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  1. Would have liked to see way more about how each couple was handling their employment situation during the pandemic. I guess TPTB doesn't think that is interesting, but it sure would be to me. I don't think they understand that we are invested in these people and want to see more about their lives, and it doesn't always have to be drama-based. Continue to be stunned at how well Shawniece and Jepthe seem to be doing. I really hope it's genuine. Speaking of genuine...I love Greg and Deonna but I don't buy the whole baby thing at all. I think they have been planning to have a child all along, and sort of scripted out what their plot line would be. The 'final straw' for me was that if I were that concerned about my ailing mother, I would either have a friend/other family member look in on her, or have the police do a welfare check. Waiting six hours (longer if traffic had been bad) makes no sense when a possible medical emergency is concerned. So....unfortunately, I conclude that the whole thing about the trip was a pretense to have Greg have a reason to 'change his mind'. That said, his smile looked very genuine when he expressed the desire/willingness to have them start trying in the next few months. BTW, Deonna should always wear that orange color...it looked fantastic on her! I would LOVE for them to continue this as an open-ended series. It's so very nice to peek in at some happy couples and to know that 9 success stories have come from this sometimes-sh*tstorm of a show!
  2. For any of you that aren't familiar with this show (Accused: Guilty or Innocent on A&E), it is unlike any of the other true crime shows. I just started watching it, and it gives a totally different glimpse into the ins-and-outs of a defendant's case and how they are impacted. I've only seen the first two episodes, and yeah, great to see society's money/time/effort wasted trying to get the goods on these people, when we see so many other cases (missing person, heinous murders/rapes, cold cases) go lacking.
  3. OK, I know the show finished airing months ago. But I only just watched the series on replay these past few weeks. So even if no one ever sees these comments, I feel like writing them anyway! Observations: I had tears in my eyes during the final run when they had all improved so much. It was interesting that when it got down to final 4 and they switched trainers, Micah from the blue team remarked that Erica was tougher than Steve. At the weigh-ins, I noticed that they no longer do those overblown reaction previews (usually of the trainers) that sometimes were never even shown during the actual weigh-ins. At one point, when talking about how to work out on your own, Erica said, "Everyone has a park around them. Everyone has an open field." Uh, no. I agree that the show would have been so much better if we got to know more about the contestants' back stories, personalities, difficulties, etc. i actually felt the one-hour format was too short. Every episode felt formulaic -- workout/challenge/chat with Bob/weigh in -- rinse, repeat. Without any focus on appropriate eating, this show is close to useless for people who look to it for help/motivation losing weight. At the finale, Phi said she had hired all these personnel, including a personal trainer. Then Bob asked about what activities she was doing (or something like that), and she said twerking, and then did a very low-activity level simulation. No wonder she lost so few pounds after leaving, if that was her idea of physical activity! Totally agree.
  4. The ending of the PPD portion seemed very off. Having Tiffany keep saying "I'm sorry" seemed as though the writers were saying that it's all good now because of her awareness. For the issa/Molly portion, as the camera was pulling away from the ending shot, I was watching the two of them interact, and Molly seemed to be gesturing pretty intently. To me, it didn't look like someone being contrite and apologetic.
  5. If so, it's a giant fail. To me, it looks like one of those porn star/70s mustaches...I actively can't stand looking at it on him. Plus he's been so low-key pissy that I also don't want to look at him.
  6. Catching up on Killer Affair on Oxygen, episode called The Wrong Woman. Crazy situation where a couple were married, he cheated, married that cheating woman, and then cheated on new wife with old wife. SMH. Anyway, the old wife was killed, and the major piece of evidence was a pink gun that belonged to the new wife and bits and pieces of the pink had been found at the crime scene, and the gun was found later in the new wife's house. So they arrested new wife and basically stopped doing any more detective work after that, even though the husband had been texting old wife and making arrangements to meet her that night at the location where her dead body ended up being found and where the murder occurred (he said he never ended up going, i think), and also husband never ever went to visit new wife when she was put in jail before the trial, and he immediately started divorce proceedings with new wife. Hmm...if I were a detective, I might wonder why she would have been so stupid to leave such an easily traceable gun right there in her house, why the husband basically cut off all ties with her immediately, why there was no other evidence against her...and then wondered why aren't we looking at him for framing her??? Fortunately, they were looking at her cell phone records to convict her, and although hers wasn't working or something, her son's was and he was in the car with her the whole time that the crime would have been committed (he had already said they didn't go to that crime location), and his cell records did show they hadn't gone to that crime location. Once that happened, after she had been in jail for over a year, they finally started doing detective work, and surprise surprise, the husband's phone records showed that he had been at the crime scene at the exact time that the crime had been committed. (They knew the time because of activities that the old wife had been doing beforehand.) To his credit, the detective felt like sh*t about what he had done (or not done), but still...
