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  1. Jeeves sorry your post is here...I hit the wrong button! Lol Josh Dugger working? The same Josh that waltzed out of jail under the wing of a million dollar defense attorney into a waiting chauffeur driven limousine...that Josh Dugger? Idol hands will surely be this devil's workshop!
  2. I’m still confused about bail. Is there any bail? We talked about that a lot before Josh was released! TIA
  3. I’m still wondering what he’s been up to the last two years!
  4. I just watched Josh leaving court in a chauffeur driven limousine. Maybe he is a prince! They should have let him walk to the house!!!
  5. Wasn’t Anna’s brother the one that tried so hard to get her away from Josh back in Washington? She wouldn’t leave him. BTW is there any bail set on Josh or is he just free with stipulations?
  6. The Duggers and their cult are not the only residents in Arkansas! There are good, intelligent people that find him disgusting!
  7. Agreed! He will always be the evil one no matter what words are uttered through Gothard mouths! Ben, Derrick, Jeremy and Austin may never allow their families by this monster that molested their wives. Then the in-laws also have a voice. The families of these sons in law. I see him welcomed nowhere and never overcoming this evil!
  8. I don't think we will hear anything about any CPS involvement! Remember the Duggers statement after the feds were there..'Nothing to see here'!
  9. So I was thinking about all of this last night. I think our justice system is way to lenient to all offenders. It just is. There are so many behind bars in this country. I read statistics a while back on how many prisons and jails there are and was amazed. With that said worrying if Josh 'will get what's coming to him' who knows. But I do know this. With what he's accused of none will want anything to do with this miscreant! Family, friends, church family, neighbors, grocery store clerks and gas station attendents! He's down to mom, dad and Anna. Discovered involve
  10. Don't undermine Bar! He was clever enough to buy an engagement ring and propose to the Gravy Train! Keep those TLC checks rolling in! He'll never work anything but his mouth and d...! Kail is surely in a downhill spiral! She used to not give a d.. About what anybody posted but now it bothers her that nobody likes her! She's down to just one kinda friend! Those poor boys! Brianna why do you chose such losers then expect them to be father of the year? They only show up occasionally for the appearance check and Luis can't even do that! Sad! They are both angry she wants sup
  11. Why this pause in the show with nonsense! Let's get this over with!
  12. I thought mom and haircut were married????
  13. You are writing exactly what I'm thinking! For the air tight case the feds seem to have on Josh and his CP Josh seems to be skating along. Who is this judge? Is she a church member? If Josh is not permitted back at his Guest House home he shares with Anna then where are these family get togethers going to take place? Josh is free to go to work....aaa a Josh doesn't work! Is all of this the work of this high priced attorney JB hired?
  14. I keep waiting for Lilly's step father to blow! They now have a little family of four living with them! Six mouths to feed! Six showers each day. Step daddy looks like he's heading toward retirement age. To dream the impossible dream!
  15. I think josh will go with Anna in the pole barn and the six kids will go to the big house! What’s six more! Anna can go there during the day and Baby Josh will be snug as a bug in a rug! Yep!
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