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  1. Tai. Did she really have the girls up front and open for her first date with Angel. I couldn't stop looking at them and wondering if they would pop out! She's about one sandwich short of a picnic! Haley honey....Never mind. Gabby slow your roll. Where did her prisoner of love really get all that $$$. Something smells. Never heard of a prisoner settlement but then again....I'm learning more about lots of things being a fan of Love After, Presently and Beyond Lockup! Friends are amazed at my prison knowledge!
  2. I don't think Janelle has a home right now. Her trailer has been put away for the winter and I think she's living with her son. Meri allows nobody in her mcmansion! That's only for Queen Meri!
  3. I was thinking the same thing.” Oh those tangled webs we weave when at first we do deceive!”
  4. I noticed Robyn had her VS hair going on for the big Covid announcement Go Robyn!
  5. Lol Chris knows how to get out of ‘family visits’. Schedule an open house!
  6. The gray teeth problem came from an antibiotic tetracycline.
  7. I believe any success Audrey may be having is due mostly to Jeremys family money and the Roloff name recognition. In conclusion Matt set them all up to never have to work. They are all free to pursue this and that thanks to the Roloff name and money.
  8. I suspect Jeremy has a nice monthly income from his investments from the show Little People Big World money. Those same funds and name recognition are key to no one having to work real jobs. All of the Roloff’s are living large thanks to Matt’s vision of the land and the show. Taking into consideration that he had no partner he did a really great job for all of them. Three big, strong sons with not a brain or job between any of them! I think the only one actually working is Molly.
  9. Are Karen and Miles still together? I gave them no chance at all but he was patient and she came around. I watched them in a video with Karen cooking delicious looking food! Then I saw Miles suffering terrible depression. Seems somewhere the question was asked ‘are they still together’? I hope so. I really liked them.
  10. I would think so but when she put the wrap on for the night it didn’t poof out like all that hair was under it! Looked pretty flat to me.
  11. So I listened to a couple of them and honestly I think he’s improving! I’ve always wondered how Blake Shelton made it so far in music. He’s almost always out of range and off tune with his singing. Luck might pull Lawson along. Writing his own songs has to help too. Who was that pretty blonde girl in the girl song? I’ve seen her on tv but can’t remember where?
  12. I don’t really see Zack riding around on a cart during Pumpkin season as Work but to each his own! Jeremy and Audrey are moving right along with their projects. I think they will be ok!
  13. Sooo looks like Allysa will be our villain this season! Einstein here. Lol
  14. Is Lawson’s singing video around. I’m having a slow morning! Lol
  15. Amy with another terrible selfie again and dad looks like he’d like to fight! Yep Chris stayed home!
  16. Personally I think Zack loves all his home repair and any other kind of work involved limits! He’s pretty lazy! Jeremy keeps trying and in the process could be successful. They are both really lucky daddy Matt set them up!
  17. I’m more impressed with Jeremy’s trying than his do nothing brother Zack! Has Zack ever tried to do anything other than make more babies?
  18. Replying to stoppro’s post! Don’t know what happened sorry “Zing me once shame on you. Zing me twice shame on me!”
  19. How come Chris never accompanies her to Michigan? It’s not that he’s too busy! 🙄
  20. I wonder who's getting blamed for losing the show? They were filming when it was all shut down!
  21. I noticed that. Big lunches in front of them and time to go for the prize lunch which didn't look like much! Low budget, lots of fake. Like Jade and Ashley are now hugging it out! Lol
  22. They really don't have much going for them do they. Probably just one season then back to Pillow Talk.
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