  7. Yes, that made me suspicious early on. I do not recall ever seeing that on any other show. This is one where I probably would have had to vote Not Guilty too, because of all the uncertainty. If the guy really had rheumatoid arthritis, then his ability to make such a tight knot seems to be in question since they said he couldn't even tie his own shoes. However, does that mean it's like that every single day? I had wanted an RA expert to give a little more explanation. They kept mentioning the bucket, but I was unclear what the actual function of the bucket had been...was it to catch dripping blood so as not to make a mess? Would the dying dementia mom really have thought ahead to do that? And they said there were some rags or something in it indicating that someone had already been trying to clean up. If it was the woman, and she was in the middle of committing suicide, why would she slow the process down to try to clean up? But the most compelling thing was the sash. If it's true that it was the asphyxiation that killed her, then all the blood was from the knife wounds beforehand, and there would be NO WAY for her to have tied that sash herself and have no blood on it. No one from the family or the defense every explained how that was possible.
  8. Watched a show (can't remember which one) where the detectives were given a tip about where to find a missing person's body, so they were looking at a pond. One detective thought they saw a body in the pond. The other detective said, "Are you sure that's not just a mannequin?"...as though seeing a mannequin in a pond would be as common as "Are you sure that's not just a log?"
  9. Loved when Jephte saw Greg throw the baby, and said he has to turn him in because he is a mandatory reporter! Most teachers around here had to switch to on-line at some point, so I'm surprised they haven't mentioned anything about that for him.
  10. The way Molly spoke at therapy -- more than once saying that Issa is her best friend == was inconsistent with how she then went on to treat issa. I don't think she was being insincere at therapy. So was it just that Issa didn't grovel enough? I don't know. But the way she spoke in therapy did not seem consistent with her comment about them outgrowing the friendship.
  11. Watched The Killer Truth episode "A Killing in Kansas", and at one point a person's name came up that the detectives wanted to meet and interview, to see if he could have a connection to the murder they were investigating. Afterward they said there was no way the guy could be involved, because he was old and frail and had a neck brace and a knee brace. Well, it turns out the guy was majorly involved, but the show never went back and addressed the whole too-frail-with-braces thing, and it left me with a bunch of unanswered questions!
  12. Good point. I was startled at the time when they didn't show us the painting, and you may be right about why.
  13. I like getting to see these couples/families in their own habitats, especially since we hadn't seen a lot of these couples recently, and I don't follow them on social media. But the contrived part is really bothering me. I, too, loved seeing the two couples and the hair. I was super-impressed by how Christine did. The whole time I've seen Ricky Bobby on the Couples Cam, I have been thinking how he seems 180 degree opposite from how he was on the original show. At that time, he seemed to do all sorts of things for Danielle, but now he seems like just a bump on a log, and it seems like Danielle is doing all the house and baby work. He also appears to have gained quite a bit of weight, maybe from inactivity. I think the Greg/Deonna thing is very very contrived...otherwise I would think he would be so fed up. i agree with what configdotsys said about it above, and hope for both of their sakes that it really is acting.
  14. Re: Heist and Seek...if what we saw was the worst "fight" that Aurora and her now-fiance have ever had, then they are nowhere near ready to get married!
  15. Color me confused as well. Wiki shows that Heist and Seek premiered on May 17, but I haven't seen a new mystery in about a month, yet the plot summary in Wiki (a stolen crown from a gala) sounds like the plot I saw from some episode where the jewels were emerald and the crime ended up having something to do with the person who installed a security system (I think). Can someone help explain?
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