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  1. Why is the other one carrying a saw!
  2. I remember when I was young. Maybe four or five. I said ‘poon’. One day my friends brother was home and he called me over to the desk he was sitting at and explained it was ‘spoon’. A couple of times he said it and had me say it! I practiced all day and never ‘poon’ again!
  3. Gosh Amy gave them both facials!
  4. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband.
  5. They are lucky Matt found a way to rescue them. Evidently Amy’s three jobs was not generating much income!
  6. Take that Audrey Roloff!!! We have friends too! Lol
  7. And he now has money and is a tv star something I’m thinking he was always longing for. Handsome as he is!
  8. Oh Maci. Now we have a new storyline fir a few more seasons. Twins on top of that!!! Amber gets away with everything because of her illness! My daughter is Bi Polar and has had terrible ups and downs but with proper meds and a good doctor she manages quite well. She works hard, is self supporting and leads a fairly normal life. I give her so much credit. She is surely NO AMBER!
  9. Absolutely and I bet Matt wishes he could take it all back. Zack does nothing to provide his family with their lifestyle. That’s all the hard work Matt did in addition to dealing with dead weight Amy! Gosh I bet he’s so happy he’s free from her!
  10. I swear. I bet Matt wishes he could take back all the show money and send these nutsy kids out into the workforce. They all need some grounding. A touch of reality!
  11. I think Meri stays just to annoy Kody. In their religion if the wife leaves Kody is still heaven bound. If the husband leaves he isn’t heaven bound! So Since there is no man knocking on Meri’s door she’s staying and smiling and cashing in and it’s pizzing Kody to no end!
  12. What a sad family they are. To whom ever was asking about the blonde to the right of Kody that was Meri. Robyn was to his left with the five kids around the table. It was sad hearing Christine could not live in a house with a disfunctional marriage facing a happy home. How sad but that’s polygamy and y’all signed up for it! The show did them all in. Without the show money they never would have been able to leave their plural home and move to big houses in Vegas! Once they did that they were free to hate each other. This last move was for the show, for Robyn and pretty mu
  13. So Brittany and Ray are going on a birthday weekend to celebrate her! Run Ray. Run as fast as you can! Beaver and Red. Moving In together. Another baby! Have mercy. Shane and shown and the porn star. Did dad have the baby too along with the other three? Will dad ever say ‘ENOUGH’?
  14. I think this show and the money mean everything to the Bates. I’m sure Carlin was given a talking to about her posts. Now they wait to see just what the fallout will be! If it goes away then nothing. If it blows up then we’ll see. They are getting a bit of a reprieve because after the Josh Dugger scandal most everything else the fundies do isn’t quite So Much! They have seen the Duggers crash and burn and do not want that happening to themselves.
  15. So I did a bit of YouTube and they are living in a van!!! Who knew. Jamie said she lived in a broken down trailer and did ok so…off they go! She said they wanted to be closer to family. Wasn’t their home close to Doug’s parents? Im thinking they sold the NJ house but still have the Florida one. Bottom line is I think she’s the biggest kookie dook ever. Too bad Doug doesn’t man up and get his family in order!
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