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  1. I agree - you're on the block and you go out first because you decided to go for money. It looks weird internally.
  2. Cody wasn’t even an ounce of douchey that paulie was. I remember being shocked at how much of an asshoke paulie was when having a brother like Cody. now I think “fame” and being around paulie has rubbed off a little now. or the Calafiores just become more pompous as they age.
  3. To be fair to Enzo and Cody (and maybe even memphis, I need to go rewatch that season). These guys don't know what it means to make a big move on their own. They never had to. They essentially got dragged to the final 2. Dani and Nicole both made moves in their OG season. I'm watching Nicole's (and Cody/Derrick) again right now and I miss this Nicole a lot. She was so likable. I am not sure where she took a bad turn her 2nd season. Can't remember that one much either but comparing her from her first to now... she was the Kevin/Day/Bay in her original season and dang she was outcasted hardcore and had a lot of shitty things happen to her in the game. Best friend betraying her TWICE, caleb putting her on slob 2 weeks in a row when she was already pretty much going home (for the 2nd time - she won the battle back). If I were her I would like make damn sure I was in a huge alliance right from the get-go in an allstar season.
  4. Even the HGs didn't think it was "live" they think he pre-recorded it, but then some weren't sure because they thought they would have heard him while they were inside.
  5. That's been his problem. Easy access to all thing plastic surgery. That picture someone posted from social media... that picture he doesn't look that bad. But whenever he gets on camera he's always so shiny
  6. It will likely be Kevin, Dani, Nicole or Kevin, David, Dani
  7. Welllllll guess I’ll check back in 4-5 hours when feeds come back. freaking cbs.......
  8. Daaaaammmnnnn triple eviction next Thursday
  9. Oh dang. Someone totally called dr will I’m so sad about what he’s done to his face.
  10. It’s going to be the yelling guy. I can feel it. And feeds will be off every time he appears
  11. Last week when they announced the neighbor i was so sure it would be zingbot (and i guess i was sort of right as it was zingbot week also) but I read that on last night's episode they said the neighbor would still be appearing. Guess they want to get as much bang for their buck out of that balcony area.
  12. I think she's shitty - she will become just as awful to those in the committee once the numbers starting getting lower. THIS is such a huge issue. You don't come into a game and plan your whole thing around representing a larger cause. She's already terrible at playing this game but this made her game even worse. And now she's going to go out and be REALLY pissed off at herself for getting so mad at David when he was actually telling the truth. If she wouldn't have felt the need to stick with him 'for the cause' then she wouldn't be in that position. Did Zingbot really say nicole's voice makes him want to 'fucking die' LOL reading that made me laugh. I'm surprised it didn't make her cry, even though she's pretty aware of her voice.
  13. I enjoy David a lot when he's talking about stuff he is knowledgable about. I learned a lot about energy drinks once lol
  14. oh dang. I think our only hope right now for something interesting to happen is for Christmas to get psychotic when she finally gets nominated.
  15. She dumps out Cody's food??? Did anything happen from that? Did Cody "feel some type of way" about it? But didn't last week the have-nots saved beer for themselves too? Or did they opt to not do it?
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