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  1. I hope Betty White buys it and turns it into a museum - I'd be heartbroken if a non-GG fan bought it for the prestige. Update: Ulp, I spoke too soon 😥https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/the-golden-girls-house-is-for-sale-for-dollar3m-and-its-already-caught-a-celeb-buyers-eye/ar-BB16PRQ0
  2. You're right - I guess I'm just old fashioned and didn't think that the show would've gone in the baby direction either. Given that Condola has it together already (professionally, financially, etc.) and doesn't necessarily need Lawrence, it felt as though she was trying to soften the blow by giving him the option to be involved or not to make him feel more comfortable about it. His reaction didn't help matters however. It'll be interesting to see how they navigate this in the future season.
  3. What really bothered me was when Condola broke the news to Lawrence, his first response was "Is the baby mine?" Not a very mature response for a guy who supposedly has it together. Guess he didn't have the loose ends "wrapped up" after all lol. The show hasn't implied that Condola is the type of person who would want to trap Lawrence since neither was fighting for the relationship to begin with. The timing between their breakup and his reconciliation with Issa is unfortunate but that's life.
  4. Andrew being over with Molly was a long time coming so no surprises there. He's right - relationships aren't supposed to be *that* hard. I'm glad he got to let her know two words about herself so she can heed some self-reflection - let it be a teaching moment. I don't think Issa gives herself enough credit - she has friends, getting a jump start on doing something that makes her happy, making business connections, getting out of her comfort zone a little, wanting more for herself...better she have that than to have taken a chance on an uncertain future with an ex. I don't feel sorry for Lawrence at all - part of adulting is reaping what you sow in life and now he's going to have to mature a lot faster. I'm glad Issa didn't hesitate to tell him that it was too much - nothing to work out after a bombshell like that. I figured events in Molly and Issa's lives would fall through and everything would culminate and spur a reconciliation of some kind. Even if they do make up, I can't see them having the same dynamic that they once did. The ending would have been more promising if Molly had started with "I'm sorry."
  5. She had a lot of time on her hands after she colonized life on Venus - it expanded her life expectancy.
  6. Ugh, I agree. I really hoped that the opening scene was imaginary but they had to throw a bone for the shippers. Interesting how the couch, once a source of contention from their previous relationship, has become their primary source of reconciliation. While the unity is sentimental, the more things change, the more things stay the same. If they're around each other long enough, they're going to fall back into old habits and remember why they grew apart so much in the first place. They both managed to get themselves to a good place and grow as individuals but can the same be said if they were together? Not with Lawrence's trust issues or Issa's insecurities. They're still in the brainstorming stage of what they want out of life. I wouldn't be opposed to them trying again years down the road with more time apart but they're called exes for a reason. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Oh dear, I had a feeling that Molly's disagreement with Andrew's brother had not been resolved. If the brother had invited them to a game, that would've been a great way to casually reconcile and clear the air. He might have even apologized for being insensitive to her feelings now that time had passed but no. Molly doesn't have to like him as a person but if she's serious about having a long-term relationship you would think, she'd figure out a way to negotiate some tolerance for Andrew's sake, If she's uncomfortable around the brother, she's uncomfortable with Andrew to some extension since they seem to be close - who wouldn't be hurt by that? Would she really be that patient if Andrew had beef with one of her brothers because they made him uncomfortable? If she thinks her current relationship is so much work now after a couple months, good luck making it to a year. Molly is truly a self saboteur and she knows it but gets affronted when she's proven right. If things fall apart, she's really going to regret pushing Issa away. I hope it will be a teaching moment for her to reflect and make whatever changes she needs to be happy because she's so miserable.
  7. Lawrence went to Georgetown. I remember the white cop mentioned it when he pulled Lawrence over. Their relationship started when they were 24-ish - in the pilot, Issa said she was 29 and they'd been together for 5 years. So I assume they met after college. They do give me a college sweetheart vibe though. Their whole group gives me "we've all been friends since college" vibes. You're right - Lawrence knew Derek in college and Derek introduced him to the rest of the social circle so they've all known each other for a while now.
  8. Nice episode - I don't want them together and they hashed out their misgivings back in Season 2 but at least they kept it lowkey. I think the dinner was Lawrence's closure (asking questions, evaluating his role in their relationship), the nightcap was Issa's closure (she wanted a win once she knew Condola was still in the picture) and everything inbetween was equal ground (reminiscing, positive words of affirmation, open communication). I thought Lawrence was lying when he said he was happy knowing what a crazy rollercoaster he's been on in the last year. Meanwhile Issa's had a lot more time to grow, assess and mature and she seemed more guarded this time around. The interesting backdrop they were in at the art walk (Lawrence behind the red lights, while Issa against the blue lights) made me wonder if there was some symbolism hinted there and it reminded me of the Red Oni, Blue Oni trope: Red Oni traits are associated with 'impetuousness, enthusiasm, willfulness, and they tend to be more people oriented' = Lawrence 'Blue Oni traits are associated with 'serenity, control, observing authority, and they tend to be more goal-oriented' = Issa I think Issa is now smart enough and more self aware to realise that Lawrence is no longer a possibility anymore and that it's okay. While he seems more grounded, he still has a lot of things in his life to sort out which doesn't need her energy which is what I think her morning walk was supposed to symbolise.
  9. Not even the convenience store - I'd have dropped him off at the next BUS STOP lol. You don't need to tolerate disparaging remarks and a crotchety attitude to prove you're a good person.
  10. Happy birthday to Bea Arthur! I always think of Mr. Ha Ha's Hacienda in her honor. I hope she's having a ha-ha-haht fudge cake in heaven.
  11. I think the noodlehead in the red dress would've blown their cover 😏
  12. That was a consistent theme with Blanche's character development - her pride or vanity somehow gets in the way of having a good relationship, romantic or otherwise (i.e. Jake, Steven). She points out on several occasions to the Girls about her jealous sibling rivalry with Charmaine and Virginia (they resisted to play with her because she was so beautiful lol). She also had regrets about putting herself before her children since they rarely visit or call as a result and later seasons show that she tried to make amends with Rebecca and Janet at least.
  13. Yeah baby! As I'm working remotely, I know I've had my DVD player on repeat these last few weeks whenever work gets stressful. The Girls get me through the day and the jokes never get old.
  14. I recall Molly mentioned to Quentin in Season 2 that one brother didn't have a driver's license while the other brother was married to a stripper who she thinks trapped him with a kid, so the heels were a callback.
  15. There are some fun theories such as Angela getting a sex change to become Angelo in later seasons. Sophia referenced have sharing a bedroom with her two brothers until she was 17 and being engaged to one for a short period of time - maybe Angelo was the brother!
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