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  1. You mean there is a baby???? Faints.....
  2. Evilyn can hardly keep a straight face! What a laugh she is and is having on stupid Americans! Sumit never answers a question. We know very little about him and he kept himself a catfish secret then his marriage a secret! Which brings me to this question. Could he have another secret...maybe a baby or two?
  3. I don't think Ree gives a thought to posters or would waste her time with plants! She's so busy making millions and as long as her things and ideas are selling she's one happy cow girl home on her range!
  4. Thank you! You just said every thing I 'm thinking! I thought I'd faint when Jeremy shouted out the banging with Leah and her knocked up sister giggling and hanging onto every word! What trashy people! I have no words for fat assed Kail! Brianna is living in a fools paradise if she thinks John is going to leave his comfortable lifestyle for her and two kids not his! I'll bet he makes sure to use birth control every time! I think the DR did John in!
  5. So surprise Jim Bob and Michelle are back in charge again! I wasn't expecting that. I thought Jessa was doing a good job! Michelle looked off color and tired to me. She's lost her enthusiasm and boy does it show in her face! I think she's pretty much done with the show but is stepping in to keep checks coming to those that don't work regular jobs! Lauren never bothered me before but last night she was way too much! Sitting on Josiahs lap and playing kissy face in the duggers living room! GET A ROOM! I dont think I've ever seen John David so happy! He used to be just a bump on a lot but he's come a long way baby.
  6. Whenever Corey speaks I keep thinking 'you can't fix stupid'! Gosh he's a dumb bunny. It was kind of sad watching his late father trying to talk sense into him!
  7. I didn't realize you could make money from YouTube videos!!! How does that work? I went over and watched the one about no period! Lots of views but no comments! She must not want to read negative comments!
  8. I thought that expensive purse MacKayla has was a 'push gift' she bought for herself after her last baby! At least that's what she told her grandmother!
  9. Rebecca and Zaheid need decent haircuts and a good hair washing! Just for the record...Avery s voice is sitting on my last nerve!
  10. Darcy and Tom. That was tough to watch! The few minutes Tom gave Darcy on the dance floor I just knew her fake boobs were going to poop out of that dress and she was going to love it! Then Tom trying to salsa looked to me like somebody who's had a few lessons and is trying! Tom is NO salsa dancer. Ugh just ugg!
  11. I'd love to know how much money has been made by Thomas and Samantha by selling their stories and interviews about Meghan. Trashy people. Meghans mother surely had her work cut out for herself with that side of the family when she was raising her!
  12. And Chantels sister in law would be fun too!
  13. I was going to comment but honestly....there are no words!
  14. Anna is pregnant again? This seems to be a yearly production! How many is that now?
  15. Just one big happy family! Wouldn't we love to be a fly on the wall?
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