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S08.E15: Finale Reunion

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Will was never attracted to Jasmine.

Now Jasmine realizes that.  I liked how she said "no."  She knows he's not into her.

Sometimes it happens.  Sometimes you meet someone who would be great for you, but you're just NOT into them.  

Will probably thought Jasmine was attractive but HE wasn't into her THAT way.  

Luke is short compared to Kevin.

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2 minutes ago, gonecrackers said:

He put that he dates men & women on his FB, it's been there for 13 yrs (he says) but the show never found that red flag for match making. Good job show.

That's a good point.  Maybe Luke had more than one Facebook page.

However, if Luke had a Facebook page that said he's into both men and women, can Kate sue the show?

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3 minutes ago, aphroditewitch said:

So between the ages of 18 and 31 Luke never changed his Facebook profile? He is the worst liar.

This is what makes NO sense. At no point in the past 13 years has he felt the need to change that? Not even for his business ventures? Come on. 

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Kate is staring him DOWN and daring him to tell a lie with that glare....

Dragggg him, Kate!!! 

Yo, Kate is spilling all the TEA right now! I knew she would turn into a BOSS in the end!!! Yes girl!

Omg, Kate doesn't believe that he has never dated a man before.

Kevin is not having any of Luke's lies tonight and neither is Kate. Girlfriend's eyes are wide open now that she is free from Luke.

Lawd, I wish I had a rewind button to rewatch this over and over. Hahaha!

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Kate has nothing more to lose.  She can tell all with no repercussions.  And thoroughly embarrass those idiots that put these two together.

ETA:  this is her evidence tape.

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Being interested in both men and women is not a red flag for marriage to a woman. Even if the show saw that on Facebook, that doesn’t mean that he can’t marry a woman. Bisexual shouldn’t be disqualifying. 

That being said, Luke is probably gay and he needs to just be truthful about it.

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