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S09.E15: Finale Reunion

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Run, Keith, just don’t look back. Good luck, Iris, you need it.

Greg and D are one of the best couples this show has had, IMO.

ugh, not sure I can watch Matt. **Reaches for remote.**

But let me ask if Kevin from ET can replace the “experts?!” Please!

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17 minutes ago, Brooklynista said:

Damn! This Matt is ruthless. In the first 15min he knew Amber wasn't the one  but he still spent 8 weeks giving her his ass to kiss. How lowdown.

I think she kissed more than that, sadly.  He is a dick of Luke proportions.  Good enough to fuck, but she's not good enough to keep.

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HUGE respect for Beth for putting doggie first! Ideally, this wouldn’t even have to be a choice and they’d put both put the dog first. But if there has to be a choice, dog absolutely comes first. You go girl!

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Keith continues to try to be a gentleman, while Iris tries to tempt the gentleman with fake hair and a  tight dress. Greg and Deonna are adorable and in it for the long haul. Matt and what's-her-name are dreadful ... he is so uncaring it's hard to believe he's an actual human, and she continues to reach out for a thread of caring, which Matt does not care to supply. Elizabeth and Jamie are probably hopeless ... stay tuned, because it will surely make headlines when next the shit hits the fan.

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Beth’s body language! LOL! Could she get further away from him?!

Ha, I said from the beginning they needed to stay together to spare a couple of other innocent people. Still true, never won’t be.

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4 minutes ago, Stella Rose said:

Ohwell...  only the most amazing stove/oven on the planet.  Prepare for a second mortgage or to sell a kidney but...    I give you...  https://www.aga-ranges.com/products/collections/aga-total-control


Oh ok thanks.  That's a bit too fancy (and too expensive) for my taste, lol.  

7 minutes ago, Adeejay said:

I believe Big Red and Jamie are going to be together forever, even though they are going to break up every other week. 

I feel sorry for their neighbors.

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13 minutes ago, Ohwell said:

Oh ok thanks.  That's a bit too fancy (and too expensive) for my taste, lol.  

I feel sorry for their neighbors.

But it slices, it dices, it juliennes....  😉  I kid, it does heat your whole cottage though, so there is that.  

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