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  1. Funny! Ummmm … here’s some flowers for … whatever it is.
  2. That’s kind of pricey for what would be a kitschy item for me, but I am tempted by its cute/awful factor! It could join the cute/awful pumpkin-head figurines I believe @AuntCarol encouraged me to buy last year. 😂😂 My sister always buys weird “corn” things for her friend. I don’t know the whole story, but it is an ongoing thing! Might have to show her this. Edit: here are the weird pumpkin-head kids. https://www.qvc.com/Set-of-(2)-Harvest-Children-with-Pumpkins-by-Valerie.product.H223806.html?sc=NAVLIST
  3. Wow, @BenchWarmer, congratulations! I am impressed !
  4. I looked it up (verdigris): ver-duh-grees (heh, I thought the “s” was silent!) How hard is it for a professional host to do his/her homework on unusual words before his/her show? I love Pat, but she said verduhgree and verduhgrah, apologizing she wasn’t sure how to pronounce it. Rick just said verduhgree.
  5. That’s a nice wig for Ant and I agree that is a more flattering color than the straw blonde she had before.
  6. The Mr. Halloween “Nostalgic” trees are weird to me. I guess if I were really into Halloween, the black tree with the pumpkin topper would be my choice.
  7. I don't watch many food or kitchen shows, but the few times I have watched Marie Louise, I kind of like her. Maybe in time she'd wear me down! 😄
  8. Yeah ... that's a LOT! Very distracting and makes me anxious. I need more "serenity" in my home.
  9. Still haven’t ordered the lantern … I like the vine motif better than another she did recently, which was too “heart-y” for me. I do wonder about the light it emits as I love my Luminara candles. Since I just cancelled an $80 pre-order for another lantern, this one would be a bargain! 😂
  10. I think that is her best friend Amy. I think she’s cute. They were talking about Dolly Parton and said Rick could be the boss in “9 to 5.” Lol As Rick started his show, they were playing that song! I love Rick with VPH, so will stay up to watch the TSV.
  11. LOL!!! Kim Gravel: “I have broad shoulders. I feel like I’m ‘down, set, hut!’” 😂😂😂. This made me laugh so hard!!! I don’t notice her as having broad shoulders. She is making Courtney laugh, too.
  12. Yesterday in Minneapolis-St. Paul MN, it was 70’s, low humidity, breezy with a hint of September in the air. Today, warmer 80’s, no breeze. Air conditioner turned back on. We must get through State Fair first! 😁. (I am not going. It is very people-y, even in a non-Covid year.). But I will miss all the bad-for-me foods! 😁 Actually, might try making deep fried cheese curds at home. Yummm. Wish me luck!
  13. Waiting for VPH lantern TSV. But have to wait for Innovations in Electronics show first. Zzzzzzzzz I know I can order it now, but I want to see it on TV first.
  14. Even if I don’t order from her, I enjoy the Kim Gravel shows! Her tops seem to fit better on me (often down from L to M for me) but her pants can be too “curvy” in hips and thighs for my apple shape.
  15. Why would her apartment be more money than the house she is renting? Or had they purchased the apartment/condo, so now selling?
  16. I had heard he had a song and dance background! He played such an odd compilation of characters (only a few I recognized from these clips). I loved his character “The Continental” on SNL! 😂.
  17. I love Cher. She is so weird, real, and cool. Made quite a career, too.
  18. Add in Susan Graver and it would be explosive! 😂😂
  19. “Salamander “ resort??? Ewwwww!!!! We used to find them under our sandbox!
  20. Diane Gilman. Hey, I am of her era, perhaps somewhat younger. In high school and college during the 1970’s. But honestly, she is referencing Farrah Fawcett. Perhaps a selling point (embarrassingly) for my generation, but for younger??? Maybe they see it as “retro”and therefore cool? Reminds me of when I told my mother how much I loved the 1940’s look — open toed shoes and fitted jackets I was wearing in the 1980’s at work — she (of the 1940’s in high school and college) just looked at me like I was crazy. 😂😂
  21. Did your podiatrist have any comment about Vionocs? I only bought them once; years ago, a cute Mary Jane slide. They were harder than I thought they’d be. Just didn’t wear them very much. But many people love them for foot issues.
  22. RIP, singer Nanci Griffith. YouTube her songs — love the duets with John Prine. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/13/arts/music/nanci-griffith-dead.html
  23. I hate the videos with the customers!!!!!! Stawwwwp! Also .. not a fan of the TSV. YMMV, of course.
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