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  1. I finished Kim's Convenience last week and I guess that's as satisfying an ending as it could get - was Mr. Kim planning on retiring because of Mrs. Kim's diagnosis or were they just resigned to accept that their kids didn't want to continue the legacy of the store? Overall I'm glad they were able to keep most of the characters and I'm happy they brought Nayoung back at least one more time because I wanted to know what happened to her. I don't think they knew what to do with some of the characters this season and it shows from some of the wacky storylines (Mrs. Kim, Mr. Kim, Pastor Nina,
  2. Maybe Caroline was never his daughter to begin with; maybe she was an informant from the program who was paid to go along with his story (and keep tabs on him without his knowledge). It *could* explain why we she was discouraging Rose from seeing him anymore and why we never hear from/ see her again 😉
  3. I watched it all the way through and I agree with your earlier post - I appreciated the scenery and the individual storylines but the ending really turned me off because heaven forbid they show healthy relationships in this show. Relationships are hard but they really don't need to be *that* hard.
  4. Wow - I'm definitely going to have to check this page out! I'm all for an in-depth analysis on our Girls and not because it gives me an excuse to watch the episodes over from Season 1...nope, not at all.. >_>;;;
  5. Nope, when he showed up at that restaurant, she should've poured gazpacho right down his pants😀
  6. The episode "Mrs. George Devereaux" just bothers me! Not only because George is played by the same actor who plays his brother Jaime but Blanche never confronts him about the affair/secret love child from Season 5! Viewers who watched the show in order would still have this episode fresh in their minds! Season 5 really put Blanche through the ringer when she discovers that the men she put on a pedestal for most of her life (Big Daddy, George) were lying cheaters. Not that she should've been surprised, it was the Ol' South lol
  7. Every single Little House on the Prairie nightgown the Girls wear 😪
  8. Fun Fact: Estelle Getty actually wanted Sophia to be Jewish (like herself) rather than Italian, to make it easier for her to portray the sharp-tongued character as she was the least experienced of the four actresses. It could've worked since Bea Arthur was also raised Jewish but since the producers refused to do the switch, she slowly got comfortable in the role and vowed to portray the best Sophia she possibly could. I'd say it worked since her memories of Sicily became some of the best moments of the show.
  9. Happy birthday to Rue McClanahan on what would've been her 87th birthday. Did you know Rue developed and sold her own lingerie line called "A Touch of Rue," which was sold on QVC—and inspired by her adventurous and sultry character? Blanche would've been proud.
  10. It was from a short-lived (1 season) sitcom called It Takes Two, also created by Susan Harris.
  11. Being a huge GG nerd I did some research - my understanding on some of the backstory was that the kitchen was not meant to be part of the original layout at all, the model set was only for 3 rooms (lanai, living room, bedroom). When the script for the pilot episode was revised, they had to improvise and chose the "kitchen" from another sitcom in the studio and added it to the living room. Since, that set only came with a 3 person table and they never bothered to fix the issue after the pilot, the producers made the conscious decision to keep it that way and invented the "stool" situation in th
  12. Eri

    S04.E09: Avalanche

    I seriously laughed out loud for a good few mins at that line and I hadn't even watched the rest of the episode (even rewound that scene a few times). Boy the bucket never empties from his pity well does it? Yes Charles, you are quite loathable 🙂
  13. Eri

    S04.E08: 48:1

    I cringed the whole time - she was definitely a sexist product of her time. I guess there's a reason why Churchill said that former PMs always stood during their audiences with former kings and queens like privvy counselors - something similar must have happened before LOL
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