that show was hilarious in an “unfortunate” way!
  17. Ack! I clicked over just to check her out too. Same ol’ beanie, huge glasses down her nose, and pjs. Not sure how they fit as she was sitting down. I feel bad for Courtney — I’d need that glass of wine if I were her, too!
  18. I see her posts on Facebook sometimes, but I don’t read them much. Wasn’t aware she has a “team!” Oh boy.
  19. I know it’s all in fun and nostalgia and all — until someone gets hurt and sues the manufacturer. So there is that.
  20. Top Chef is still so good. Different than the RH, Summer House, etc type of Bravo shows. I love seeing what the chefs prepare.
  21. Cute sweater. Looks better online than on her. Not for me either way (cuts me up,) but the looser look online appeals to me.
  22. I agree. Just because I learned a definition one way does not mean that I, a 63-year-old white woman, cannot learn what it means now or has been expanded to mean. I am trying. The same can be said for all the new terms regarding transgender, etc., as you mentioned, @lamujerdecente. Thank you.
  23. I don’t think JRT is fat. I think she is still trying to dress the way she did when she was much slimmer. (From that Kathy Levine video, Jane was quite tiny back in the day.)
  24. 😂😂😂. I remember those things! Before iPhones, they kept us kids busy 8n the car for … a few minutes!
  25. Any New Yorkers here? Son’s friend just sent him a video of the subways flooding from heavy rains! Edit: not from a friend. Saw it on Twitter, so who knows. Edit2: just saw it on the news!
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