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  1. Happy Birthday to our long lasting Golden Girl Betty White who turns 99 today (I swear she's going to outlive all of us...).
  2. I was in the grocery store today and I was checking out the desserts when I found they had a Yule log. I immediately thought of Rose's honey brown sugar molasses Rice Krispies log and wanted to burn it lol. Happy Christmas to all!
  3. Apparently Estelle Getty's LA home is now on the market: https://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/former-home-of-golden-girl-estelle-getty-hits-market-in-l-a-221853
  4. I can't recall a time prior to Season 4 where Blanche visited that bar and it hurts my brain! I was going to say that Blanche had visited that bar to meet John Quinn and was there during the Valentine's Day flashback but those episodes took place after Clayton came out to Blanche. So perhaps she decided to frequent there after she realized it wasn't a gay bar (and after men started hitting on her lol). Otherwise, prior season writers may have just forgotten she had been there before.
  5. I don't know - I liked the initial premise but I kinda left the series feeling...disappointed? I've been fascinated about deaf culture since Switched at Birth was introduced years ago but I didn't feel as if I learned all that much except that there's ableism in every culture. I wanted to see actual campus life but I didn't realise the men/women ratio was so high. As others mentioned, the lack of diversity irked me and some of their personal lives didn't really interest me at all. Renate was probably the only interesting character of the lot.
  6. One of my favorite Rose quotes😄 Dorothy: You just have to learn to live each day just one day at a time Rose: Well of course you do Dorothy. I mean if you took them two at a time, you'd end up constantly changing your underwear..
  7. I'm not sure I'm all that motivated to watch it if it ever *does* get released since it's been so long and I don't remember half of what's happened in the last 6 seasons. It'll probably be on the list by months after the show ends.
  8. The timeline is rather shaky, but I was always under the impression that after Sal died she lived with Dorothy and Stan when they moved to Florida (Gloria implied that Sophia always turned to Dorothy whenever she was in trouble). Then after she had her stroke and recovered Dorothy decided to put her in the home (Sophia implies in Season 1 that it was probably with Stan's persuasion) where she visited occasionally. Then Dorothy's marriage fell apart some time during Sophia's tenor at Shady Pines and she needed to find a room to stay until she got back on her feet. By the time Shady Pines burned down, she probably welcomed Sophia back into her life out of guilt and also loneliness.
  9. It always bothered me how much Sophia pushed men and dating on Dorothy in the earlier seasons. If I was recently divorced from a man I had been with since I was 17 and he was a philanderer for most of that marriage, I wouldn't have been in a rush to get into a new relationship either😒
  10. Oh it was just flirting, there's nothing wrong with that. It keeps you healthy, keeps you in shape, and keeps your buttocks firm.
  11. What!? Brother, Can You Spare that Jacket outranked the Burt Reynolds episode? Oh no no no no. There's something very wrong with that picture! Where's Vacation from Season 2 or the Grab That Dough episode from Season 3!? "I feel the person who wrote this article had a deadline and turned on the Hallmark Channel for the weekend and ranked the episodes aired" --> I concur with this sentiment. No self respecting GG fan would have that episode (or Mister Terrific) in this list to begin with and the clip shows were so boring! Ironically, the ones I like the most are at the bottom while there's only a few I like from the top 10.
  12. And the anonymous buyers not even fans sadly, oh the blasphemy 😞 https://www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/real-estate/a33622669/golden-girls-tv-house-sold/
  13. Oh my, she needs an initiation ritual post stat if that relationship's ever going to survive 😉 Speaking of which, I've recently initiated a friend to Golden Girls 101 on weekly scheduled Sunday afternoons via Skype. We're on Season 2 now and it's so interesting watching the show from the beginning to newbies because 1) you get to drop some fun facts and 2) you notice things that you never paid attention to before despite watching the show dozens of times (i.e. the change of dress style, etc.)
  14. Rose pre-emptively moving out after her health scare was in Season 2 and given the circumstances I don't think Blanche was in a hurry to find a replacement since it was implied they missed her and hoped that she'd return. I believe Sophia moving out was in Season 5 and again in Season 6 when she wanted to become a nun. By Season 7, Blanche would've had to kick one of them out because of the property laws so she allows them all to be co-owners of the house in order to stay because they established themselves as family. Even though the show reminds us that the Girls are roommates, I don't think the writers ever used the tenant-landlord spiel unless it served as a plot device for some episodes.
  15. I hope Betty White buys it and turns it into a museum - I'd be heartbroken if a non-GG fan bought it for the prestige. Update: Ulp, I spoke too soon 😥https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/the-golden-girls-house-is-for-sale-for-dollar3m-and-its-already-caught-a-celeb-buyers-eye/ar-BB16PRQ0
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