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  1. As I watched it, I thought, "She is loving having a captive audience." Too funny...and too true!
  2. Baby Declan with his cousin Titan were soooo cute! But bad on the MAFS production staff because when they were making it look like a wild west showdown, the name they wrote on the screen was Delcan the Kid, not Declan the Kid. Heartbreaking, but definitely the best thing for both of them. I don't doubt at all that Erik unknowingly triggered her. At times, he was definitely controlling, dictatorial, and aggressive (albeit not in a typical in-your-face way). That whole thing was one of the fakest things they have shown. Watch Jamie's changing facial hair from the start at the
  3. I liked how she did the fake-out about how it went when she told him I Love You. We need to see more of the silly/casual/fun side of these folks. I think that part of the reason that he mainly mentioned the brunch buddy part, is that it was a new concept that arose at the restaurant, rather than a pre-existing one, like the money conversation has clearly been. That being said, it is mystifying why he hasn't just point blank laid it out like Elizzikra did and ask Myrla, which would make it so much clearer for him. I don't get the sense that she has considered at all the financial imp
  4. I don't think it's that simple. I think she is quite happy with him...he is very complimentary, he seems kind, he likes to do the fun activities that she has been wanting to do, he will be a good provider, he is outgoing and friendly, they appear to be physically attracted to each other, and they seem to be on the same page about having a family. So I don't think that she would be happy with just anyone, in order to get a husband, especially as over-the-moon as she appears to be about him. I think the issue is that she is minimizing the red flags that she has seen. OK, silly side note
  5. I am mystified as to how she could be that bad at reading the room, not just at the time she was flooding him with all those compliments, but repeatedly in terms of recognizing how/where he is or is not at with her. So it makes me wonder, what was her intent? Did she think that if she complimented him and made clear how much she liked him, that it would make him like her? Or that the complimenting of him would somehow make him start thinking of compliments about her? Or that maybe he was holding back on his feelings for her because of not knowing how she felt about him, and this way she co
  6. It's so interesting about the difference in interest level among detectives for how much they get into a case. To be fair, it's easier to be more interested when you're in a small town and you don't have a high caseload, but we've seen plenty of small towns where the detectives just didn't do much. Contrast that with the Accident, Suicide, or Murder detective (episode Murder on the Tracks) where a woman was on a railroad track and runover by the train. There was a sub-par autopsy and it was concluded as suicide, so case closed. One of the detectives just didn't have a good feeling, so
  7. Her comment to Grocery Joe, when Dr. Joe came in, was so snarky, and I think she thought it was funny. Not sure what the 'rant' aspect was. I thought he was very funny, and seemed very self-aware of how ridiculous he was being. Earlier in the season, one of the girls said everyone said he was the funniest person on the beach, and that gave us a glimpse, since really we hadn't seen him that way at all. That was so painful. If her pleading/begging/thirstiness had been written in a script in a movie, no one would believe that a woman would really be that way, especially afte
  8. Thinking back to the beginning of the season, it wasn't just the focus on the labels that caught the ire of the good folks on this forum...it was the insistence that she will not give up her lifestyle no matter what. Currently, it sounds like she is able to afford her luxuries with her leftover money, and shop as a hobby (I think that's what she told Gil her hobby was). But if they have a family, she may not have as much leftover money, and her luxury purchases may have to be curtailed. Likewise her time will be taken up by family things. That's not to say she won't have any me-time or mon
  9. So...no opinions on the actual show, especially since it was a new 'franchise'? I'll take a shot: I was not familiar with Rochelle Aytes before. Her acting style is fairly stiff and unexpressive....I always felt like I was watching someone acting, although her character seems to be a nice enough person. I did like how they took care of the introductory exposition so that we would know who is who. Tony's wife reminded me, in appearance and voice, of Aurora's friend Sally. I liked the detective, but I didn't feel like he carried himself in the authoritative way that Mel
  10. Thanks for filling in the holes for me! One follow-up....why did Tony take the money for his wife? And what a d*ck that Birch guy was to take the center that was in honor of his dead wife and to launder drug money through it.
  11. OMG I was watching the new mystery on my cable company's computer interface rather than on the TV, and it cut out right at the key part at the end! I switched over to the TV as fast as I could, but I know I missed some stuff. I heard Andy tell Melanie something about Mr Birch killed Tony...why? And then who killed Birch? What did Andy try to frame that kid for doing? Did Andy do anything else wrong besides try to frame the kid? Was Tony the one running the drugs through the service shop, and where did Tony get all that cash? Aaarrrggghhh!
  12. Answering this question by referring to a previous post, that I've included below. Seems reasonable to infer that it will be awhile, if it hasn't even been written yet!
  13. Yes! Well, actually, he said the opposite. He made very clear in his selection interviews that he likes the "stage 5 clingers" who are very needy. I don't think Bao is all over him. I think he knows that Bao can do just fine without him, so her love and approval scare the sh*t out of him. With the clingers, he knows they are damaged goods, so it's not a true, earned love and approval...it's just blind adoration, and he can deal with that. That may be for her big shopping trips, but I have something in the back of my mind from the very beginning, where maybe they were talki
  14. I think it's neither. Unfortunately, this was the second one of the season (I think) where the owner didn't reach out because they needed help...Marcus contacted them to add to his portfolio and to make big changes in their company to scale for growth. I don't like it, and there's not as much emotional investment as when the company is in dire straits, and we see the struggles, understand the impact, and watch as they try to incorporate his advice because there's actually a lot at stake. In the ones he initiates, there's nothing at stake for the business owner; they can just go back to doin
  15. The more I think about it (and it's pathetic that I'm still thinking about it days later), the more I think that James's approach is probably far too typical of many small business owners. That's not good, and probably accounts for at least some of the high rate of small business failure.
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