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  1. Could be why Jim Bob and Michelle aren't sending any of their' s over to help Anna! Once stung, twice shy!
  2. I wonder if Cheryl's family might have custody of her children or maybe they are in foster care? No woman hits the road that long leaving her children!!! Vince has caught my eye. I love to watch his vacant look then the sudden awareness when something clicks or the gerbil starts running! He's tv gold!!! Gloretta most likely got that auto show gig for the free publicity the owner/promoter got being on national tv with all those restored cars! The Shane and Lacey cake testing was challenging! That hair net was sliding off the ladies head. All I could see was hair in the cake!!! That business woman did her cake baking no favor!
  3. So In conclusion some of my thoughts! What's wrong with me watching this mess? Cheryl was a stripper with no breasts? Tony really went IN! Ugh just ugg! No beds have caught on fire!! No dentists to fix those ugly teeth! Nobody gets moles removed? That chest one was a doozy! Vince the next Clark Gable!
  4. Buy honey from a bee keeper within ten miles! It works wonders on allergies! Don't put it in hot drinks. Kills the good stuff! Per my local bee keeper!
  5. Dick! That's what she sees in him! Heck she was as anxious as Angela after Tony in Love After Lockup!!!
  6. I just watched a you tube video of Penny the daughter of Little Women of LA trying to walk and going into surgery for something else. Heartbreaking what these kids go through!
  7. I wouldn't mind an extra ten minutes to watch Vince to see if the Hamster starts up running!!! Lol
  8. Oh Willy! He's getting up there in age and I'm sure these big productions wear him out but he sure gave us some sweet music in his hay day!!! Willie is 86 years young and worth about 25 million dollars plus what his four ex-wives run off with. Lol
  9. I agree on Garth Brooks. He had his day! Tricia and Garth aren't my favorite couple! Miranda trying to look happy while Gwen and Blake are happy...for now at least. I look for a split when one of them leaves The Voice!
  10. I missed Little Big Town performing. They only got a small bite of the Apple with Girl Crush. When they sang Wichita Lineman a couple of years ago I hummed it for weeks!h Didn't care for Carrie's song and performance. She's so much bigger than that based on the last four of five CMA award shows where she was outstanding. Blake and Gwen are an interesting couple and Miranda was right after him! Nicole Kidman trying to act Country with her rocker husband turning Country husband are interesting watching. So many of these young entertainers are unfamiliar to me but I surely do love country! I was country when country wasn't cool!!! Whatever happened to Jennifer Nettles? She was not then she had the baby and was gone! She was surely over acting at the CMAs the other evening. Almost silly. I used to really like her and her sidekick.
  11. Anyplace discussing the CMA awards show last night? Tia
  12. I thought she was asked the question because she has so many stamps on her passport! I'm pretty sure the police have a good idea which modeling agencies hire models and which modeling agencies hire party girls! He met Julianne on a yacht party. She was one of the girls.
  13. I suspect there is a lot more to her story and I think the rich guy who met her at a party on a yacht is realizing that! I also think that's why she's maxing out his credit cards and buying a car! She knows she's not leaving!
  14. Who's the new cowboy they bought the manufactured home for? Just him and his kids with no mom? I thought that has to be really lonely living there all alone. They looked young. I wonder who watches them while he ranches all day?
  15. G Vince would do better to work on that gerbil turning the wheel in his brain!
  16. Angela had 'hungry eye's' but it wasn't for the steak they all ordered!!! She's like a dog in heat!! I wondered who would be paying for that big meal? Tommy with all that money? Angela lusting for Tony? Broke Tony? None of them. I guess it will be the show paying again. Sigh.
  17. Yep and that's why he has $600,000! I saw a man driving a Cadillac checking Aldi's carts for left quarters! People ARE funny!
  18. How old is Jeremy? Jinger looks like a young kid next to him!!!
  19. I suspect Akinyi has more secrets yet to be revealed! Dad and brother knew she'd be a hard one to sell locally. Along comes Ben but the jokes on them!!! Bens poorer than a church mouse! Lol
  20. How come Cole's not working? He seems to be off and available more often! Kail is a real piece of work. Complaining about the drive already? Why move to another town! Chris just isn't worth it! Kails chasing the D! Briannas behind is growing and she is attached to the sofa. I noticed the place seems jammed with stuff. Did her sister move back in with her and mom? Poor Jade! Those parents are trash. That baby should never be left with them! It's a long hour watching all of these gals mess up their lives!
  21. Taylor Swift is one tall drink of water!!! How tall is she?
  22. Is that even Jinger??? Bleached blonde hair. Blue fingernails and tight jeans? I'm shocked. She isn't the young, innocent girl Jeremy chose for a wife! Is the change good or bad? I'm seeing lots of warning signals!
  23. Angela on the back of a motorcycle snag tooth heavy makeup, cracked lips and black boots..cheap black boots! Be still my heart!
  24. Was that condo on the ground floor or below? I didn't like that at all but she seems to wear the pants! All three choices were not appealing!
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