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  1. I missed Guiding Light, it one of the greatest soap opera era ever. But I have to admit in the last 5 years before cancellation. It was horrible. Ellen Wheelers destroy Guiding Light single handling. It sad. I was hoping reboot but now I know that it been 10 years gone, ain't going to happening. My favorite part of Guiding Light was back in the early 80's where there were double murder going on, and turn out Ross's girlfriend Carrie who responsible of murder of Diane Ballard and Joe Bradley. That was great storylines. The other ones the Lewis family, full of conflict and so on. There is so muc
  2. I am disappointing the way Nicole and Cliff handle in the last couple of week. They had the chance to get rid of Mickie (whatever his name is) but noooooooooo they threw Tommy out. Cliff is gone, Cliff knew he regret to keep Mickie. Now Nicole stand alone and I don't like seeing Holly and Mickie the final 2. Sad very sad. This could have been better if they got rid Mickie and Holly earlier in the game, so the real competition begin. It did not happened. Next year I hope it be a better competition and enjoyable Big Brother Summer. Enjoy the tomorrow season finale of Big Brother.
  3. I like the show but am I missing something about Miguel's mother. What happened to her back of her head? That is the only question me the most. The rest of it I get it. I think Kurt Sutter is building a very conflicting story throughout the series. But we will see. I like the first season opening theme song. Not Season 2 opening theme song. Shocking.
  4. I found it boring and All Rise was better.
  5. I say that All Rise is not a bad show so far. I hope it get better along the way in the season.
  6. Julia Louis Dreyfuss, look really nice and perfectly well dress that fit her well. Glad she is doing well, healthwise.
  7. Emmy Awards show definitely need a doctor, Dr. Ken that is.
  8. MJ and her lipstick does NOT match. Sad Correction it does match. lol
  9. Sophie Turner wearing a simple pink dress. She look fine.
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