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  1. That's just not true. Dogs as they age or when sick WILL refuse to walk. Of course leaving Felix behind does not take into account his emotional attachment to Amy. Or is Amy so despicable that Felix couldn't possibly love her? I don't know anything about Henry but if he was a beta they rarely last more than a year because the fancy males are spent breeding stock. Even if kept in 10 gallon tanks.
  2. Not so. I used have a Shih Tsu who regularly walked several miles with me. When he began balking we got him a stroller. And a bulldog that refused to go farther than necessary and then broke land speed records getting home. Depends on the dog.
  3. The Queen Can do better than Shatner, Mel Brooks is still around. And if you had ever heard him scream at convention staff because he didn't get something he didn't ask for you'd see his ego differently. A b d this was before the movies when he was just a so-so actor.
  4. Do we know how old he was? He was an adult the first time we saw him. If the walks were a problem Felix would have refused to go. And generally if the dog gas no specific health issues long walks are beneficial. And I've had pets go sour so fast we barely got to the vet before they died. UT of course somehow this is all Amy's fault.
  5. I think it was just Dan calling his new wife by her new title, not Louise necessarily changing her name.
  6. Does anyone know where I could find a print of the photo from the show, the one with the Welcome to Los Angeles with a wildfire in the background?
  7. They'd pretty much all changed. I just thought they'd all gotten soaked.
  8. Or they decided that t h e show and dealing with Matt just isn't worth it anymore.
  9. Ever hear Louie, Louie? There were actually congressional hearings to determine if t h e lyrics were too filthy for the radio. The decision was nobody could understand them any way.
  10. It's the Midwest. There are dozens of tornados every year. It would be weird if they ALL bypassed Lanford. I'd bet it was just a way to explain the lack of friends and family and an excuse to have Jackie perform the ceremony.
  11. Let's face it. Amy could cure all disease and drip diamonds out her ears and that still wouldn't be good enough for some people.
  12. I have never seen Amy in an R-rated costume. Let alone one that was objectionable for children.
  13. From his little speech Shatner now believes he's Capt. Kirk.
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