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S06.E11: Week 6, Part 1

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Caelynn went and put on a whole face of makeup before going back out to talk to Dean. All signs point to Dean! Of course Kristina gets her rat self involved, “as a friend” (who has a grudge against both of them).

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6 minutes ago, saber5055 said:

Connor's mind is blown!

Well, you know what they say, “third guy is the charm”.  First Blake broke her heart and then Dean.   Connor figured that meant he had a guaranteed rose. 

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13 minutes ago, leighdear said:

How the hell do women avoid getting stuff caught in all that sticky lip gloss?

Hoping for some fancy night-time Mexican-style bugs to fly in and get stuck. You know, to brighten this dreck of an episode a bit.

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26 minutes ago, leighdear said:

Connor looks like SNL's Andy Samberg, without the curly hair.  And humor. 

OMG yes. Andy Samberg and Nick Jonas' love child. 

Separately, I haven't been paying attention the last few weeks. I thought Kristian was Hannah and was very confused.

Who are all these people? Is this the largest cast ever? 

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Why I'm trying to make logic out of a "reality" show, I'll never know, but that being said.... Within this entire franchise, how is it that every single date people go on, they're automatically into the person?! I'm probably interested in abt 1 in 5 people after a first date, and that's being generous! But in this franchise, you very rarely hear anyone after a first date being like, Eh. I know it's not real, but idk, this is something that's always bugged me. lol

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Demi's so full of BS. So her girlfriend smiles and talks to some guy. So what. Lots of people smile and talk to other people. Plus if her girlfriend really is a lesbian, what does Demi care if she talks to a freaking MAN?

And if Demi's so jealous in this stupid atmosphere, her girlfriend needs to take the next bus out of Paradise.

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