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  1. We did have the lesbian ministers -- they didn't last long though.
  2. morakot

    S16: Talk

    This is re: Jet calling Jordan a homophopic epithet in front their mother. TBH I didn't see the story, and yes, he should have been more sensitive, but I doubt that it isn't part of the cultural language that he works in. That's not to excuse it but it might go some way towards explaining it. From what I saw on the show, the cowboys were far less likely to talk poop about the people around them than other teams.
  3. morakot

    S15: Talk

    If someone like Mika is terrified of heights and water, why would she apply to go on TAR when, in almost every episode, people are in water or jumping from heights?
  4. In greater Seattle, supermarkets often have a British section next to the Mexican and Asian foods. In return, my friends in my college town in Scotland say there is an American section in the local supermarket.
  5. Monday evenings just opened up.
  6. I thought Q was supposed to be the heart of the show -- so I guess the show is just heartless now?
  7. I guess she was a librarian herself. I did not know that until she appeared as a portrait.
  8. At least the coats will keep people 6 feet apart. 🙂
  9. The riding crop, though it could be used for other things, was paired with the outfit he based on what horse jockeys wear in races.
  10. Just watching the episode now and Hayley clearly said, "You do the shirt and the accessories." So shirtlessness is on Julian. I'm also wondering what Patrick (of Saville Row and Great British Sewing Bee) would say...
  11. None of these are wearing anything like the shape and style of Sergio's dress, as far as I can see. He had mentioned adding structures to the back (similar to quivers, scabbards, and flag holders?) but then did not. Japanese court ladies did have trailing outer kimono that acted like a train but they would be impractical for a warrior. As usual, he had a shape, and forced an idea onto it.
  12. Sergio's dress seemed to me to be more Tudor than Japanese. The conical bodice and full skirt with the white makeup looked like a fantasy Queen Elizabeth (who was also a warrior Queen and not a weak thing...
  13. Betty Friedan wrote eloquently about this very thing in The Feminine Mystique. OT: I can never remember Sergio's full name and end up referring to him as Sergio LamaDrama.
  14. It even has her "trademark" wrapped bodice!
  15. Karlie reminds me of Alexis in Schitts Creek.
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