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  1. Too weird or too broke? The quirky bride annoyed me. I wouldn’t trust her energy as my own doctor but she’d have good bedside manner for a pediatrician.
  2. For some reason I couldn’t type under the quote. Anyway, yes. Amber is holding out hope that Matt has SOME sort of emotional connection with her. She claimed they hate each other - Matt is clearly confused. She says they see each other at basketball games and she flicked him off last time - he says he hasn’t seen her. Amber, even after all this time and all Matt’s antics still doesn’t get it. He doesn’t have even a smidgen of fucks to give about her. Definitely not enough emotion to hate her. She’s noticed him around town because he’s extremely tall. He hasn’t seen her, didn’t see her flicking him off like a petulant teenager and does NOT care about her moving on with her life. Whoever is behind divorcegate should be ashamed and if it is Amber making it more difficult than it has to be to force Matt to take action she’ll be married to him for a long time.
  3. I think I missed a few minutes of this. I didn’t see Ashley and Anthony’s interview. Were Iris and Keith on as well?
  4. You may be on to something.
  5. This will always be true. I wish Amber wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of telling him he has all the power and he’s holding her back. Matt does not give two fucks about Amber and the status of her life. He never has. I take it you don’t watch the Duggars then. 😂
  6. I’m not suggesting that these two women had no agency or responsibility for their part in it. I’m saying that I don’t believe Zach is some dumb lunkhead bot. He can be direct when he chooses to be. I simply think he recognized that Lindsey and Katie are not quality people (as Shannie would say) and acted upon that.
  7. I'm sorry for the loss of your father. Losing a parent is so hard and especially now when you can't have the in-person support of your family and friends. I'm sending you comfort and prayers.
  8. She turned cold almost as soon as they got back home. Derek was farting and announcing his need to take a dump and she was annoyed as hell. Now we know the real reason is she’d just had a bootycall with the ex.
  9. Someone called Zach a predator and I had to think about it for a minute but I agree. He targeted two women who have self-esteem/jealousy issues. If we go by what Shannie said, Lindsey seemed to be jealous of Mindy and wanted to “take” Zach from her. Zach capitalized on that and had that stupid woman actually thinking they would be together after the show was over. He also targeted Katie, who was more than willing to meet up with him to “discuss the show” over drinks. And this stupid woman sits on stage and says she wouldn’t consider dating Zach after the show aired and she saw how he treated Mindy even though she already knew in real time he was an ass. Zach knew Katie would be an easy lay. Somebody can try to convince me he didn’t hit and quit (like her ex) but I’ll be a hard sell. Probably turned Katie on to be treated like shit so I guess it was a win for her.
  10. Felt like Katie was trying to out whoever told Derek by saying that person misunderstood what she’d said. Not sure how you could misunderstand a hookup that Katie was likely very proud of.
  11. Not gonna lie, I’m at the point in our safer at home program (Ohio) where the Australian show is appealing. The pre-Covid me would be appalled.
  12. Also lol’d at Michael repeatedly saying he knew Katie and Derek weren’t gonna work out. He’s such trash.
  13. Love how he “didn’t remember” but then suddenly it just clicked when she came out and said it was his idea. Of course it was. Zach was moving on everything with a hole between its legs. Nevermind the face. Jessica, Austin, Mindy and this version of Derek are the only decent people this season had to offer. Honorable mention to Meka if she shuts the fuck up once in a while.
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