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  1. He may have not wanted his picture taken but he had it taken over and over again before the wedding. Maybe he got what he wanted. A permanent spot on the show! He’s a Roloff now! Go Chris.
  2. I don’t think Ethan will ever move to an apartment so they should take that one off the table if they expect to make a move!
  3. Drew Barrymore is my least favorite in all of Hollywood! Can’t stand that woman!
  4. I will say she and the dog seem to have worked it out! Lol Was Bae playing baby last night when she did her little bunny steps following her ‘crush’ husband into the bedroom? Another silly Bae moment!
  5. Humm I had to think about that. Maybe yes but I still really look forward to Wednesday nights! Maybe I’m keeping hope alive! Lol
  6. Gil likes to cook so there’s that! I think what’s slowing Gil’s roll in the eating out is that Mrs Fancy Pants wants to eat out at the most expensive restaurants in town! That can break the bank . Shes over the top in everything!
  7. Lots of areas they could live in where he’d have land and easy commute for her They are struggling with much more than location. Olivia will soon get a taste of how Ethan treats his mother! Unbending, uncooperative, stubborn Back atcha!
  8. Amy’s cruising on her own front porch! You go girl!
  9. Gary collects child support from Amber and now Kristina is working as a nurse. Seems he has it all wrapped up. Least I forget he gets a big MTV paycheck for appearing on the show. He doesn't have to work. Say what you will about Gary but he's probably the smartest one in this whole Teen Mom franchise. I was looking at his property when the camera panned in. It's immaculate and very nicely maintained. In my mind I kind of compared it to Tyler's property. The difference between somebody that cares and somebody that doesn't care.
  10. I don't think Mryla likes Gil other than someone to banter and brunch with. I think Gil gets it but being a gentleman he'll wait to deliver the thanks but no thanks on decision day. They could have been great! So tonight I tried pushing my toothpaste from the bottom. Taking one for the team! It flipped and fobbled and hurt my hand. I'll always be a middle of the tube kind of gal!
  11. Can you even begin to imagine living with Jose in 15 years when he becomes ‘set in his ways’! He’s impossible right now!
  12. So hate me if you must but goats smell bad and those baby goats had some really creepy eyes! Johnny barely got two bites in before she started! That Salmon looked good too! Gil…it’s over…actually it never really started. Jose just shut up and listen. Yes she cheated but if you couldn’t get over two little kids after four years…you’ll never get over cheating. Ryan yo! Look at her boobs, look at her boobs and you’ll fall in love!
  13. This is who Amber thinks she looks and acts like. She doesn’t see herself as ridiculous. She sees herself as a movie star!
  14. I didn’t think about the Texts as conversations. That makes more sense to the amount of texting. I do agree. They could learn a lot about each other if given the chance. Actually they should be FaceTiming. That is more close up and personal and we know they have laptops and phones.
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