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  1. Skip the prayer closet and come straight to the table. We have wine. 😂
  2. This season has been quite boring. Maybe they thought adding an additional couple would add to the drama but I'm just bored. Having all ten of these people be questioned by their in-laws was a snoozefest.
  3. And then Brandon and Taylor left an open suitcase RIGHT THERE and Taylor had to jump over it to make it to the bed. God forbid someone have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I hope Zach doesn’t turn into this season’s Luke. He’s not feeling Mindy but he doesn’t have to be rude. He’s right about her comparing their marriage to everyone else’s though. Michael’s mannerisms are effeminate and combined with his higher pitched voice there’s no way I could ever “build an attraction” to him. And if he’s a liar/narcissist to boot? Yeah, he’d be staying in room 1122 the entire honeymoon.
  4. I think Brandon was extremely uncomfortable during the wedding/reception. Maybe the reality didn’t hit him until Taylor walked out. He was so markedly different from what we’d seen. Of all the couples they were the most awkward with each other. Zach is suspect but he at least had Mindy feeling completely at ease on their wedding day. Im not sure if Taylor was reacting to Brandon’s awkwardness but It seemed like she was forcing herself to smile and seem happy.
  5. I'm wondering how Taylor is going to come off as well. A lot of people have pegged him as the one with the issues there but she also seemed as if she was faking it for me. Could have been the nerves for both but I don't think she was as happy as she claimed to be. It'd make sense if she was a last minute recruitment. So Katie and Derek are potentially this season's Beth and Jamie. Very passionate at first but then quickly turn into a raging mess. I could see Mindy and Zach being a little like Sheila and whoever (can't remember that asshole's name) OR any other couple where the husband is duplicitous, acting one way with the cameras on and another with them off. God help her if he's another Luke. Jessica and Austin could be another Ashley and Anthony/Dionna and Greg. Kind of low key with producer driven drama that will come to nothing. I can't read Michael enough to tell who he might remind me of just yet. Meka could be brash and rude like Jasmine but she could also be another Heather (Derek) and just not want to take Michael's shit. Can't tell yet.
  6. I really wondered about them. His stepmom looked so much older than his actual mother. She could have been his mom’s much older sister and I wouldn’t have been surprised. She was complete gutter drunk during that scene. Gross. Let me say it again, something about Brandon is off. I really don’t know about him. He and Zach both seem disingenuous but in different ways. Maybe Zach is just a better actor. I really like Mindy’s personality but she’s not the cutest. I don’t think she’s as unattractive as Katie though. Austin’s eyes remind me of a ventriloquist dummy. I can’t stop imagining him sitting on the twin’s lap with those huge eyes spinning around. Makes me think of the Twilight Zone. *shivers* That said, they’re the only couple in this shitshow of a season I’m rooting for. Meka does seem like a handful. A younger, even less mature Jasmine. Good luck to Michael. Katie and Derek sleep together before the end of the honeymoon which, based on historical precedent, effectively dooms their marriage to end in divorce. Also, did anyone notice Michael’s mom/aunt and Zach’s mom wore the same dress to the wedding?
  7. I don’t frequent these forums often but I thought I’d ask, has anyone seen a pic of Erin Bates’ little baby with her eyes open? The only pics I’ve seen are with her sleeping. ETA: I found one. 😂
  8. I heard Brandon say he had anxiety and gets the shakes sometimes. Did not hear him say he had an actual diagnosed condition. Call me insensitive but I find it hard to reconcile crippling anxiety with the choice to do a reality tv show.
  9. Not his actual vows but the “Brandon’s family and friends want you to know.” I just can’t remember what it was that made me feel like he wrote it. Overall, homeboy just comes across as disingenuous.
  10. Something about Brandon’s made me think HE wrote his. But if his family wrote it that would explain a lot.
  11. I still don’t like Katie but I do agree she was making herself attractive to Derek. He was into it. I like Austin and Jessica but I think his mommy issues will become a problem. So far she’s my favorite personality wise, although I liked Mindy’s personality as well. Something is off about Brandon. I’m not sure what it is but something ain’t right. I don’t know if it was simply that he isn’t into Taylor or that he’s dumb/nervous/intimidated. Could be a combination. I think the women in his family have probably spoiled him, like Keith‘s (Kristine) grandmother did with him. Grandma looks good and she knows it and she may have blown her grandson’s head up to think grandma’s baby is the most handsomest man there ever was!! Whatever it is that she does makes her soooo hideously unattractive to me. She needs to stop doing it ASAP.
  12. I can't tell if he's simply unhappy or if this is a stylistic choice, i.e., the infamous picture of Slim and Queen from...Queen and Slim. lol
  13. Agreed. Overall, these are not attractive women. The one with the horrible wig is the exception. I like Mindy’s personality the most but I don’t think Zach (so clearly here for the wrong reasons) will feel that she’s on his level. If she was/had been a competitive figure skater at one point I could see him more interested. I think this season has the most unattractive people in the history of the show. I’m not trying to be unkind but I agree with the poster above who said men are visual. I could see some of these guys being turned off immediately and permanently by their new wives.
  14. And some self esteem. I wish I’d give a damn about any of these idiots.
  15. I would have enjoyed this and watched it 100 times. He was such a little bitch. "This is the show that I was on!" Honestly, I can't imagine that boy having a job with any kind of female supervisor or manager (honestly, I can't imagine him having a job period). He's cussed out Hailey's GRANDMOTHER, her mother, her and gone off on the host. Hailey must think it's just those other women he hates. Just wait, girlie. Poor Kinsley. The libra in me can see how Tanya thought she was doing a noble thing by taking in this near feral child who has no family support. IIRC Matthew's mom is in jail and his father isn't really in the picture? There's some sort of turmoil in his family life that lead to him staying with Hailey and her mom for a few years. What Tanya didn't seem to realize is that these are teenagers. Matthew probably had an erection 22 hours out of the day. And her daughter was in love with him. As someone else said, Hailey didn't have sex because she wanted sex. She had sex with Matthew because she wanted Matthew. Her mother shouldn't just have talked to Hailey about sex once he had moved into that "third bedroom." She should have gotten that kid on some reliable birth control STAT. Not pills or condoms or anything that the kids would have to be responsible for. An implant, an IUD, something they can't fuck up by taking chances or being "in the moment." *roll eyes* During the show Tanya said she felt guilt because Hailey had gotten pregnant under her roof. She forgot to add "and with my implied consent." Out of all the mothers I find her to be the most...I don't even know what word to use. Incompetent doesn't cover it. Stupid and negligent maybe?
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