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  1. One thing that didn't ring true in this ep, is that when the pilot and co-pilot suddenly showed up on the deck, and our gang didn't know who they were, even after they figured out that they were good guys, they didn't do or say anything to try to get them out of the open where they would be a target. While all that conversation was going on, I was saying to myself, why aren't they trying to get the helicopter guys out of the open so they don't get shot...and then, sure enough, the guys got shot.
  2. When they were all together in the kitchen at Christmas, saying a prayer, it looked like the blond son to his left was leading it, rather than Kody...couldn't tell if that was Garrison or Paedon. After this episode I was so disgusted that I considered quitting the show. But I really want to see Christine leave, and I'm genuinely curious about the rest of the fambly, so I guess I'm hooked. Gotta disagree. When he specifically talked about if one of the kids died from covid, he was coming from the perspective of how angry he'd be at the mom, and had no sorrow/concern at all abo
  3. Reading this brought home the fact that it has really come around full circle for Meri, but instead of it being her and Kody on the inside, and Janelle desperately wanting in, it's now Robyn and Kody on the inside, and Meri desperately wanting in. Karma's a bitch, baby. Yes, Robyn called her the "childcare provider", and has apparently given up entirely on the pretense that the person was a "tutor".
  4. IIRC, there was something near the beginning about how Tamisha had seen a voodoo priestess who told her to kill Edna?
  5. You know you watch too much true crime TV, when you hear about a courtroom trial with opposing sides each hiring their own forensic pathologist, and you say "wow" cause you recognize the names of the (famous) pathologists!
  6. So I was confused by this. When Margaret explained it, she said the mom left with one of the other kids, and she was left with the dad, who told her that her mom didn't want her. Was the mom's story that she wanted Margaret to come too but the dad wouldn't let her take Margaret? And...even if 'cup' was referring to 'container', and even if she only ate one container, I guarantee that that's far more than Dr. Now's diet would allow, if his diet allows for creamy salad dressings at all. I did a quick scientific experiment and one of those little restaurant dressing containers held
  7. It actually makes me proactively angry that however she ends up coming back, it will probably negate her very valid points about Bull's total lack of interest about anything concerning Marissa's goals, hopes, wishes, etc. I especially liked what she said when he came to her office, about how he was doing this because of what he wanted. I have a hard time buying that this guy who is supposed to be so in tune with all these personal nuances, could be so incredibly blind over and over and over again when it comes to Marissa, especially since she has very clearly told him what's up. I w
  8. But I don't think they were talking about the same thing -- Meri was talking about the many months before she was granted the coveted access to see the kids, and Robyn was talking about the time after she so benevolently granted Meri the access. Loved it! Robyn was not expecting any pushback from Meri, and I want to see more! I'm guessing some of you watched My Five Wives with Brady Williams. I always got a respectful loving vibe from him, and got curious as to how they were doing. Very very interesting article at https://starcasm.net/what-happened-to-brady-williams-and-his-
  9. Yes to all of this!!! Also, what he wore on the one-on-one date, was massively underdressed compared to what she wore...but then again, it seems like lately that's what happens with all the Bachelor leads. I think it goes further than that. I think that the producers already knew about the FWB guy, and they worked on the timing with the girl who is going to rat out Cassidy to Clayton. So although they didn't tell Clayton about the FWB directly, they told him to go ahead and give Cassidy the rose at that group date, for stirring-up-drama purposes, but also told him that someth
  10. Can't remember what I was watching, but a man was missing, and so was his car. At some point the car was found, and the police expressed surprise about the location where it was found, because it wasn't close by to where he lived or in a part of town where he was known to have business. Hmmm. I know I'm not a detective, but, gee, don't stolen cars sometimes get ditched in the perp's part of town, after the perp is done with them? Who could possibly have thought to broaden the scope of where to look for the car?
  11. Oh yeah, that's right. The dinner was still on the stove...not sure if some may have eaten already and the rest was leftover, or whether none ate. Still think that the absence of any food in the stomachs, which is what would be the case if they were killed before dinner and it is now the next morning after breakfast time, would be significant because you would have expected to see some undigested breakfast. Combine that with the fact that this family would not have left perfectly good food out all night to perhaps go bad, which although Kelly and the team touched on that, they don't se
  12. It took me a long time to come around to what you wise Forum-ites were saying about Robyn. She does not act outwardly like a typical bee-yotch. But this turkey thing is a classic stealth bee-yotch move. It's the kind of thing where if you just looked at it on its own, you'd say "Well Robyn just wanted to try making the turkey this year. What's wrong with that?" But put in context of power struggles and all the other stealth sh*t that Robyn has pulled over the years, it's sooo evident. I actually thought Meri's rice krispy turkey was brilliant. It was a zing at Robyn, was really cute and
  13. Love the concept of a "formal Wrong Reasons investigation"! They can have notable Bachelor Nation lawyers Andi Dorfman (Bachelor season 18 with Juan Pablo and B'ette season 10) and Riley Christian (B'ette season 16) as counsel. Really, sincerely wanted Clayton to look at Shenae and say, "You are crying because a girl wasn't looking at you when you were trying to talk to her? And you want me to do something about that?" And then start walking with her like he was going to confront Elizabeth, but instead walk right past Elizabeh and then walk Shenae out. It's funny, though, that
  14. Actually, the timing regarding dinner would have been essential. The supposed perp is trying to say that the family was alive in the morning, hence would have eaten breakfast after he left. But the investigators believe the family was killed the night before, when there could have been undigested dinner, so the timing re: dinner the night before vs. breakfast the day of finding the family dead, is key.
  15. Excellent point! I really don't understand why that wasn't done, since that would have gone a long way towards helping figure out the time of death. Even if it's somewhat inexact, it still would have likely either shown undigested dinner from the night before, nothing much (which would probably mean just having woken up in the morning), or undigested breakfast. The phone call thing made no sense, because initially they couldn't explain the phone call, and that's what was throwing off their case. But then they got a great explanation that it could have been the man's girlfriend making
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