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  1. I am also in that group. Mallory has been a bully to both Jeanette and the guy friend this entire season and I just found her switch to being Kate's best friend strange and unbelievable. I don't care for the actress that plays her either.
  2. I enjoyed this show until this episode. If it has another season I certainly won't be back. My main gripe has to do with Mallory and how much I hate her and how she got off scot free after being such a bitch to both her so-called friends. Matter of fact, all three of these girls are assholes.
  3. I used to do legal transcription and had something like this. The man was an addict and couldn’t stop even at work, even after having been caught before. It had nothing to do with children though. It’s hard to imagine that Josh isn’t in a similar situation. Hopefully he is being carefully watched.
  4. I hope this comment is allowed. I think it’s likely that CPS will do forensic interviews on some/possibly any minors Josh had been in regular contact with.
  5. After reading this I started singing it in my head and...😳 I never knew! I confess I stopped watching last week. I didn’t even finish the episode. Erik was his usual controlling self and I checked out. From the comments I don’t think I’m missing much. We all knew Chris thought Paige was ugly weeks ago. The discussion around Paige devolved into that fairly quickly, which is what Chris wanted.
  6. I get it. That’s how I used to watch Seeking Sisterwife. I was fascinated by it.
  7. This season is very boring. The Chris & Paige show is ridiculous and I wish they'd just stop filming them. Foisting manipulating Chris and dumb Paige on us every week is disrespectful to the viewers. I like Vincent and Brianna but I'm wary of him being triggered again. Clara and Ryan are running in place. Or maybe walking in place. Virginia and Erik...just a drunken disaster waiting to happen. As far as Haley and Jake, I agree with those who've said they're just not compatible. Jake is self-deprecating, even in his comments about how he's not photogenic. Haley seems very stiff w
  8. Congratulations on your anniversary! My aunt and uncle just celebrated 58 years. We had a zoom party. My aunt said when they got married they didn’t have a big wedding or a reception. My grandfather took my uncle to the bar and she had a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts with my grandmother.
  9. Is this the worst season? I skipped the Mia/Tristan season and my previous worst was S2 but this is trash.
  10. I’m watching late and I agree. Chris and Paige are such a waste of time.
  11. There’s no way that shock collar would last through one episode of Virginia’s drinking. Even with Energizers, Chris and Paige would kill it dead. This episode was boring. I didn’t like how Jake assumed Hailey would be agitated IF he had texted her but that aside, I agree that he seems the most stable man of this disappointing season. Everyone else has issues. Clara should get a toy to get herself together and tell Ryan to go give a motivational speech to a plate of vegetables while she’s otherwise occupied.
  12. My original post said MAFS groups. I was speaking of other places where the show is discussed as well as the few posts here that are comparing Mercedes/Paige.
  13. I agree that Chris is the one to have built up this competition between the two. I feel like no matter who Chris was matched with, there was going to be some sort of issue because he was never done with Mercedes. His wife could have been his ideal woman and he'd still have created drama between the two because he's a chaos agent. Saying Champagne Vinny has a dad bod isn't the same as comparing Paige and Mercedes. When Mindy was the unattractive wife, we weren't directly comparing her to someone else that Zatch had been with. My issue is with the comparison because it has become a way
  14. It saddens me that the conversation has turned to comparing the attractiveness of these two women. As someone else said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Chris judged Paige as unattractive before she was even fully in front of him. He said as soon as she turned the corner he knew he didn't find her attractive. Chris may have eagle eyes, but did he really even see her face in full before determining that or was something else a factor? Maybe it was her skin tone, maybe he realized he'd made a horrible mistake by doing the show and actually cared about Mercedes - as much as an asshole like
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