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  1. I had assumed that she lost Midge's down payment for the apartment. Either way, bad move on Susie's part - I had liked seeing her character growth this season as she learns how to be a better talent manager but once they showed her growing interest at the casino in Vegas, I knew it was a recipe for disaster. They wasted way too much time on her managing Sophie Lennon and her reputation got damaged in the process. Always read the fine print Susie! I agree - I was surprised that people were laughing at the thinly veiled comments, I thought there would've been outrage and they would've booed her off the stage...then Shy came on and women were practically clawing at him during his performance so I chalked it up to the audience just seeing Midge as a ridiculous white girl who didn't know what she was talking about and therefore shouldn't have been taken seriously. I do however, see the other side of the coin on how that would be potentially damaging to Shy's reputation even if it wasn't spoken outright - it bordered on the line. The ending left me a little confused because I couldn't tell whether Shy decided to void Midge's contract because he saw her act as a betrayal OR whether it was actually Reggie doing the firing because: a) he wanted to protect Shy and his reputation as damage control or b) he was jealous that Shy confided so much in Midge and he was willing to make her collateral damage and Shy went along with it to appease Reggie. It was implied that Shy and Reggie were more than just companions after the stool act and after Shy's breakdown, I could see him doing whatever Reggie would want to make up for it.
  2. I'm going to have to rewatch the series to catch up again because it's been a while but can I say I'm glad Rose/Midge finally stood up to Abe and called him out for his ignorance and incessant whining - I honestly could not stand him for most of Season 2. And good on Rose for taking more control, she had some great lines. I don't mind if Midge is no longer with Benjamin if she wants to focus on her career, but she's playing with fire catching feelings for Joel again in what was supposed to be a "one-time" night of fun before she ships off on tour. Aside from sharing kids, I honestly cannot see the appeal of him - and the more success she gets is the more bitter/petty he'll get, especially if his club business bites the dust. If they do decide to finally move forward with divorce proceedings as the season progresses, I hope he won't do something drastic (custody battle to punish her) - I don't think they'd go down that path but Joel has the personality for it. Stick to cordial co-parenting and move on please!
  3. Eri


    I'm right there with you....I've watched the series several times and I still can't stomach the way the dad settled for that wretched woman and her passive aggressive treatment over his daughters. He was fearful of taking the big leap with that woman but did so anyway. It's understandable because he's lonely, but he wasn't the only one who lost someone important that day. It was especially upsetting when he had the nerve to say why daughters think their fathers screw them up when it's the other way around...no accountability, no emotional reach for being a lousy dad who couldn't be there for his daughters because he was too consumed by his own grief. It's no wonder their relationship is distant the way it is. Margaret was clearly the glue that kept the family together - she was the adventurous, funny one and he was the serious, boring one and he sees a lot of her in Fleabag so he can't get too close to her, which is a shame really. Although I will say Olivia Coleman is so awesome in the role, if I ever wanted a wicked stepmother, I'd want it to be her! As for Claire, I will say the only thing I hated seeing was her groveling to her husband to leave him, giving that smug bastard a taste of his own medicine would have been so much more satisfying. The sister relationship dynamic was what made the show imo.
  4. One of Sophia's worst moments was in the hurricane episode in season 7 - it infuriates me that she went out of her way to show Gloria #2 was her favorite "good" daughter while Dorothy was basically chopped liver. After giving Dorothy so much grief about remarrying Stan in season 6 but pushed Gloria on Stan saying that they were a better couple and they all treated the whole situation as if it was no big deal.....ugh, talk about hypocrisy. Dorothy handled that situation way better than I would have - betrayal like that should have had Dorothy be angry for most of that season (right up until the finale) before she forgave any of them.
  5. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is no longer on Netflix - sad times 😞
  6. Eri

    S06.E12: Forever

    I don't know diddly about the publishing industry but shoot, sign me up! lol
  7. Eri

