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  1. We will find out what happened that Dan got the boot! Remember that old saying...'Two can keep a secret if one of them are dead'!
  2. Probably to help with the kids since her anxiety was so bad. He might be on a family leave time. Leah and Victoria are trashy and surely on the wrong program. Where's Maury when we need him! Drew and Tessa kissing all those trashy asses surely must get something out of this gig besides a paycheck! Kail is as big as Christmas and looking for a baby daddy! Run Chris run! I bet Kail couldn't find a hook up in Puerto Rico or wherever they were!!! Didn't she promise him a BJ last episode?
  3. Lol Ben telling Jessa what to do??? When hell freezes over! Lol
  4. Maybe Dr drew can talk some sense into her!!! Lol
  5. Yes I noticed that. Very unsure of himself. I thought he would be much better since that's his chosen career!
  6. My husband had that. What they look for is if the condition progresses to the heart and lungs. Hubbys didn't and after a month of touch and go he recovered nicely. I understand it can be brought on by the flu shot. Hubby didn't have the shot the year he got it. Can never have a flu shot!
  7. I have read that male children of a single mom tend to become caretakers to their mothers. Protectors. Anna does her children no favors bringing this guy into their home and family. I think it's all for the sex! Anna is as much an idiot as women that bring boyfriends into their home when they have young daughters!!! I'm glad the boys have each other!
  8. I spent quite a bit of time looking them both up last night. Actually they are very good singers and both released records recently. Both love their families and seem very close to them.I She talks about being able to help her parents who have struggled financially. I think they are too young and think they're more in lust than in love but time will tell. I watched all their singing from American idol 2018. She came in second and I think he was in the top five with Katy Perry having organisms each time he sang!!! Lol
  9. Angela has an Incarcerated daughter and her mother locked in a bedroom while supporting another daughter and six grandkids!!!!! I see the network loving every bit of this one. I smell a spin-off! Lol
  10. Maybe Jeremy was surprised when he saw that dress!
  11. I think those were choices Michelle and Jim Bob made for their family. Remember Michelle tempting the neighbors while mowing the lawn in a two piece bathing suit! Now Jeremy is head of their family and there will be new guidelines set by them. moo of course! btw while at my local library the other day I picked up a $1.00 book. Growing Up Dugger. Probably bla bla bla bla. But we'll see!
  12. What exactly are Evies medical problems? She's a beautiful baby.
  13. I was kind of surprised the dad being a cop didn't catch on sooner!
  14. What's the problem with Leah and her mother. Seems they used to be really close. Not any more.
  15. Peter surely wasn't my choice to be the Bachelor. He reminds me of a guy I once dated. It's the lips. Terrible kisser. Ugh just uggg.
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