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  1. Saw the detective on ID's new Atlanta Justice show say something I find astonishing (I don't remember if it was episode 3 or 4). She was talking about the big new murder case she was on, and that in Atlanta PD, as soon as a new murder comes in, all the detectives drop whatever they are working on, including all their current cases, to help on the new case. WTAF? How on earth is that an efficient way to solve cases?
  2. Tons of new shows on Oxygen!...Florida Man, Exhumed, An Unexpected Killer, and One Deadly Mistake.
  3. Hahaha! I don't think it's that they weren't happy to see her...I think it's that they didn't know who she was!
  4. We sure didn't see what it was about Jamena that had such a hold on Tam!
  5. And now we have two more new mystery movies to look forward to! Crossword Mystery "Terminal Descent" on Feb. 14 and Chronicle Mystery "Helped to Death" on Feb. 21
  6. Overall I thought Ships in the Night was pretty good. The one thing I may have missed, or they didn't explain, is how the dialysis components got into the original sculpture in the first place. I didn't think that the sculptor was in on it. I do remember that the sculptor said that the client wanted one that was lighter, so he made it in two parts, or something like that. But even if he was in on it, I thought it was uncovered that as part of the murder plot, they ended up having to put the components into a second sculpture. Also, I get more of a friendship vibe between Zee and JW, than a potential romantic one, even given the kiss at the end of the episode. Yes he does! He alluded to something to Zee when he was running, about how he has been eating too much or something.
  7. Considering how image-conscious Chris is, I was surprised at the ugly brown suit he was wearing. I know that too-small is a trend in men's suits (a god-awful trend), but his sleeve length just made it look cheap and ill-fitting. Plus his beard looked terrible. Erik and Virginia looked surprisingly at ease, and she wasn't recoiling from his kiss! Ryan and Clara looked comfortably cozy, and Vincent and Brianna looked comfortably intertwined. Jacob and Haley...yeah, no. Her smile couldn't have looked more fake.
  8. What unholy weirdness was Steak-and-Eggs saying when Dr. Viviana told him that he was selected, and he said something about asking Elon Musk to develop a Tesla that is like a DeLorean? When Dr. Pepper was telling Ryan that he was selected, she asked him if the news "took the wind out of your sails". She appeared to mean it as in 'take your breath away', but what it actually means is to disappoint or make someone less confident. Heck, maybe it really was the right saying after all! For anyone who has watched the Bachelor/B'ette franchise, Virginia sounds exactly like DeAnna Pappas and has some of DeAnna's facial expressions/mannerisms. This is the first year that I think the experts have completely foregone the concept that they did the actual matching. In previous years, they've acted like the matches hadn't been made yet, and they were doing it as it was being filmed. But this time, the matches had already been made and the experts were just discussing/confirming them. Yes Paige is a nice-looking woman. But I think Pastor Cal is very correct to be concerned, because I don't think she is the type of woman that Chris, as awful as he is, is looking for.
  9. Never ever ever thought I'd be saying this, but watching Matt actually makes me appreciate the re-cycling of contestants that has been the pattern for so many years. Matt simply doesn't have the charisma for this, and his lack of comfort really really highlights the SNL-ness of what both he and the ladies are saying.
  10. Finally a new movie...looks like the new Martha's Vineyard Mystery movie "Ships in the Night" premieres on Sunday at 8:00!!
  11. Lots of lookalikes to me: Mari - combination of Fergie from Black-Eyed Peas and Holly Marie Combs from Pickett Fences Kit - Taylor Swift Katie - former Bach and BiP contestant Russian Kristina Rachel - Mila Kunis Lauren - Angela Bassett with Katherine Zeta-Jones' eyes Sydney - Tracee Ellis Ross and Omarosa (from The Apprentice) Sheree J. Wilson from Dallas Yep. Yep...and the not-sure-what-else is Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones with a little Rob Estes from Melrose Place
  12. I don't know exactly when it premiered, but it definitely did already.
  13. Thanks for the first sharing of the return of mystery movies...next step, the (eventual) premiers of the new mystery movies!
  14. UO, but every time he mentioned that, it sounded to me like he was reaching, and was overplaying the trauma because it's the storyline for him. I follow zero people on any SM, so I am not a target for anything. But if you watch the Bachelor/B'ette and enjoy thinking about it at all (like we obviously do here!), then I strongly encourage you to read Sharleen's blog and/or her Flare write-up. She provides very thoughtful detailed analysis, and has the extra of her behind-the-scenes knowledge from having done it herself. I am not a fashionista by any sense, but I also love the breakdown of what the lead and contestants were wearing. Yes, she does come across as a little smug and superior...I take it with a grain of salt. And just because she has benefitted financially from her BN association, doesn't detract from her insight.
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