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  1. If I recall, Dorothy was godmother to the bride and that's why she went to the wedding. I presume she invited Blanche and Rose because she couldn't get a date until Blanche offered one of her extras. Sophia only wanted to go to stick it to the grandfather of the bride (who left her at the altar in Sicily) with the silly curse. But overall, it was a blah episode.
  2. And I learned about "incontinence" thanks to Sophia!
  3. I'd have loved to! But I've not yet reached a comfort level being indoors with groups :( I do miss Golden Girls bingo nights though.
  4. Happy Golden Girls Day! The show aired on NBC on this day 36 years ago! Thank you for being a friend! 🥳
  5. *shrug* It was a different time in the 1980s before the popularity of cell phones. Dorothy and the girls had that very discussion in the kitchen about how they thought she was probably sitting on a bench to "rest" assuming she was inactive because she had energy but no desire (on the contrary). But I still maintain that they just assumed she might be doing other things outside of grocery shopping.
  6. Since it's a Season 4 episode, I chalked it up to the writers having already established Sophia having an active social life - they just provided the audience with a preview of what her days can be like. In the earlier seasons, Dorothy did have a bit of overprotectiveness over Sophia when she started living with them*because* of how much of a go-getter she was. And she probably still kept in touch with friends she made at Shady Pines. Outside of funerals, we've seen Sophia: Working at fast food restaurants (The Actor & Blanche's Little Girl) Engaging in charity walkat
  7. Absolutely! The child actor definitely didn't belong in this show and I think the producers realised midway through that audiences didn't really care for him so he just stopped making appearances LOL I think outside of his character, the rest of the show worked well together since they did continue some things from The Golden Girls universe. My only peeve was that they should've re-arranged the episodes. I finished episode 24 feeling cheated because it was a filler episode unbefitting for a "finale." In hindsight, they should've had the two-parter with Dorothy last and if it got cancelle
  8. Over the course of the pandemic, I pursued a project of converting a friend over to the Golden Girls fandom from start to finish. After we finished the final seventh season, I brought up the illustrious Golden Palace spinoff. I only vaguely remembered it back in the 90s during the heavily edited Lifetime days but it just didn't feel the same without Bea Arthur. So in the name of boredom and nostalgia, I decided to give the show another shot - seriously, the unedited, full version is available on Youtube folks! I appreciate the show soooo much more now and I'm so sad that it got cancelled
  9. I recall the grandmother mentioned that she had 2 sons who moved to California but perhaps Mohan was her favorite. I often wondered if the other son was that uncle who came to visit from Season 1.
  10. You're right - in the season 1 finale, Nalini had admitted to Devi's therapist that she was tough on her because she was afraid. What she didn't anticipate was Devi thinking her own mother didn't like her. There were small hints that she might have had post partum after Devi was born also. Based on the flashbacks, it would appear Mohan was the peacekeeper and safety net between the two so they became lost after he was gone. It's sad that Nalini's parents wouldn't have tried to show more support since it's likely they arranged her marriage in the first place. Nevertheless, I'm glad the mother-i
  11. Hmm, maybe I'm in the minority but part of me thinks Paxton decided to "take a chance" with Devi after what the guidance counselor said about his grades improving. In a way, Devi is his meal ticket to a decent university if he can't get a free ride on a sports scholarship. He's comfortable around her in private but still cares more about his reputation in public and he wants that to carry over into graduation. Throughout the whole season, we've seen how insecure he is about his intelligence and while relying on his looks and popularity to hide his lack of ambition. I can't imagine he'd want to
  12. I obtained the ebook version of the 1st in the series 👍
  13. I wish the show was available on Netflix again - I miss the first few seasons already and I don't have Acorn. Maybe I'll have to give the books a try.
  14. I finished Kim's Convenience last week and I guess that's as satisfying an ending as it could get - was Mr. Kim planning on retiring because of Mrs. Kim's diagnosis or were they just resigned to accept that their kids didn't want to continue the legacy of the store? Overall I'm glad they were able to keep most of the characters and I'm happy they brought Nayoung back at least one more time because I wanted to know what happened to her. I don't think they knew what to do with some of the characters this season and it shows from some of the wacky storylines (Mrs. Kim, Mr. Kim, Pastor Nina,
  15. Maybe Caroline was never his daughter to begin with; maybe she was an informant from the program who was paid to go along with his story (and keep tabs on him without his knowledge). It *could* explain why we she was discouraging Rose from seeing him anymore and why we never hear from/ see her again 😉
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