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  1. The only thing done by bringing it up now is torturing his children. Some of whom arw old enough to surf the net. I'm sorry but LA news at the time announced him aquitted. This is why I hate #metoo. It torments victims and families who do not deserve it. I'll show myself out
  2. He was aquitted. And there were serious questions about the accuser's honesty that came out after the trial.
  3. I went and found the tweet. Madame Tussauds was respecting their wishes. Sounds respectful to me.
  4. The Royal Collection sells items for a limited time. Perhaps the time to remove was near. And they also have no William and Kate wedding stuff either. As far as Madame Tussaud goes. They can pull whatever they want but they may have been concerned about vandalism.
  5. By this logic no fan can ever take a photo with their phone of someone famous and can absolutely never post it online. Blurring of children should always happen and in California a childs picture cannot be taken without express permission of the parent. We nearly had a HOA board member arrested for this.
  6. Harris was a premie. She was in NICU for a while so was probably more like 5 lb.
  7. Look at the three grandparents. Dan and Davids mom were tall. Dan and Roseanne were huge. Harris takes after them.
  8. If that was my first encounter with the Conners I wiuld have felt like Wyatt. I'm no Christian but cheering because someone got hurt is horrid and that on top if theur eude behavior and I cannot even discuss Jackie.
  9. Problem is Meaghan was looking straight into the camera and had a big smile on her face. If H&M really want the level of privacy they claim to wantcthey may need to completely withdraw from public life. Because one speech or appearance for a charity, one balcony with thr family and their claim to be private citizens goes up in smoke.
  10. Too bad Leci is taking acting tips from Laurie.
  11. I repeated the headline. There may have been reason to think he was invited. And as long as y'all are upset wirh me anyway. Meaghan made some sort of post being interpreted as a political statement on her official instagram. Far as I know that's a giant no-no for any member of the Queen's family.
  12. So Harry's back in Canada, after blowing off a reception hosted by his brother. And Meaghan is threatening to sue over photos if her and Archie on a walk. If she truly wants complete privacy she may need to move to a private island for a few decades.
  13. It is nothing. And no one loves or likes all their family equally. Maybe Harry's been a bit rougher to get on with because of the situation with his mom.
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