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  1. I noticed they had her close her mouth for the book cover picture!
  2. Matt owned the Dw and Amy owned the big house per the divorce. Amy wanted to move off the land and no longer wanted the expense of big house and maintenance. So Mart had a home inspection done and then purchased the home from Amy. Now Matt has had it cleaned and painted. Matt's building another home for himself and Caryn. We'll wait and see what he decides to do with the big house now that it is his!
  3. My guess is they're allowing them to send in videos and picking the ones to show!
  4. Yes she still owns part of the big house side land but no longer owns the big house. That's why Matt was building his "wall"! Lol. A small piece of land must have gone with the house. Remember Amy whining about it being too much for her to maintain. Remember Matt having the inspections so he could see if there was any damage since he's been gone. Matt got the DR side from the divorce. He got the big house buying it from Amy.
  5. I don't think so. At the divorce Amy got the big house but this season she sold it to him and moved on to her second chapter while retaining the Roloff name from her first chapter! Lol
  6. Yes this a hundred times!!!
  7. Amy sold the big house to Matt. That's why she moved to the new house. On Matt's fb page he talks about having it cleaned and painted!
  8. I think Amy would do herself proud to not get married on Roloff farms. She sold the big house to Matt and keeps telling the world it's a new chapter she's living. Pick a venue that suits Amy and fake I mean Chris and do your own thing. Take fakes, I mean Chris last name and really start your new chapter! Please don't hang on and bitch!!!
  9. Thank goodness Zack was able to make it through the birth! Hiding out in the hallway until the doctor himself came and got him! No epidural for him. I think he wanted to stay in that hallway during the c section! Bless his heart!
  10. The pink paint is awful! I can't believe a paint consultant from the paint store had anything to do with that! Does Chris want a pink accent wall in their bedroom? Most men would say NO!!!!
  11. If Amy and Lisa are business partners be looking for a fall out in the friendship unless Lisa let's Amy be the boss in all things!
  12. I can't remember. Were Veronica and Tim married and divorced? Is the child theirs or hers with someone else I think Lana 's wondering if she can do David even if he is a millionaire! She's quite the little actress. Not!
  13. Now that Katie of Without A Crystal Ball has guesstimated how much Meri makes per year, $400,000, I have to wonder how generous she is with her only child! I'm guessing the money is what 's drawing Mariah to shelter in place at Lizzies! Follow the money takes on a new meaning!
  14. Do they still teach punctuation in grade school, high school or college? I am amazed at her lack of writing skills!
  15. Chris is probably always in all things paid for! Either by the show or Amy. Chris is living the dream! Lol
  16. I think the inappropriate dancing and language occurred on a cruise. Not prom night. I've never seen it but it been referred to in comments.
  17. I so agree with everything you are saying. Josh is a terrible husband and father! He's staying for the money and filming. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on! I'm really surprised her mother pushed her dying wish on MacKenzie. If it was with the grandkids in mind Josh is a terrible, hands off, father. None would be better than him! Some don't like Maci but she left Ryan and found a good husband helping her raise Bentley. Can you imagine her life if she would have stayed with him.
  18. Amy and Chris are not married as of yet. It took this maybe confirmed bachelor three years to put an engagement ring on it. I'm getting there never will be a wedding. Realtors , as far as I know, don't have pension plans, insurance and 401k's. They are outside contractors working on their own for a real estate company. With that said Amy and this reality show have to be a dream come true for Chris. Chris might get comfortable with Amy taking care of him. Who knows? He seems like a pretty nice guy who doesn't 'poke the bear'! Maybe the two of them will find a nice companionship with each other. Re Amy' S appearance I don't think she understand the importance of being TV ready. Her hair, teeth, nails all need work. She would never be a beauty but I think she would be more presentable. I don't think Amy likes spending money.
  19. But hasn't that always been an issue with Michelle that she 's never been recognized for the way she plays the game! She won once and was final three among champions! I'd say she's a dam good player!
  20. Tony won $2 million. How much did the others make? TIA
  21. Zack is Amy's son..for sure! He cannot and will not comfort his wife during child birth because he is scared of needles. He won't take care of Jackson when he can pompously designate Matt as the caretaker! Cha cha is getting a big paycheck so she'll fix spaghetti! Amy doesn't want to lift and change dirty diapers so she will cook Zacks favorite meals and appear at the hospital for a brief photo shoot! Nobody has to work and everybody gets paid a healthy sum! For the Roloffs it seems to work and another season rolls on!
  22. This show should be named Dysfunction Junction! Lordy how did we arrive here? Watching Cheyenne try to parent one sick child and longing for the child's father who has impregnated another and is on a reality show shoot pained me! Poor Cheyenne and all that responsibility! Then we move onto Mackenzie. I'm only guessing but I'm thinking her three are way over the top and they either need to be medicated or maybe take away the dam sugar! I thought for sure the birthday girl would jump in that birthday cupcake mess! Were those black iced cupcakes? The reason they only travel with one is because that's all the two of them can handle! Amber maybe you're never going to find love on the teen mom show! I'd love to know if she spends any time at all with Leah off camera. Her list of losers grows and beauty fades but stupid is forever so just stop importing more losers into the innocent lives! So now Gary is Ambers counselor and support person! I'll bet the network upped his check! It pains me to watch Amber and Gary converse and think he makes sense. Ryan almost fell in the crib. He looked so happy and excited carrying new little Stella the stairs and Mac dragging behind. Poor Bentley. He's a sweet kid who deserves so much more. Tyler I think your onto something..keep on keeping on! Lol
  23. Lol that's as good as Jeremy thinking ballet is an Olympic sport! Lol
  24. The only two things I remember her for are terrible post partum after the birth of her first daughter and being People Magazine most beautiful one year! Personally I never cared for her.
  25. Amen this would be her perfect platform! But will she ever do something that would be helpful and make sense? I'm betting she's all talk and no show!
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