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S06.E05: Stiff Competition

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Two things:

1) Baby Gemma is cuttteeee. 

2) I really adored Liza's outfit when they were in the office talking about the female composer. I'd wear it in a heartbeat, which is surprising. 

3) (I lied) The competition is boring and I sorta don't care about Charles. How has he gotten more boring since leaving the main publisher. He's just flour. 

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I didn't find the competition cute or sexy or interesting. I didn't like it when it was happening between Kelsey and Zane in previous seasons and I don't like it now between Charles and Liza. It's somehow both annoying and boring.

I hate that Charles is guilt tripping Liza about Mercury and making her keep more secrets. Oh boo hoo, you might lose everything! Well, no one told you to mortgage your townhouse to start a competing business. He could have sought out investors first (instead of starting Mercury and hoping that signing someone big would land him investors). It's not Liza's or Millennial's fault that he decided to risk his house to start a new company.

I am not a fan of people who pimp their kids on IG and other social media to score free stuff so I was hoping that Josh would stick to his guns and tell Lauren to stop using Gemma for marketing purposes.

The best part of the entire episode was the necklace conversation with Enzo and Diana!

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I had to laugh at Kelsey's floating head, it felt as if the writers were showing shade at the wardrobe department for putting Hillary Duff in all those horrible boxy, neck-eating outfits.

The show starts to remind me of Blue Bloods when it tries to sell me the idea that NY is just an urban Walnut Groove where everybody knows everybody. Millennial and Mercury are both operating on the world's biggest publishing market - having them compete over the same handful of authors over and over again makes little sense. Even in the bubble that is NY there's got to be more choice.

And yep, the competition plot is getting boring. I guess it's supposed to emulate classic screwball comedies but it's devoid of all the charm (and sadly sexual tension) that made those work.

Diana got the best lines and sub-plot - although her not bringing up female conductors ties to Charles when her name was first mentioned made no sense.

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