    S06.E12: Forever

    I hope Kelsey didn't have anything set in writing with Quinn before she did her "about face." The last thing we need is one more season of cattiness from that nutjob. All it took was one episode for everyone to be absolutely clueless when Liza has helped Kelsey make important business decisions several times when she was both editor and publisher? I don't know why it would've been so bad if Kelsey left for a short time - I'm sure they'd have written her going back to Empirical anyway but it would have added some growth to her character. Instead she goes from an editor to publisher to becoming a shareholder on the board? From an employee who, by the Younger timeline, has only been at the company for less than 5 years? Good one show. I always felt as though everything would've been so less complicated if Liza had just left the company and worked somewhere else, but no one is ever allowed to leave.
  8. Wow - what a hot mess! So to recap....Charles leaves the company to be with Liza, then gets bored and starts his own pet project by putting himself in a lot of debt (which nearly costs him his house) to start another competitive publishing business which directly affects Empirical..the parent company he still owns....he gets a change of heart and sells his pet project to Kelsey and decides to work at Empirical as an editor in order to keep the peace and have a work appropriate relationship with Liza....and now Kelsey has stepped down and Charles becomes the impromptu publisher again as if nothing ever happened...so Liza is back to dating her boss again...uhh WHAT!? Is this a telenovela now? Maybe they could have Diana become publisher next and she can get a contract for Enzo to work in the building - it seems like the Empirical tradition to have at least one employee dating whoever runs the company at the time. I get where the show was trying to go with how women are held under more scrutiny in professional workplaces than men but Kelsey was an idiot - posting a drunken video after making a deal with a bunch of investors when your company is on the verge of falling under is not a "tiny mistake," to say nothing of the fact that it was unprofessional and unnecessary. Every time alcohol is involved in a work situation with her, things never end well - we've seen it time and time again. Her choice to step down was the best choice she could've made at that time and I'm glad she owned up to it but she continues to forget the cardinal rule of "don't s*** where you eat" when it comes to personal vs. professional lives. Are we really supposed to be surprised that she and Zane are on the outs....yet again? As if this hasn't been happening for the last two seasons already? I'm surprised they can accomplish anything in those meetings when she and Zane have a tantrum and storm out whenever they can't keep themselves in check. And don't get even get me started on Josh...just an episode ago, he was concerned about his kid being taken across the country, now he's back to pining for Liza again as if that's all he needs right now? Well I guess it's nice to know he has his priorities straight *rolls eyes* I've never liked him.
  9. Ah one more mention from the book that came to mind; Ziggy was named after Ziggy Marley, not Ziggy Stardust. Jane specifically mentions that her brother Dane was a big fan of Bob Marley and heard one of his sons was called Ziggy so she liked that it was "kind of out there." As someone with Jamaican heritage, it bothered me that this wasn't emphasized in the show *ahem*
  10. Applause for the reigning winner at today's Golden Girls trivia night - I was 20 points above the competition from "guess that quote" to true/false questions! I felt like a stickler because some of the quotes they used when asking questions weren't all accurate. One of the rounds included identifying random characters by picture. I had to set them straight when they mistook Augustine Bagatelli for Big Daddy - I was abhorred! :-)
  11. Yeah, the whole plot is silly and the writers are all over the place - it just came to mind as Josh had been talking about expanding his business for a while now and he got good publicity with that magazine article written about Inkburg a season or so ago (I can't recall the specifics but didn't he get a reward of some kind?). The advert was successful enough to go national so I assumed Infinitely 21 would have other offices outside their HQ and LA is another fashion-conscious city. If his pitch is taken seriously and they follow through with the temporary exclusive idea, it would mean more exposure for *his* brand too if he decided to go in that direction. It could possibly work, but I was wringing my hands when he they made a "deal" after only 5 mins of conversation - get it in writing Josh, it's Business 101!
  12. I've used that line too, it is fun! Or I'll use a Dorothy zinger depending on how cheeky I feel. "No that wasn't a secret, I just forgot to mention it" I passed by a bookstore and outside there were books in a clearance bin, one in particular from Marlo Thomas and I immediately wondered if Rose ever got her autograph.
  13. If Josh wants to franchise his business, it would've been plausible if he asked Infinitely 21 if they could set up shop over in California and manage a location over there, allowing him to travel between New York and LA. That would keep him in the show (with limited screen time) and get the sponsorship he's looking for AND would allow him to see his daughter more often. Although I really can't be on board with him still being on the "Liza was the one that got away" train. His main priority should be finding ways to co-parent and support his kid now, period.
  14. Can they please stop giving Maggie storylines with creeps? First the pervert from across the building, now the sexist "flipper?" It's not funny and wasted utilization of the actress's talent.
  15. This was a book club read earlier in the year but the waiting list was so long I got the audiobook instead and it turned out to be a lot better than I thought (Caroline Lee does an excellent job and brought the humour out of story, the greek chorus is sooo much better) so I highly recommend to anyone who has already read it in book format 🙂 With that said, I didn't realise they made a US version of it until a few months ago, just before Season 2 came out, which disappoints because of the Australian theme. Season 1 grew on me but I was hoping that the characters would've been more true to form (i.e. Madeline being a brunette instead of a blonde, Ed being an older middle aged, balding guy, Renata and Jeff, Harper and Graeme, Nathan being less of a douche). I was fine with the kids being a few years older and I thought Nicole Kidman was a good choice for Celeste - I always think of her past role in Practical Magic dealing with an abusive relationship. The psychiatrist scene was the most accurate part of the book that I saw portrayed onscreen with Ziggy so A+ there. I think Bonnie was the biggest adjustment from the book since I pictured a "Plain Jane' character with a single plait over one shoulder and they made her an attractive hippie with a completely different identity. I especially hated her storyline after Season 2. Another parallel was how the domestic abuse was portrayed - the book felt a lot more subtle in the way Perry behaved and controlled Celeste as opposed to his obvious onscreen 'killer stares' and constant track of her movements that book Perry never cared as much about because he was away so much. The elevated Fifty Shades of Grey dominant-submissive sex scenes took me out of the show also. In addition, I thought the producers did a major injustice giving Madeline an affair storyline when the book provided more than enough drama for her to deal with (i.e. her rivalry with Renata, Abigail, struggles co-parenting with Nathan, and looking after Jane after learning about her background). Book Madeline was one of the few light-hearted characters that brought energy to the story and made the book an interesting read. I have listened to the audiobook several times now and it never gets old for me - I really wish there was a sequel for the books to make up for the trainwreck that was Season 2. I would read it in a heartbeat!
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