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  1. Is it my imagination or did the RHOA all get bigger this season! Those are some big women!
  2. I was thinking about this today..I wonder if Alex had a choice in who would take the hosting job!
  3. My bed is sooo cozy! I have a King Size Velvet like one side and Shepa other side comforter! Fleece sheets that are warm as toast! My bed is my paradise! btw I posted about hubby having problems with his prescriptions. Not true. The doctors office is now computerized to do refils and I was assured there would be no problem. Hubby was trying to get his refills too early!
  4. I wondered why it seemed low budget millionaires! Lol new show. I'm really enjoying every episode. I too wondered why their budget seemed a bit tight! Lots of low middle class workers have bills that need to be paid off. Plus on one million I'm just guessing $250,000 goes to the tax man. I think they're smart to spend wisely!
  5. I don't really care for this tryout period they are doing. If Ken is their man hire him and move along! This tryout period makes them look wishy washy!
  6. The Atlanta couple with five kids wanting the million dollar house with acreage! What does he do to command that kind of salary! Wow. I know she's a stay at home mom! That's a lot of moolah!
  7. Wait until Uncle Bo arrives back at the ranch. Lol Wasn't he sent away for just a little while.
  8. I can't decide on her looks. Does she have a big head? Something is just off with her looks. Is that her real hair or a wig?
  9. Thank you. It's always been a problem with getting refills in the past. The pharmacy has been calling the doctor's office with no luck. I'll try again tomorrow.
  10. So many sad losses. My heart goes out to all that are left behind or worried about loved ones. My story is a little different. I called my husband's doctor this morning to ask him a question. Can my husband have the covid vaccine since he had Gullium Barre syndrome years ago. The receptionist told me the whole staff is home sick! I asked Covid? And she responded yes. So tonight hubby went down to the drug store to pick up meds refills. They told him they cannot refill the prescription s without doctors ok and they can't get a hold of the doctor! What to do???
  11. Wait I thought the steak and eggs guy was a different one??? The black guy marrying the blonde. The one who is so structured.
  12. So I'm kind of thinking the old guy is kind of cool and his swag makes up for his looks and age!
  13. I think I heard them say something about big Mike's Plumbing Company. Heck with selling the plumbing company, program money and the show picking up the cost of the shower and wedding they will be ok!
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