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  1. Hummm. I'm thinking Miles and Karen might do better in the real world. When she sees him suited up and heading to such a responsible job she just might 'well alright now'!!! Right now she's only focused on his age and multiple girlfriends.
  2. I haven't watched this show in ages but last night I did. Never again. The 'acts' started with pigs performing. Then somebody crazy on a guitar and then a singer that made my ears hurt. I was done. Whatever Kelly Clarkson could think of to say to all of them kiddo's to her. If America has talent it certainly wasn't on the stage last evening or whenever it was taped. Ugggg.
  3. I'm really enjoying this season and the couples. I think all of them are well matched. Who couldn't love Bennett and Amelia? They have such interesting, kind conversations. A nice respect for each others things we find odd. A bird nest in her hair. A nightgown on him. Actually I loved Bennett in his underwear. What the heck everything was covered and I'm sure he has his reasons..doesn't like to shop or they are comfy just like he is. Henry and Christina might be ok. He's slowing her roll. Didn't she have many lovers but things always went wrong with the 'type' she chose. Henry is slow and easy but he grows on you. I love her smile when Henry does just about anything and I like how Henry is trying to get with the process. We'll see but somewhere I once read 'still waters run deep'! Woody and Armani. They have a spark. They both seem committed to being married and both aren't rushing the physical but enjoying each other. Karen and Miles both want to be married and happy but maybe not with each other. He needs to never again mention her age. Somebody up thread said maybe she's older...humm. It's a sore spot for sure. She's beautiful and he's appearing very caring so we'll see. I did like his response to her question 'is he ready to be a husband'. He's a young man with a big responsibility in his job but somebody that hired him thinks he's just right. I hope he'll be just right for her.
  4. I can't believe Lux and Creed look so different!!!
  5. I can't believe Tim told Mel all the details of his cheating! I've been married many moons and so far hubbys lips are still sealed on any past girlfriends! Looking at Mel and her mom and dad sitting in judgement they look so dark and judgemental. This is not going to end well. I kind of sense Sumit not really into Jenny like he was before. Maybe he wants mom and dad to end it! Ken seems to be showing us why he could not find a partner in the US. He's a different man and I feel sorry for Armando.
  6. Mom of four still got no man!!!
  7. I was thrilled when they announced another season and here we are. It's really interesting to watch those with tons of money go for..what they go for. Really? Good point on Lake House man. Maybe he is gay and maybe they both know it. I was hoping to see the couple that got married last year and his father wanted the pre nup. Wonder how they are doing? The tall Texas guy and Bri. I kind of see them together no matter how strange the pairing may be. They both want something don't they!
  8. I think Brian is the 'only show in town' for Gentille. She doesn't seem to have had much luck in the dating department.
  9. I think they have an extension you can put on your camera to extend the distance and boy does Amy need it. With her money she should be able to do something! A quick google search turned up several. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/digipower-quickpod-extreme-monopod-black/1319454.p?skuId=1319454&ref=212&loc=1&ref=212&loc=1&ds_rl=1268655&gclid=CjwKCAjwmrn5BRB2EiwAZgL9osLcaIc2aK1xtOn3pcBg-8IqlaBHLhBfyeMXifP0PqaE8vd0-iJsIRoC5gMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. I haven't read of a consolation prize and I think it three of them make it to 100 days then 3 would get $1,000,000 each. According to the wording.
  11. I felt kind of sorry when Bennett was on Jaimes show and saw Cal discussing why Bennet wasn't a good candidate because he was going on so many directions! I like Bennett and he could turn out to do great things if just one of his ideas catch! I really like the conversations between Bennett and Amanda. They are considerate and encouraging.
  12. I think Henry has something we just aren't seeing yet! He has adoring girl 'friend's a mother that loves him and got himself picked for this reality show! Maybe Still Waters do run deep!
  13. Have you ever heard Lawson try to sing? No future there.
  14. Hummm not even at the 50 day mark and 6 have folded already. Can you really train for this? Or the four remaining two are women. I'm impressed with the women. I really like Amos too. Right now I can't remember the fourth. Yes they walked right into this but in 'our' world they have so little. Was this their only chance to make a better life for their families. Did they ignore consequences? I'm torn. I do think with such a brutal 100 day challenge they should have had more then 10 items. It's almost like a mission impossible! The show gets what it wants out of the experience with filming and money from sponsors and commercials. Most of those competing go home with nothing.
  15. I think 100 days is impossible. I also think it only one is left the show will go on until the 100 days are up! Sad but true. I much prefer the last one standing wins. For some reason this season just doesn't seem fair to any of the contestants. I think we are seeing so many bunny deaths because they have nothing else to show. It also seems the contestants were sent in with odds stacked against them. The brutal cold. The protected animals and the same 10 items the other shows allowed. When your expected to achieve the impossible there should have been more concessions!I It's funny how they pay contestants on some of these game shows and reality shows big money but put a man or woman out with nothing in the Arctic and probably almost starve until they say uncle and lose the prize. I don't like this 100 days at all. It's so unfair to all the contestants.
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