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  1. Wait. I thought he said “I can’t give you what you came here for.” ??? But then got down on one knee and proposed??? Oh well, happy ending. For now. okay,,not my dream to get on a horse in a sparkly gown.
  2. Shallow: I like Kaitlyn’s dress .
  3. He just wanted the Fantasy Suite! And Aunt scared him! Another whole hour to go??? 😫
  4. Oh, just propose and break up in six months. You know the drill. Stay away from the aunt.
  5. Katie’s aunt was “a lawt!”
  6. I kind of only half heard the aunt but she seemed pretty intense and aggressive. Not that I’m a Blake fan.
  7. What??? Africa? Did we know this? 😂
  8. Barefoot Dreams TSV? I like the cowl and it looks soft, but I do not like the curved hem or the price. Some have commented that this fabric sheds a lot.
  9. “We were able to open up to each other.” Yeah, I bet you did!
  10. Katie breathes a sigh of relief — he’s not leaving! 😂 Edit: @DEL901 — GMTA!
  11. She says “it’s a lot” a lot, but I miss Taisha’s “it’s a lawt!l. 😁
  12. I wonder if Blake and Justin are thinking, “Shit, if he didn’t want her, maybe I don’t either!?” 😂
  13. I cannot and will not watch. But thanks for the info!
  14. Yes, I think Becky is great! I fear that making her a host will damage her, though. I see it with Jess Manuel (sp?) and the former host Erin, on Saturday mornings who was great as an OAP before. Remembered her name — Erin!
  15. I thought most of their outfits on that “hike” in the desert were dumb. And the views weren’t that great either — unless it was the photography.
  16. I love Jockey underwear, and the rep on Q2 seems very sweet, but she is really packed tightly into her clothes.
  17. Yes. Surprised that I enjoy Giuliana too. I have purchased an item or two of hers, despite being nowhere near her size. I hope she is well.
  18. Well, I’m with her on the State Fair. It’s hot and crowded and wayyyyyy too peopley for me. But I like the animals, the exhibits, and the food! I haven’t been to ours (MN, a great fair!!!!) in years, but it’s a ritual for many.
  19. Yeah, even though Crystal has been quiet, I have not felt she was disbelieving of Ericka. She seemed sympathetic regarding the dementia/ Alzheimer’s stuff.
  20. My mom must have been a different type of Alzheimer’s patient, because she never got angry. Just forgetful, confused, and repetitive, yes. But always a smile and welcoming. I do think my dad helped keep her somewhat centered. And that was her nature. When he passed, some of that “centering” was lost. It seems to me that much of Tom’s misdeeds happened long before the accident that may have impacted his brain and behavior, so I’m not excusing him.
  21. That was confusing to me. Was he leaving her messages? And she thought to herself, “baby, you’ve got to stop?” Or was she actually taking the calls?
  22. What is the cause? And how much goes to it? Just saw it online; not watching.
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