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  1. Didn’t see this demo, but I can say that I like my 9-speed Kitchen Aid hand mixer from Q. I had never had a hand mixer prior to this one, and I use it for many things. That said, for heavy duty double batches or something like Spritz cookies where the batter is very thick, I haul out and use my stand Kitchen Aid. (Heavy!) 😁
  2. Has Gem Day started already? Not that I’m into it that much, but I’ve been hiding over here on Q2 watching fashions.
  3. To be fair, she can’t help the size and shape of her nose. Except with plastic surgery, and then she’d be criticized for it. 😜
  4. I don’t watch her often, but I agree. Her voice or delivery bothers me.
  5. I use the smaller ones more, too.
  6. Me too! I also had to get a new name over at TWoP.
  7. She and MBR have fallen into that ‘80’s(?) era of heavy eyeliner above and below the eye. As we age, it is better to soften the eyeliner to a shade like brown or grey and/ or eliminate the under eye line completely. I’m no makeup expert, but even I know about this advice. I have some family members who still do the heavy black liner, above and under. 🙁
  8. Amy takes chances with her hair and most of the time, I like it.
  9. Thanks for your advice and thoughts. I already ordered 16P because of my waist. Normally I am a 14,, but the waist measurement made me go up. I’ll see I guess!
  10. Maria did say she has fine hair and claps many more times than Amy to thin it out and make it work in her hair. That was helpful to me. Heh, I’ll see!
  11. I only caught part of the beginning and then missed it. Glad to hear Michael put his son first. He will find a good woman to love. I was worried about him. He is so nice and kind and yet maybe still vulnerable and grieving.
  12. This is an exaggerated look, but I think Amy is going for the “piecey” (sp?) look, which I love, being a flat and fine-haired person! I ordered it just to try it out.
  13. Help me with NYDJ. I like the slight bootcut jeans shown tonight, but as many of you know I’m an apple with a bigger waist, smaller hips and thighs. Do these “give” much in the waist? Do they work for my shape? They often say size down, but with a thick waist, I’m not sure that’s the best advice! 😁
  14. I’m surprised I did NOT notice that!!! I withdraw my compliment. I think I was just so pleased that she was covered up.
  15. Why not, if “free bleeding” is a thing? 😂😩
  16. Didn’t see him, but Rick mostly cracks me up. I think he’s in on “the bit,” and goes with it.
  17. Yes. Julia Cearley, a newish host. I think she pronounces it “Carely?” I don’t see/ watch her much.
  18. I like it. I don’t do off the shoulder because I must wear a bra (grr), but this looks nice, IMO. You think otherwise? I still don’t like to watch her, but I appreciate the more modest yet attractive outfits. No pubic displays.
  19. Jane looks good tonight on “Home for the Holidays with Jane.” The top she is wearing elongates her and is flattering.
  20. Agree. It sounded/ looked like she made two lasagnas — one with meat, one with eggplant (ewww! Hate the texture of eggplant! 🤮 lol). I think she did make her own sauce, too. It takes about an hour to cook, so it is time-consuming, even if not difficult.
  21. I like that outfit on her. At least she is covered up. It shows her slim figure. Not a Kerstin fan. Nor could I or would I wear it! 😜
  22. I’ll admit to having a soft spot for the VPH shows. Have two items in my basket. (Not mercury glass! 😂) Not sure I’m ready to buy yet.
  23. Do any of you get the LTD Commodities catalogs? I just received my fall one today. Tara/Temptations is selling some fall/Halloween items in it! I thought she was an "only on QVC" brand.
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