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  1. She's Amy's stooge for the nice check she'll be receiving in the mail! Lisa like Chris are enjoying screen time and the $$$$! Take away the money and we'd be asking "where did those two go?
  2. I think nurses are like doctors in that they specialize. A labor and delivery nurse can tell you anything or everything about birthing. Asking them about colonoscopy and they might have to refer back to their studies. With that said I think most of them know about common meds and common sense questions!
  3. Maybe Jeremy has had a weight loss and it's showing in his face. I don't know! He looks bad. He's going to soon have two children and a wife to provide for. Living in a home that he doesn't own and going to classes are both not ideal circumstances. I'm thinking income comes from doing the show with Jinger Dugger!
  4. No Maurice the casino is NO guarantee to triple your money! This is a test! Poppa bear is watching. Try to remember looks fade but dumb is forever. Be smart and buy the ring for his little girl. Note to dad; your money hidey hole is no longer a secret!
  5. Amy’s getting pretty regular checks from YouTube sponsors for her videos. Not sure how taxes and social security are handled there.
  6. This is a real snooze fest! Ugggg....
  7. I don’t usually get my heart broken on this show but when Amelia told Bennett she was there because she wanted to be on a reality show a few tears slid down my cheeks. I really thought those two had found each other! Now I think Amelia did it for the $25,000 to pay down her student loans and Bennett will be left with a broken heart and maybe never trust again! How could she do that?
  8. Interesting they both made offers. It would seem like Zacks offer would hold more weight since he and his family are pretty much the show. I said before I don't think Matt wants to sell one stick of Roloff farm after the bigger war he waged with Amy to get it. I always thought he might come up with some rental agreement with Zack to keep the show moving along. Time will tell.
  9. I think Caryn and Matt have an agreement that fits both of their needs. They seem quite comfortable with each other. I do agree with what Caryn said about them both acting like they're still married with all the bickering they do! She's probably as sick of it as we are! New storyline please!
  10. I think he was between a rock and a hard place. Christmas and Enzo are/were a team. At least with Nicole he had a slight chance of her taking him to final. Also with Christmas gone Cody puts Enzo in more of a position to pick him! If Cody or Nicole win and don't take Enzo they are both fools!!!
  11. If Nicole wins she has to take Enzo to win. Cody to. He has to take Enzo!
  12. Cody won't win against Nicole. She truly is America's sweetheart. I think if she wins she'll cut Cody and take Enzo. Same with Enzo. If he wins he has to cut Cody and take Nicole who will most likely win! I can't see any way Enzo can win the game. I thought Dani and Nicole were tight. Now they arent? I'd love to hear who most think each juror will vote for. I've said from the beginning Nicole will win this. Her social game is number one and she can win comps when she wants to win them.
  13. I’d love a scene where Bennett burns the mustard colored sleep shirt he wears. I just can’t......
  14. Amy would never hire professional anything! She's cheap. No movers, no landscapers and no painters. Certainly no interior decorators. Amy wants what she had with Matt. A money tree. She keeps trying but failing miserably. Amy s second act was to feather her nest. So far it not working. Her only avenue of income are those sad cooking show videos that she gets from having the Roloff name. Then she sold a couple dozen face masks and a few putrid looking boxes of Lemon fudge. Chris is her hired help. Nothing more nothing less. Matt might be a lot of things but he did profit from his ideas and personata! Amy slugged along bitching all the way. I think Matt talks about Amy because her so happy it's over and sometimes finds it hard to believe it ever happened! Amy has small unprofitable ideas. Matt has huge moneymaking ideas. Amy burns with anger that if and when Matt makes more money half of it won't be hers. She has the consolation prize. Nice guy, gofer Chris. Great second act!
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