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  1. Rumor has it, it's to help save on the grocery bill. I think they should just change it back to PB & J if that's the reason but I'm sure there's a huge list of dietary concerns with doing that. I think slop is ok for any dietary restriction.
  2. Travis looks like he might not be 100% caucasian either? I haven't watched the feeds yet so I'm just going based off their cast photos on the website.
  3. So I know frenchie is planning to do typical douche-bro stuff now.. when he said he wouldn't... BUT looking at the cast photos... if he said no POC And no women.. does that only leave Brent and Christian? I'm even skeptical if we could include Christian. His cast photo looks a little mixed. Even though Frenchie looks like the only super white male on the cast.
  4. Is the have not room downstairs or did they put it upstairs again??
  5. status maybe?? daughters of the commanders go to be wives and lower class females are handmaids? It was weird to me too... if they supported Gilead... then why aren't they living in Gilead? seems like they would take whomever they can get.
  6. So in the episode where they went to the grocery store, they get to the chip aisle and June is shocked by the chip options and she says something like "what happened to chips?" and Luke responds with something like "yea... they've changed a lot in 7 years" So I took that to mean June hasn't been around for 7 years. But give or take a year of them being on the run before June was captured...maybe they didn't have chips during that time either.. that would make the new handmaids probably 13/14 if they have known gilead for half their lives. Which is probably perfect baby making age for the
  7. And wasn't she terrible at that also???? I've known of Lolo for many years now because I'm from Iowa and I like to cheer on my fellow Iowans. But I feel like every time she shows up on my screen she's an over dramatic disappointment. Like the girl is legit crazy! And I'm not looking down on her Olympic accomplishments because I know that is hard work and something I could never do but dang girl. Maybe just stick to your solo gig at running.
  8. He probably wasn't talking about the house. Most likely the land, which acreages are a hot commodity pretty much anywhere right now. He could make a pretty penny inheriting the land and selling it later if he truly didn't want to live on an acreage. But did he say he has older siblings? Are none of them in the running to inherit the farm? BUT I have to wonder how their farm even works. He said both parents have regular full time jobs - they hire someone to feed the animals in the mornings. Seems a little counter productive. I have a lot of farmer's in my family and they only went
  9. Dang, I forgot most of those people were even on a single season of the challange.
  10. If anyone wants to watch old episodes you can download the peacock app and watch every single season for free.
  11. While I think Brittany was over reacting a bit, I do see her side. Before Briana went to NY to see Kevin I'm pretty sure she said "Brittany asked me to not go without her" and then she went anyways because she didn't want to wait. Because it's soooooo easy for every day people to just hop on a plane any time they want. And then suddenly when she got back, when talking to Brittany it was 'my brother, my brother, my brother'. now OUR brother. and yes biologically kevin is not brittany's brother BUT up until 5 years ago Brittany thought they had the same dad AND kevin/briana's dad did adopt brit
  12. She's already got a bunch of partnerships. The clothes... the diaper bags.... now wall paper... the "aubrey says" - whatever they're going to be selling on that... If Janelle is still surviving... I'm sure Chelsea will be just fine for a very long time.
  13. Who wouldn't want 2 parties???? I can't decide if she's being ridiculous or mature in thinking 2 parties is just ridiculous. The dad won't even let her pull into the driveway so he's going to be ok with her coming into his house? Ooookkkkkkk. They better get a rental space.
  14. Ugh that smirk..... it just comes off as super creepy. And can someone please sneak into Morah's closet and burn that green top. And did we see a little bit of a tattoo under the green top when she would raise her arms? Or was that a mic cord?
  15. I feel so bad for that rabbit! No way should it be put in the garage. wtfffffffff. And that's coming from people who obviously have a love for animals because they have 2 dogs While I do find the decision a bit odd... if cheering is getting her through college then absolutely she should go for it. If she's stuck at home doing online courses then she likely has a huge chance of just quitting. Cheering gives her the motivation to go to college.
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