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  1. You’re welcome. I enjoy this forum and can’t wait for next season. It’s the perfect summer show. Wonder if these people know how their every action will be dissected. 😂😂
  2. This did not happen. Jasmine was the one who got irritated with her aunt and uncle and literally said she felt "betrayed" by them because they said Will was the head of the house. This is another baseless accusation. When did we see evidence of this? At what point on any episode during this season did Will make a single allusion to wanting to win something? Yet another. I'm done though so don't bother making a list. I'm over Will being bashed and lied on. I actually watched this season so I know what happened. I didn't see this malicious, habitual liar in this man. He wasn't perfect by any means but all of this is really over the top.
  3. It’s a no-win situation for Will at this point. Had he thanked everyone and left Jasmine off there’d be some other extreme accusation against him.
  4. Same for Jasmine’s friends then because she was nothing if not immature in her response. Which is why it was deleted. Seriously this goes both ways. If I have a friend who steps in and defends me I’m a douche for that?
  5. Soup333

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    I wish I could love this more than once. Maybe one reason why Jasmine was so angry is because she was not only rejected on decision day but she did/does consider herself better than Will. She clearly thinks she's beautiful (father has probably told her that her entire life and God help if she's the only daughter or only child). How could Will not want her? How dare he say he wants a divorce when she was willing to continue the marriage? I don't think she'll ever get it at this point. Really, there's no reason for her to examine this on any level before placing ALL the blame on Will because her family, friends and now her MAFS fans will tell her she's right about everything and Will is just dumb, lazy, cowardly, mentally unstable, broke, stingy, not man enough, etc. I'm SURE I missed a few from this very forum. I didn't notice him looking at Kristine but I did see Kate gazing longingly at the married side. She was robbed of her chance at that and it's a shame.
  6. Maybe he didn't have his friend do anything. Maybe she spoke up on her own. I imagine she's a fully grown woman capable of making a decision to defend her friend if she chooses.
  7. The real Jasmine is showing up in her social media posts. Sad thing is that now she has fans who will support her in every attack against Will. I saw a FB post where someone said she knew Jasmine and Will is a coward. So now it’s her against him - but since he has chosen to take the high road it’s her version against his silence.
  8. If it’s true that he was depressed and she knew it, I understand her anger at the show/“experts” for matching them but it’s cruel for her to out his mental state. Jeez. He can’t help being depressed if he was and his post on Instagram after the show wasn’t an attack on her. I have no doubt she’ll try to suck up as much fame as she can off of this.
  9. I guess there was more Instadrama with Jasmine and Will’s friend.
  10. Soup333

    Season One Discussion

    I watched the first episode and episode three last night and I think that’s enough for me. Not really a fan. Nothing wrong with the first except it could have been shorter. The third episode was moving but at some point it stopped being a twilight zone episode.
  11. Soup333

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    The hormones are buzzing. It was probably so thick in there they could feel it all the way over on the divorced side of the room.
  12. Yes, they’re everywhere. I don’t know if y’all have ever seen any home decor vids on Youtube but farmhouse is everything now. You even have Dollar Tree DIYers painting black spots on white items to make them look chipped. I personally find the need to label a house with nouns very strange. Does one really need a sign that says toilet? How would we ever find the porch if not for the huge sign labeling it so? It’s ridiculous.
  13. I guess she wasn’t too happy after the reunion. She comes across as bitter as hell.
  14. Soup333

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    I agree. But In just a couple months there’ll be another 8 people to dissect. I hope we get some good ones. Lol. I think it was the phrasing of the original post. It read as if you were questioning why anyone would care.
  15. Soup333

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    Jasmine threw it first. She answered the host's questions by saying people who aren't open shouldn't do this - and she's talking about Will. He made his comment about selfish people after that, probably in direct response because he knew she was talking about him. Then she said don't throw shade as if she hadn't thrown some herself. At that time there was probably a lot of resentment on both parts but especially hers because she was rejected after she said she wanted to remain married. I think that's why she wanted him to answer if he thought there was a chance before she did so she could then reject him.