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  1. how do you not have a can opener!?!? at least around here you still need an opener for canned veggies.
  2. I like that she redid the cabinets and counters. Makes it look more open. The island in that photo looks tiny and adorable lol
  3. I think the situation happened a little like this: They told us the price of the house was originally out of budget. Then they lowered the price which made Amy make an offer. Then she was outbid. I wouldn't be surprised if that bid ended up being close to the original asking price - therefore making it again out of budget again and not worth getting into a bidding war. Tori and Zack did a live after the show and had Amy on for part of it. They talked about that house and Chris said he was actually happy she didn't get that house. It had a lot of trees and landscaping that made it dark with little sunlight and very close to neighbors. I personally thought it was way too big for Amy.
  4. No I meant do Hospitals use brand new linens after someone who's been in labor uses them? Not asking if the patient uses multiple sets. Honestly just curious because I guess I would have just assumed they use super mega bleach like hotels. Most birth centers are set up to look more 'homey' so I guess the bedding didn't seem weird to me.
  5. So a couple days ago (before i saw this episode) i decided to go back to all the way to the beginning and watch episodes to see how much they have changed. And in one of them Robyn was saying how when she cooked eggs for Kody before they were married she put pepper on them and he doesn't like pepper so he said to her "it's ok, Christine will show you how I like my eggs" I thought some interesting things came out of that first scene. I thought for sure it was Meri that wanted to get ALL of her stuff out of the house. Then come to realize she was actually the realistic one and said there was no way to get everything out and it was Kody who was pushing that agenda. BUT then Kody wanted to get the big trailer to make sure that Meri could at least get the table as he knew that would be important to Meri. RIGHT?!?! Her kid is having panic attacks because they have to move to a new house and a near panic attack when Kody mentions having to go to a new school. BUT because she is so stubborn and doesn't want to buy she is willing to move her kids not once, but TWICE because she hopes to find a rental AFTER they move into this house they are suppose to buy and THEN move to a house that is 30 min away. It's all about the kids until it's not because it's all about Robyn! Soooooo do hospitals use new linens every time? Another comment about watching the first season. Before Kody and Robyn were married, but they were engaged and had just moved to Lehi - Robyn forced her kids to call Kody Dad/Daddy. Robyn was showing them a picture of Kody and asked "who is that?" and one said "Kody!" and she asked again "what? who is that??" and they said "Daddy!" And then shortly later Kody comes over and the kids are all screaming "Daddy daddy daddy!" freaking awful.
  6. That lady does not have a great reputation on social media.
  7. Probably pretty easy when you're getting a huge paycheck and he's hardly at 'home'. Sounds like a pretty sweet setup to me!
  8. He probably is. I mean I can’t blame the guy from trying but he’s an idiot if he thinks he’s that important. Because he sees Bentley has a little brother and not a son.
  9. right?! no wonder her kids are a mess. they learn it from their mother. even the middle girl started FREAKING out when Kody made that comment about switching schools. nah i think that was a 4 bedroom. and if a 4 bedroom was ok to look at for sale, then why wasn't it ok to look at for rental? the last one was the 7 bedroom i think. but WHY was he the one calling the guy??? unless it was for sale by owner? otherwise if i were the seller i'd be pissed that the potential buyer was calling me up. The realtor should be doing all of that.
  10. all he really had to do was tell her that it's common practice in the US among mature and responsible adults - instead of saying it was being he didn't trust her past. it's all in the delivery! of course that doesn't make for good tv either.
  11. She straight out lied about it - that's why he's mad. I'm sure he would be a little upset if she told him she had talked to other Americans, as he seems the jealous type, but if someone lied straight to your face you'd be pissed off too. What other option does he have? He can't get her tested in America either. He probably thinks he needs to be there to make sure she doesn't fake it. Dude doesn't trust her AT ALL! If he were smarter he would have had the testing done before he went and had it to show her. I mean how can you expect to ask someone to do that and not expect them to ask the same of you? Because she wants $$$$$ pure and simple.
  12. She won't have Hooters but I bet she at least has Taco Bell and Ranch dressing at her wedding. Or was Taco Bell just Katie's thing?
  13. A lot of people take their babies to chiropractors. That's actually very 'modern' of them. Not sure if that's the word I'm looking for but seems like they normally wouldn't even know what a chiropractor is.
  14. Agreed - he's going a little too over the top. I hope he ends up pissing off the sheriff just like Dennis did. However I did like how he asked the new participants the questions that they will get asked by the inmates. Like 'what are you in for' 'have you seen a lawyer' because thats how they get found out QUICK!
  15. I think they are likely told to try and not make fun of physical things, or they're likely smart enough to try and not do that on their own so they don't come across as assholes (even though i think most of us would agree with their comments). I have noticed that tend to lean towards the nice side of most comments. It seems that TLC reaaaaaaaallllyyyyyyy doesn't like cancelling shows. Most likely because they are able to be more of their true selves and not have to reenact fake storylines.
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