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I feel like this category should be titled "Lovable Little Rascal or Narcissistic Douche, You Decide" 

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Re. Caryn's b-day party pic above...I guess Jacob and his GF weren't invited?  I know Molly escaped the insanity and lives further away, so she has the perfect excuse to never have to show up.

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17 hours ago, Joan of Argh said:

Caryn is as WIDE as Matt is TALL

Indeed, she is!  What's interesting to me about her is that her face and neck belie her general heft.  

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4 hours ago, LucyEth said:

I think Caryn is pretty.

I think she has a cute face.. I hadn't noticed her heft before.

I get the feeling that she doesn't like Amy as much as she pretends to.

I also think she's a lot more controlling and maybe even a bit manipulative when it comes to Matt's relationship with Amy.

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I also think Caryn is a pretty woman. A lil chubby? Yes but who am I (chubby) to judge that?

Agree that while Caryn is all "Amy is my friend" on camera, she doesn't seem all that friendly with Amy any more. 

I don't know that she's manipulative, but I do think she's not Amy and therefore isn't going to stay with Matt because he's the first guy who paid her attention.

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