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  1. I remember a discussion before they were married about if they would consider plural. Racking my brain trying to remember their answer! Seems she said no and he didn't commit. Just smiled! Anybody remember that conversation?
  2. That's one huge ugly rug.
  3. I think that's one huge, ugly rug that matches nothing. Her walls are gray with white trim. She chose a chair with the gray and yellow then carried that into the ugly rug which is really a mismatch to everything! Then four black coffee tables holding down what must be a cheap rug because good rugs lay flat! Amy spend a few of those bucks and hire a decorator and make it into a warm, comfortable home! Geeez
  4. Jenny Can Cook has wonderful recipes! The bread is delicious! Daughter has us under lockdown! She loves us and worries! Those partying in Florida will flock North and gobble up all the resources because they are entitled to their best life. The hell with those of us that followed the rules. I believe the old stabilize the young. My son who has traveled the world , raised wonderful children and has a very good job asked me 'what do you think Mom?'. I told him everything will be fine. Scientists will find a vaccine and life will return to normal. So please don't underestimate us older folks. We keep chaos on the down low! To everybody worrying calm down. As everything in life 'this too shall pass'! Patience grasshopper!
  5. I have decided each season they pick a wife to carry the show! We had Janelle's weight loss season. Meri's Sam season that lasted two years and now we have Robyn who sucks at playing the role of God will provide a rental! That's how they roll!
  6. I don't like Amy's new house. It's cold and lacking. I hear echoes. Seems she's attempting Pinterest and not doing well at it. The rug she's trying to anchor down isn't matching anything. Spend a few bucks and hire a decorator! Especially if your going to continue the terrible in your face selfies. Every time I see a new close up of her in all that chaos I wonder what was she thinking!T I bet Matt is saying "thank God and Greyhound she's gone'!
  7. T Does Doug work? I remember him being unemployed! Katie is a handful. She has no joy. I hope Derrick says no thank you on decision day. I can't stop watching Taylor's hair! I'd love to see her with the wig off! Michael never makes eye contact with anybody! Didn't they notice that when they interviewed him for the show. Mindy will always be a victim. Zack will always be a player. Meka would make a good anything that required a machine gun mouth. Wow! She surely drew the short straw!
  8. Well that was hard to watch! Why doesn't kody back off and let Robyn have her rental dream that's never going to happen? Maybe it's costing so dam much because she wants SEVEN bedrooms! Who does she think she is...Kim Kardashian West??? If I was kody I'd have a nice trailer parked out on the property with Robyn 's name on it! Welcome home!!
  9. Amy looks so much better in pictures when the camera isn't resting on her nose!
  10. Before I would go one step further in the relationship Michael would have to show me documentation of all he is starting with birth certificate and ending with his last pay stub. Michael looks nobody in the eye when answering their question. There is something wrong with him. Documents for everything! Zack gives nothing to anybody. But oh how he loves attention! I can't believe we have to still wait for just what Zack is saying Mindy did wrong!
  11. We have to be brave and strong. This too shall pass. I'm old so the other day I was thinking of I think 1962 and the Cuban Missile crises! We all knew a missile was coming and we were going to die any moment! We didn't did and here we are talking about it.A I try to look on the positive side and think how lucky I am to be in my comfortable home and not confined to some room on a cruise ship! It's going to be ok!
  12. I'm not so sure Mariah is gay! She's never had a date with anybody. I have always thought Audrey was just available and another chance for Mariah to say Look At Me!
  13. Why is Mariah having two engagement parties? Won't they have bridal showers and bachelorette parties? Seems everybody wants to kiss Mariah 's ass. Especially mother Meri. Mariah doesn't like her mother. She tolerates her. It's sad to watch .
  14. I am an optimist and believe they will find something soon to stop this madness. Top scientists, pharmaceutical companies and labs working with the best and brightest will make something wonderful happen. Until then be safe and follow the guidelines. Right now they are doing everything to lessen the peak! This too will pass.
  15. I think Cheyenne is pretty much done with the new guy! What happened to Corys hair? Goodness. Maci I have to tell you Ryan's never going to change. He looked high to me! Boo hoo Amber. Nobody feels sorry for you! Gary was looking better. MacKenzie once a cheater..... When the only thing good about this show is Caitlin and what's his name.
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