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  1. Jeanne222

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    She's wasting away right before our eyes. I hope she's ok.
  2. Jeanne222

    Mackenzie McKee: Somebody We're Supposed to Know

    Who made the decision to bring Mackenzie to teen mom? They should be fired!
  3. Jeanne222

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    It seems to me that Keith is more put off by iris's childish behavior than her virginity! She thinks shes playful and cute. I think she looks silly. He's wanting a mature wife not a silly little girl guarding her virginity! Is she anorexic? Her skinny bones are everywhere and I think she's losing more weight as the show goes on! Compare her face to then and now! There's a problem there. Elizabeth is so unladylike in everything she does and Jamie always goes for the juggler! I can't keep my eyes off of Deonne's neck. Has she had a huge weight loss prior to the show? Matt and Amber are sad to watch. Going through the motions. He's always been monotone but she was at least hopeful. That hope seems to have vanished along with the sex! If any of these couples are together after six months I'll be shocked!
  4. Jeanne222

    The Bachelor Season 24: Spoilers and Speculation

    I don't think it will be any of Hannah's men. Somebody either new and exciting or somebody from a past season! Moo
  5. Jeanne222

    S21.E24: Head of Household #8; Nominations #8

    He's no therapist! Can't be. I'll bet he's some kind of support person!
  6. Jeanne222

    S06.E10: Thin Ice

    Woniya is the one I'm really pulling for to win. Like she said it's time for a woman to win. She has such a positive attitude. I love this show and everything I learn from it. I do notice they are showing more of the fish and animals being cut up but I just fast forward those parts. It take quite a man or woman to survive in such climates and areas. I do notice most of them have nothing much going for them other than survival skills. They desperately need the money.
  7. Jeanne222


    Does anybody happen to know why this one is considered Adult. I am not seeing nudity or words. Just curious about that.
  8. Jeanne222


    Tonight was my catch up of four episodes! I'm one of the episodes Ken asks Chip "what is your plan"? I laughed so hard I couldn't stop!! Like Chip had some kind of life plan!
  9. Jeanne222

    S09.E09: One Month Down, Never to Go

    I wonder if Keith Is as tired of Iris's virginity as I am! Make it stop!!!
  10. She knows every single thing about that wedding! The network will be paying for it!!! Prime tv! We can bet Meri will want the finest of everything for Mariah!
  11. On Lordy Mariah! Please just stop!!!
  12. Jeanne222

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    Gotta love how Tiffany talks like she knows something and is counseling US! She's sitting in a shit hole with an ex con and addict and has her son exposed to sex trafficers and she's telling us in her chats how it is. Yes Tiffany do have a baby in the mix of all of this. Money talks and bullshit walks comes to mind.
  13. Jeanne222

    S09.E09: One Month Down, Never to Go

    I think Keith and iris have been having sex for a while now! They smile a lot and they are very loving! I think he's respecting her by not telling and leaving the telling up to her!
  14. Jeanne222

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    The one lovebird Angelina looks just like the Nutsy one on 90 day Fiance, the other way , flying to India to be with summit! It's either her or her sister!
  15. Jeanne222

    Season 21 Spoilers: Live Feed Summary

    Thank you so much for doing this! Still can't watch due to contract problems between CBS and cable company!