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  1. Apparently you do it just like that. :D
  2. Maybe they should hire us, Bannon. This. Especially if you're known for being associated with huge political scandals. I don't mind handwaving a little bit, but the writing used to be better than this and most of the crummier plots revolve around Nick.
  3. I disagree with a few things here. Chicago may have been an active war zone when June exited - and frankly I think "area of guerilla attacks" is more accurate since there's never been any concern that Chicago could be liberated - but a)Gilead over all isn't at war and b) its been months in show time so we have no real idea if there's any active resistance left in Chicago. We just don't know. But lets assume for a moment that it is. If Nick is in charge, then he absolutely has to account for every minute of his day and people absolutely need to know where he is because you can't just flou
  4. I'll check their instagrams then since I haven't found anything but the one pic on Matt's. Thanks.
  5. I've only seen the picture on Instagram where he and Jackson are sitting in it and the wheels aren't visible. Where are you seeing it? I'd love to take a look.
  6. I mean yes, all trains have wheels but they do generally run on tracks, even the replicas. If it can be run without tracks, funny we haven't seen it. Mind you, it may just be a showy ornament - something you just pose at. Matt's had two rollover car accidents to Zach's zero. I personally wouldn't want a ride from either but Zach's also missing the DUI arrests.
  7. This. I thought this was nicely played actually, to indicate that Luke maybe isn't ok with having a brother husband. Serena can't be as culpable or more culpable than Fred because she simply can't accomplish the things Fred can due to her sex. She can advise and pull his strings but Fred has to own his decisions. Yes, I do see Fred cheerfully leaving her out of the deal and maybe arranging that he gets the baby, a nice extra stab in the back since he ended up in Canada because Serena needed a baby so badly.
  8. Responded in the Matt thread since the train hasn't been in an episode. 1) He isn't required to leave any family member anything, so he doesn't have to spend it to make sure they don't get anything. 2) Molly hasn't been a shit, I hope he remembers that when he spends and spends. 25 to 50k on multiple statues that with the exception of Bigfoot, don't really fit the farm theme (and BigFoot is a reach but the idea of spotting it on the tour isn't bad at all) seems like a lot of money to spend in a year where attendance and profits had to be questionable in May 2020
  9. Brought over from the episode thread. It was sitting in the barn at Christmas time 2020, and if it isn't a replica just for looking at, there would need to be an actual track built somewhere on the farm, which has not been announced or hinted at in various social media accounts. Zach can't drive it if it just sits in the barn. Working trains aren't cheap, nicer replicas like what Matt has seem to be running around 10-20k. Its nice, I don't deny that at all, but it makes no money for the farm sitting in the barn with the grandkid posing on it occasionally. The only near
  10. I'm new to Dirty John although I am well versed on the Betty Broderick story - I read the Strumbo book years ago, and some others and saw the Meredith Baxter Birney movies - but my question is more technical. This show just popped up on my Netflix saying "New Season!" which is why I am watching it but it sure seems like this aired last year... any idea why my Netflix says its new?
  11. Its awful and icky but I would sorta die if this was the big reveal.
  12. "Under His Eye - My Path To Redemption" or "Blessed Be - A Journey of One Woman's Walk Through Hell"
  13. There was also the econowife married to the black guy that hid June back in Season 2 - Lydia said she was made into a Handmaid. I suspect its less common with higher ranked wives.
  14. Honestly thats what made the line for me? Was he fucking with Fred in a really sly, hilarious way? Or did he really believe all that nonsense? I lean towards the first - Putnam is the dumbass who screwed Jeanine on the sly and lost a hand due to Fred's vote. "Thoughts and prayers, Fred! I'll laugh about this every time I try to wipe my ass with my missing hand!"
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