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  1. The real problem with all Jackie's boyfriends is that they weren't Dan.
  2. If she could 't be a cop how could she drive long haul?
  3. Jackie always was a loser. She was completely unable to stand up to Roseanne, she couldn't settle into a job, let alone a career. And she through away any descent guy that was interested.
  4. That is assuming she chose to change her name at marriage. It's not automatic.
  5. I love the Beast. But anybody is better than Creepy Ken.
  6. Somehow I suspect both are true, even if unintended
  7. I think the reason it doesn't bother me is because it was totally normal when I started high school (1970). Most of the senior girls were engaged to older guys to the point there were rules about wearing their rings. In my own class (6 year school) in '76 at least one senior girl was already married (no, no kids). My own cousin married a guy who was 7 years older they started dating when she was 15. But I do understand why people are horrified at that kind of age difference.
  8. I see your point. But do you see a difference between 17 and solely responsible for the selves and 14 and still living with mommie? Just curious.
  9. According to Lewis she started dating g when she was 17 and he was 27. By then she had been emancipated for 3 years. She wasn't an average teen. No excuses for Pitt but not tge average teen.
  10. Because she's not getting what she wants. And if Pitt isn't a demon she isn't the Earth Mother angel that swooped in and saved them from him.
  11. Don't forget Harry!
  12. Angelina would have been better served if her people had told her to be quiet. As it is it shows lack of respect for her children's privacy. Brad has been very quiet about the whole thing.
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