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  1. The pets are under a lot of pressure and stress with the filming crews around and with new humans in their life. Their behavior will be unusual and I wouldn’t read too much into it
  2. With that adorable butt of his, I don’t notice anything else! Wear all the backward hats you want, just no baggy pants!
  3. Thank you! So glad to see people calling her out on that. Pet parenting is a serious responsibility and you can’t just not come home randomly like that
  4. Here come the queen size beds again ..ugh...I’d be absolutely sleeping in different rooms and not share a queen. On a separate note, I’m done feeling bad for Paige. Absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible behavior. Borderline dumb. It is ok to dislike both Chris and Paige, you know, for different reasons.
  5. I love Erik to death but his arms are like mosquito legs. When he was pumping to fight Chris, I was thinking....dude...you can’t fight a fly with those sticks.
  6. It’s so sickening! Clara, Ryan ...PLEASE educate yourselves! These dolphins didn’t just pop up in the desert. They don’t enjoy your company. And , no, Clara, you can’t have a dolphin in the bathtub. Not even funny
  7. Enough with the animal abuse! Leave the dolphins alone in the wild! These are intelligent beautiful animals that don’t exist for your fu**ing entertainment in a pool in the desert
  8. How is everyone drinking champagne at night after the wedding after drinking it all day?? Don’t they get sick from it? I love champagne but after a glass or two, that’s it. Bring the cold water! Yeah, look it up. We aren’t supposed to discuss it in this thread
  9. He is over the top. I’m accepting of people eating red meat. He just acts like his whole life centers on eating killed animals and lifting. The hairy chest, the unhealthy food, the greasiness ...just gross.
  10. She has to be. This whole godly thing is creepy as hell. God didn’t match you with that slimeball. A reality show did, for the ratings. Same observation - the grandmother looks younger. The mother looks like a heavy smoker, which is gross
  11. I find Jake absolutely repulsive on every level. The red meat obsession is disgusting. That’s suffering animals you douche.
  12. They also stain the bedsheets. I fell for that trap once many years ago...never again! We always carefully remove the petals before getting in bed Me too!! Exact same reaction! No way. Ricky Bobby is a piece of shit
  13. I had to explain to my husband how “big azzzz” can be a compliment coming from some guys. He is very puzzled by that. Definitely not an azzzz guy. So I explained that while some guys don’t use it to be offensive, it’s still objectifying the woman and is not a preferred compliment.
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