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  1. Eri

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    K is for Koko (Imogene) whom Blanche can relate to as they're still in their child bearing years.
  2. Eri

    S02.E08: Someday...

    If this episode showed the tests of strength between Susie's management skills and Midge's adapting to new environments this was it - probably my favorite episode. I liked the transition of the road trip deteriorating with each stop and their constant bickering, it felt realistic and when Susie accidentally played the tape recorder of her snoring during Midge's act I was rolling (the facial expressions did it for me). Did anyone else think that the tape recorder was going to get stolen when Midge went to look for Susie backstage? I just drove through the Holland tunnel today and thought how grateful I am that it isn't as bad as it was back then, though I did get up earlier than they had to avoid getting stuck in traffic lol.
  3. Eri

    S02.E01: Simone

    Susie was friends with Harry Drake (the comedy mogul dude with heavy connections) and Midge dumped on Sofie Lennon (one of Harry's biggest clients) in one of her acts which caused a rift between Susie and Harry as he assured her he was going to make things very unpleasant for her in the future - hence being gaslighted and struggling to find any gigs for miles.
  4. Eri

    S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    You're not the only one! When I saw this episode, it was crazy deja vu! I live in NYC and a few weeks ago I literally just went to an outdoor screening of the Last Dragon and I went completely blind-sided and not knowing what to expect. Definitely a blackbuster cult classic because some people were realllllly into it. The only difference was it took place on an island rather than a cemetery but the atmosphere was nice and the weather was just as good so it was a positive experience :) I hope Issa moves on from Nathan - she doesn't need the extra baggage right now and while everyone's going to have some baggage, his isn't worth fighting for at the moment while she's still trying to put her own life together. I'd be fine with Issa being single for a season after the breakup, hotation, etc. Also ironic that Lawrence half-assed his 5 year relationship but then expects a new relationship to work just as quickly as if he doesn't have any baggage himself - just admit you don't have any faith in relationships right now!
  5. I've been binging GG season 1-3 and came across the one where Gloria #1 comes to visit and wants Sophia to live with her. With the way Sophia always rattled on about how much of a "better" daughter Gloria was, I think they could have compromised and have Sophia live with Gloria six months out of the year and then live with the Girls the other 6 months. I think that'd have made the show a bit more interesting, the trio-centric episodes were always fun.
  6. I caught an episode of Season 3 where Michael announces his surprise engagement to Lorraine. I know the show wanted to emphasize that Dorothy was against it because of the age difference but I hated her reaction to finding out she was black before she learned of her age. All the generalizations in this episode from the mock black-face to Lorraine's family made me cringe.
  7. The writers also seemed to enjoy having stewardesses/flight attendants be the side chicks of the 1980s. Stanley's 2nd wife Chrissy, Stan's brother Ted used Dorothy so he could take an stewardess to Alcupulco, Rita Moreno tells her husband George to promise not to get his teeth bonded and run around with stewardesses in Empty Nest...
  8. Eri

    S03.E04: Fresh-Like

    Interesting dynamic - I'm so happy Molly is still seeing the therapist! I was in Nathan's situation when I packed up my life in Florida and moved to NYC without knowing anyone. It was a fresh start - however I only did it when I had another JOB OFFER. I thought Issa would've made the push to reach out to that music group from the job fair first BEFORE leaving her job. She may be unhappy with her career and got a rent reduction as a property manager but you still have bills to pay! I agree Joimiaroxeu: it's one thing to have a rapport with someone but entirely another to commit a crime with a stranger you've only known for a day. I don't think she'd have thrown away the CDs and books if she hadn't met this dude. Her friends seem like a good enough support to push her to want more in life. Skinny dipping and making out with someone in one afternoon is not.
  9. Eri

    S05.E11: Fraudlein

    Lower East Side. *sheepish grin* I will be the rare one in the room to say that *I* used traveler's checks when I studied abroad for the first time back in 2006. American Express was very handy at exchanging the notes for me and this was before chip and pin technology (the US was a decade behind on that from Europe).
  10. I won this special edition magazine of Betty White at Golden Girls Bingo the other night =)
  11. Eri

    S02.E13: The Word

    If June chooses to stay in Gilead then fine but it burns me up that she'd want the baby's name to be "Nicole" after all Serena put her through! This is the same woman who would smack her and anyone else around in the house when she was having a bad day, allowed her husband to rape her and who would humiliate and dehumanize her at every turn and because she showed June an ounce of humanity at the last minute she is suddenly deserving of having the baby's name remain "Nicole" instead of Holly? I'd sooner have her be named after Eden or Janine or Rita (the very person who's been watching over her and helped her escape). Ugh, burns me up!
  12. Eri

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Particicution. I know they're rare and has only been shown once in the first season but it would be a fitting crime for Fred given what happened to the last guy accused of raping a Handmaid and causing her to lose the baby. Please Aunt Lydia, let it be so by the season finale!
  13. Ugh, the Holly episode, I absolutely agree that Blanche and Dorothy should have taken what Rose had to say into consideration - not one of my favourite episodes either. I can understand why everyone hated when the girls turned on each other in some episodes - I thought it was realistic for the time though. When Season 1 began, they were strangers having only lived together for just a year or two: Dorothy recently divorced and Rose, a recent and transplant from St. Olaf. By the time Sophia was in the picture, I never got a "we're close friends" vibe from them - heck they weren't even sure they wanted to live together after the grocery store trip but they made the most of it in the end. The reason I liked the first few seasons was because they were all still just "roommates" and getting to know each other - most of them didn't know each others' flaws and personalities that well and they came out in those arguments (Elliot, Gil Kessler, etc.). In addition, the girls all came with emotional baggage (Dorothy trying to heal from her divorce, Rose not knowing how to be an independent woman after becoming a widow, Blanche relying only on looks to find love in all the wrong places, Sophia embracing and learning to trust new family in her old age) and they learned a lot more about themselves through each other than they ever did before they met. I don't think they truly began to start trusting each other and opening up until after Season 3 - the group therapy episode highlighted exactly why they wanted to stay together despite knowing how incompatible they are. I mean Blanche, didn't even feel comfortable selling portions of the house to the girls until Season 6 or 7 and you'd have thought by then she'd have done anything for them in a heartbeat but I'll chalk that up to a continuity error ;) However, for all the crap they tolerated from each other -the evolution of their friendship over the course of what would be nearly a decade from "strangers who are just roommates" to "family" is truly rare and beautiful. And for the sake of staying on topic, I can't watch the two-part finale, their final goodbyes are a tearjerker every time.
  14. Eri

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Absolutely - good lord, as if dismemberment, maiming, being hanged or shot at point blank range, electric shocks from cattle prods, genital mutilation and total destruction of your emotional psyche wasn't enough to get the point across that this society is evil and dehumanizing? I'm glad I got the forewarning so I can skip the scene and probably the episode entirely. But my goodness, kudos to the actors/actresses involved who are dedicated enough to even manage such stomach-curdling scenes.
  15. Eri

    S03.E00: Comfort And Joy

    Having to watch "Sarah" in tears throughout the episode was so heartbreaking. A bittersweet ending for "Sarah" - while she did end up with a family she was more comfortable with, I'm sure she still missed her real home and family. I too was fascinated by the Christmas traditions and the extravagance, pretty scenery for the eyes.