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  1. christine would be pissssssssed if her suite didn't have the view! now I am actually with Kody on his vision. at first i was like no way jose. that would never work. BUT then I watched this other show on TLC about these siblings and their spouses and kids that live with their parents in one house. And currently it's a normal sized house but they are building a giant mansion to house everyone. So if they can do it I don't see why this crew can't. And I know they can't because they don't want to. But I actually liked 'kody's kitchen'. And maybe because it just looked really nice and new... so i guess in like 2 months it would all be trashed.
  2. AND when asked if she was having a good time or if she liked it, she said "yes it's good!" with a smile (a small one but it was a smile). She could have said 'no, this isn't really my thing' and then been a huge bitch. But at least in her mind she was acting like she enjoyed it. And then Blake's friend still had to go and bitch about her.
  3. I usually kind of understand her a bit... but holy moly she's exhausting this season and it's only episode 2. No matter what you say Meri... you essentially cheated on your husband and were looking to get out. Nothing you say or do will make people think otherwise. She is stuck there until she feels like she can live without that income. Which I think would be very hard... LLR won't be paying for a $800k rental house. She'll be lucky to get a 2 bedroom bungalow in a seedy part of town. I agree - I find no fault in Meri wanting a grand house. Most people want them and with experience they either learn that they love it or totally hate it. However you can tell that Meri has no experience with winter weather conditions and a slopped driveway. I would have written off that house immediately because of the driveway. And she's likely in higher elevation so will see snow more often I bet. I am a single person with no kids and currently have a 2 bedroom house and it's TOO FREAKING SMALL. I would love if I had a house with 4-5 bedrooms. I have uses for all of them. And I barely clean now so i'm not worried about all the extra space that needs to be cleaned lol
  4. no way jose. I use setting powder and i hate touching my own face! lol
  5. Exactly! If I had a boyfriend in a band I would be more than down to go support him and sit in a booth and have some drinks and eat some food. But more than likely I will not be hopping around - even if I like the music. What she did was totally fine. And I thought their interaction in the car was cute. She was laughing and smiling. And what's up with her talking about his parents moving out? Is that his apartment?? I was under the assumption that it was his mom's. I will marry him! I loved that he didn't get loud or aggressive with her pushing. Did she not say she loved him when they got engaged?? I mean maybe she was looking to sabatoge the relationship after she found out that he wasn't interested in being religious. but it was just so bizarre. With Mursel... I hope they got someone to translate to him on what him leaving really meant. I know she said multiple times that if he leaves he can't come back but does he really understand that? I would be SOOOOO pissed if I were her. Unless he helped her pay for the visa but what a waste.... On pillow talk Annie and David actually understood his side.
  6. Because Kristen was probably constantly putting negative feelings in their heads about him. And when your best friend says her boyfriend is a jerk, you think he's a jerk. You want to stand behind your best friend. I had a friend that did that to me with her husband. She never said a nice thing to me about him. It was constant whining and complaining - which I get, I'm happy to be her venting board and be there for her. But then I would think her husband was a complete asshole and thought she needed to divorce him. Until I was actually around both of them... and either he was great at hiding how much of an asshole he was... OR the issue was really her (because she was just plain mean to him) ehhhh but he was a drug addict. probably using her money to fund his habit.
  7. I think he's been fully open and honest that he wants to be married and have kids. I think the issue with Kristen is that she's always looking for a shoulder to cry on and then she does nothing about the issue. THAT'S what gets annoying to your friends. Friend can only listen to you whine and cry so much about a problem that you can easily eliminate.
  8. No one would be irritated by a UPS truck. They come once a day (if needed)- probably less per week than the mailman, and usually during the day when most people (and kids) are not home. Meri probably would have been an ideal neighbor. She has no kids, keeps to herself and no one visits her. AND she like to go on trips so she's gone fairly often.
  9. Chances are the homeowner probably didn't realize how much the neighbors would be against having a tv show filmed in their neighborhood. Likely had nothing to do with their lifestyle. She probably caught hell from her neighbors after they saw the crew show up and learned who they were. Because it's amazing!!!! Love Dr Pimple Popper Likely no reason to create a report. They don't make reports just because someone asked them to check something out. I bet some nosey neighbor called the cops because they saw the cameras. OR like someone else said - they had a ton of vehicles there - some people get real weird about other people taking up 'their' curb space. I thought it was a 4 hour drive? Either way, frozen meat when kept properly can stay frozen from a long time. I believe they packed everything in coolers. We just brought a cooler full of frozen beef back from a 10-11 hour drive. As long as the meat stays cold, it's fine. That's why Kody was freaking out about them having the door to the freezer open because if the fridge wasn't working the meat would still stay cold but the more you open the door, the more you allow warmer air inside. Otherwise the cold air will stay trapped. So if your power goes out for an extended amount of time you're suppose to limit opening your freezer so stuff stays cold.
  10. And how about that new intro... I'm glad they finally did a new intro but that was just really weird and depressing.
  11. That's mostly on the producers, they tell them to talk that way, which I agree it weird. Not sure why they can't talk in the past tense. Meri's had a botched eye lift RIGHT!? something just looks off and I think it's some sort of plastic surgery gone wrong. She was somewhat pretty but now she just looks weird. And her choice of eyeliner doesn't help either.
  12. So perhaps the neighbors were angry that a TV show was moving into their little neighborhood and NOT because of how they live?? good grief. We all know that Meri's house would be quiet as no one is going to visit her but the tv crew would probably be a huge nuisance to them. The poor landlord probably didn't even think about that when agreeing to let her rent. AND when the 'old man' was recording them... it was probably to post on facebook or something. Like 'oh yea, look what's going on in my neighborhood right now'. Not to use against them. Dingbats. If a tv crew showed up in any neighborhood people would probably get out their phones and start recording or taking pictures! Shes smart that way - she makes Kody think it was his great idea.
  13. I binge watched a few episodes so I can’t remember what was shown when. But Kayla whining about moving to Dubuque, which I thought was about 3 hours Away - turns out it’s only 2.5. and this might sound horrible but how are there so many black people in de kalb?? Where is she actually filming? De kalb is as out in the middle of corn fields with white people are you can get. I think I stopped for gas there once. I guess all the kids must trek to the Chicago suburbs. im from iowa and had no idea Dubuque had a college, let alone a basketball team. Luke must be attending a community college??? Hope his degree is something he wants to pursue. Playing basketball in Dubuque is not going to lead to the NBA. Maybe playing overseas.....maybe...... I thought with all the hype maybe an actual university was looking at him. And Malory(?) holy smokes. How are we even talking about getting fucked up in front of adults when we aren’t even 18??? I know her mom can’t throw stones.....but maybe we should want better for our kids. Yikes. And yes, how do you leave your baby with a guy she just met and one that has never been around a baby before?? Looks like production stayed with him. I hope. Thank god that was embarrassing to Ashley. As long as she’s still separated from him....
  14. Dmarie019

    S09.E30: Bear

    I might have to skip this episode. I have a hard time watching any show at any time when it deals with a pet passing but especially hard right now. My cat died unexpectedly about a month ago during was was suppose to be a simple surgery to remove some growths (that were likely cancer). She had some minor kidney issues but bloodwork looked pretty good but in the end she just couldn’t handle the anesthesia. Sucks so bad expecting them to come home and then they don’t.
  15. Holy crap that’s hilarious. I was just listening to his show and they were joking about how this would end up on people.com and there it is! They always makes it sounds so much worse than how it was on his show.
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