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  1. I don’t understand the selling point of making that coffee cake into a gooey lump.
  2. Ohhhh. That is SO disrespectful, unprofessional, and wrong! Way to take away his dignity on national TV. This makes me angry.
  3. I’m watching basketball (Fear the Deer!) and recorded this show, but I may just read comments here instead of watching it later.
  4. Just switched over to Q. Looks like Jane’s outdoors on a patio/deck right now. Christmas tree on set “down the shore,” too! 😁 QVC sells so many unattractive shoes. I’d rather see pretty shoes I can’t wear any more than functional, unattractive shoes I won’t wear. Sigh.
  5. LOL! I can tell those of you who are longtime viewers!
  6. She hardly knew that guy! She made the right decision. Did she even try to kiss him?
  7. Andrew is is so cute and sweet! Who is the one she did the getting married thing with?
  8. She was leaning away from Blake in their one-one.
  9. I guess she really likes Greg, huh?! 😁
  10. This “Seattle” date is so lame. 🙄
  11. I know I've worn corduroy pants since the Reagan Admin! lol I do love a corduroy jean in the fall and winter, IF it fits right. Had some good ones from Levis, but it's been a good 10 years I bet. I looked at the Logo cords, but my guess is if they fit my waist, they'll be too wide in the hips and legs.
  12. Now come on, we know if Lu was actually a grandma, she would NEVER allow the grandkids to call her “Grandma!” She’d have to have a cool, special name like “Gigi.” Excuse me, “Countess Gigi.”
  13. Gentle request: If you discuss weather in your neck of the woods, would you please tell us where that neck is??? I don’t remember for everyone here. @AuntCarol, I know you are in TN! 😁
  14. Eh, I’ll give her a pass on the Cupertino bit. If my sister hadn’t lived near there, I might not know where it is either. And even now I didn’t know that’s where Apple started! (San Francisco area to me.). Silicon Valley, okay — but there are other cities included in that area. When you’re from an area, you tend to assume everyone knows the towns, etc.. Years ago, I got used to hearing “oh, Chicago?” when I said I had moved to CA from MN and had grown up in Wisconsin!!! lol. (Now back in MN, FYI.)
  15. I don’t know enough about either group to understand that humor!
  16. So often, what may be "fashion" is not flattering. Those shoes cut off her leg line.
  17. This. I have no idea how much Ericka knew, but her treatment of others over the years has been so cold and angry/viperlike that I would not want to be friends with her.
  18. Shoes awful. Length awful, IMO. (Perhaps projecting on the length, I admit! 😂)
  19. When I have seen Pam smile, it looks very forced. Maybe she’s not a natural or model smiler. 😁
  20. Horse is dead. Horse is dead. Please. Stawwwp!
  21. Sadly, I think this is true. She likes to embarrass other hosts and OAPs.
  22. I must be oblivious, because I never picked up on a toupee for Rick. 😀
  23. No Ericka fan, but I can’t imagine that she would ever have complained about Tom on the show previously. Wouldn’t he just have forced her off the show if she showed a negative side to him or their marriage?
  24. Not an Ericka fan by any means, but I can understand her not airing any dirty laundry through the years. Who would.? She may have felt it, but she was on TV and she was benefitting from the publicity and the money.
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