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  1. Its not always that simple in the religious world. For starters, he takes a vow of poverty and may not have the cash to seek lodgings elsewhere. He also may not have a choice, it may be "you're between postings and the sisters at Nonnatus have a spare room so go".
  2. Not May's boss. I actually don't have a problem with Claudette assisting May with a tough call but May isn't a new hire and if she genuinely felt May wasn't handling it well she should have coached May on what to do or told May to call for assistance... not hook in and take over the call. And not to be overly bitchy but I work in a call center and how does Claudette have so much walk around time when her job is on the phones? I'd get a thank you and a ITS NOT YOUR JOB TO TAKE HER CALLS lecture
  3. My glorious shitshow might get renewed??? HURRAH!!!!
  4. I will say I bought the marionberry bread once and it was absolutely delicious and I would spend money on it again.
  5. Millicent really strikes me as someone who has a little flask in her purse.
  6. Agreed - its often depicted as a rainy muddy mess. I can understand not wearing good shoes.
  7. "Ma'am, your son is very dear to me. I wanted to write to you to advise you how I honor and respect him. Despite our being left alone by many many people who feel we should date, I need your permission to touch Cyril's hands, lest the resulting child be a demon from Sex Hell. Touching hands is intercourse, right? My own parents were too ashamed to tell me". "Oh this ship is deliightful, Phyllis! Let's play shuffleboard again!" "Of course, but I must tell you, I witnessed something very shocking in the ward room. Two young sailors kissing... but judging by the belly on the smaller
  8. Considering his hostility towards the Lady Emily clinic idea, and that he and Shelagh are very religious, I'm guessing he's a "no"
  9. Asked a friend who is a medical doctor. She said maybe in the first 24 hours they might have been worried about blood sugar levels but it also just might fall under old timey medical procedures - babies go in an incubator if they aren't in mother's arms. Ie: maybe thats just how the hospital did things at the time.
  10. Agree. He came across as awkward and well intentioned. Also not bad looking. I am surprised there was no hanky panky plotline.
  11. I kinda hope they go to Spain and like, have a girls gone wild sort of trip where they do tequila shots and start fights in the tapas bars. In fairness, tequila probably isn't on the menu in Spanish bars, so maybe sherry?
  12. I agree he wasn't pleased but I kinda got the notion that the nuns weren't pleased to have him foisted off on them and gave him a shitty uncomfortable room as a result. I thought he was trying to be helpful but wasn't used to dealing with the elderly. He didn't come across as an asshole to me, he seemed to be trying hard to be helpful . Point - having dealt with some elderly people in my time, its not always a barrel of fun and he did volunteer to talk to SMJ. All this said in defense of Father Pointless Storyline - he really had no reason to wander by in a storyline did h
  13. I mean, touching hands is how you get pregnant!!! I was struck by how absolutely lucid she's been. Who knew breaking a leg cured dementia? I was a little disappointed in the Munchausen's plot. It was just dull.
  14. I'm sure Matt could find some costumes for Caryn to wear. Instead he's spending time with his ex wife and her new husband.
  15. No, Zach was doing the private tours on the Mule with 4 people or less that cost 300 dollars. (And per the rolofffarms.com website, they aren't doing any private tours this pumpkin season). Chris is doing the wagon ride tours. Well, she is certainly taking up space in Matt's head. Funny that they're divorced and Matt's still wanting her around... can't even say its for the kids since none of the kids work pumpkin season any more.
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