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  1. If Meri was to leave...holding my breath...She could maybe get a full time 9-5 job somewhere with health insurance and benefits! I realize she's under educated and no experience other than bitching on tv and selling clothing out of her closet but many people work every day to support themselves and their families! Just a thought! Just like the saying why buy the cow when the milk is free! Why work when reality tv pays for your life style!
  2. Whatever do these girls see in Michael??? Maybe I'm missing something? He's just a skinny assed liar and jail bird. Maybe Michael has a golden penis?
  3. I think one's champagne and one's beer! Most people prefer one over the other! Lol
  4. So this is way off the wall and I've heard it nowhere but could there be more going on with Harry and Meghan then we know? Things are moving so fast. MOO but could they be separating? I'm seeing pictures of her driving and picking up a friend at an airport. Harry is no where around and I don't think he's due back in Canada for a while. His private meeting with the family with no Meghan input. I dunno but something's not exactly right with all this. As I said just my own thoughts!
  5. Sniper camp...is that kind of like snipe hunting??? Lol
  6. Josie looks just like Justin. Kind of different from the other kids!
  7. How many times did she help them? Robyn brought help and one of two of the others hired it done. Meri loves to complain and do nothing! I think the biggest FU to Meri was when she visited and had to rent a room at the local hotel while having three sister wives and a husband with big houses!!!
  8. I like Doug...! He brought kindness and understanding to Jamie's life plus his wonderful parents that seem to really love Jamie!
  9. I never understand people running around with big ugly moles on their face. A dermatologist can diagnose and remove them quite easily. Sometimes just by zapping them a couple of times and removing them. Doug's were sooo ugly and as I remember several of them. Jamie is a nurse so she knows how easy that is to take care of. 90 Day Fiance has a beekeeper gal on their show with three red moles on her face. I can't stop looking at them and wondering WHY?
  10. I was looking ahead on my to be recorded DVD and I think I'm two weeks a surprise pregnancy??? Anybody hearing about that? I don't have a link it was just a blurb about that episode.
  11. I'd like to see a picture of Mindy when she was 24. I was surprised she is 34 and Zack 32. He seems like he'd be looking for a younger wife.
  12. That nasty step mother! What was her problem! She is very unattractive compared to the mother/ex wife! I'll be looking forward to seeing her at the after the wedding night breakfast! Is Zack short or is Mindy tall. They really fit into each other. I'm wishing good things for her. She seemed so happy!
  13. Epstein is dead and Andrew hiding like the mommas boy he has always been! Meghan and Harry back up! William should be grateful. His day in the sun over his maybe affair while Kate was pregnant was short lived thanks to Harry! The monkey picture should have brought about some kind of change and consequences to the press but no they let Meghan and Harry walk alone. I would not blame Meghan if she never again brings her beautiful Archie to that terrible place that killed Diana!
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