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  1. Something in the sense ... "I don't need another necklace, I just want to be with you..... Did I just really say that?" That was a great delivery!:)
  2. Not the same dressing gown - but others from the brand https://www.net-a-porter.com/cz/en/Shop/Search?keywords=meng They do look really great on her.
  3. there are new writers next season 🙂 They are supposed to keep up with the mythology with more detail...
  4. Good that is she likeable. Sweet. Not some vixen, as it seems from the promos. I think this fits here much better.
  5. They are going to be new writers the next season. They got changed...
  6. She didn't ask so it makes me think there is going to be more to it. Is mother Colton trying to break them up? It seems it may still have significance later... Otherwise it seems like a very unfinished storyline...
  7. Ok.... I am seeing Riley and Mac, now! why not?:)
  8. Still waiting for Macy & Harry to get it on 😉 Didn't Macy look kinda jealous in one scene with her, Charity and Harry? She walked away a bit, left them standing there very close to another.
  9. For a moment I was saying - I kinda like Charity this episode... Then the end ... that was a shocker! Loved how they switched bodies - the actresses looked awesome in each others "costumes", so fun!
  10. What I thought about the prophecy - is that Fen cares about Margo (and Elliot) so much, that she must help them yet in another, unexpected, and bizarre way - it seemed to me like it will be the only way she can protect her life or something ... make it happen that Margo is not on the throne for a while. Not that Fen would want her throne! Strange that they didn't try to get the message about Elliot out to Margo first. I have a strong feeling that Margo is going to be vital to saving of Elliot (and maybe even the dethroning too!)
  11. Would like to see the museum people coming back into the storage room, and finding the Mummy just standing there waiting saying .... "Hi!"
  12. Interesting! "The price of salt" reference is probably well placed with these two characters .... but not entirely:)
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