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Clock Tower Theater: Fanfic, Fan Music Videos and Art

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I wanted to share some videos I've liked and hope others share their favorites too.  This could also be a thread for fan art and gifs.


Arrow Team:  Oliver, Diggle, Felicity  - How the team got together.


It's a Gift -  Team Arrow


Felicity Smoak - Your Girl  - a fun character study.


The Funeral (Oliver Queen) - great character study.


Diggle Ships Olicity!- This one cracks me up so much.


101 Reasons to Ship Oliver and Felicity


Hitler Reacts to Oliver and Felicity - so hilarious


Oliver and Felicity (Olicity): Home


Oliver & Felicity - Hey Na Na (funniest moments)


Felicity & Oliver - New York

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A great idea for a thread.


Here is Diggle Ships Olicity  II.  David Ramsey's expression are hilarious.


The Top 10 Scenes of season 2 Oliver and Felicity. I would have added the island scene in the finale as well, but looking at it, it struck me that there are a lot of significant Oliver/Felicity moments in season 2, even if Laurel is still his OTP.

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Whether or not you're a fan of the Oliver-Felicity relationship, you have to be impressed by how much work must have gone into this fan video by amellysmoak:


Olicity: The Complete Story (Seasons 1 & 2)

Published May 19, 2014


Be warned: this video is about an hour long.

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Thanks to you guys I learned how to better post youtube videos. 


Oliver & Felicity - Fix You


Oliver + Felicity - How they fell in love with each other


Oliver & Felicity - Please Don't Say You Love Me

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This has got to be on of my favourite fan vids ever. (Actually all of VertiasProductions fan vids are fantastic)



Echoing that.  VeritasProductions is very talented.  Someone else I'd highly recommend, namely for Olicity fanvids though she makes some general "Arrow" vids too, mrseclipse555.


Oliver & Felicity - For You Only (Mrseclipse555)


Oliver & Felicity - Requiem for Blue Jeans (101katy)


Team Arrow - Fast & Furious (Smoak Arrow)

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The Boy who Saw a Comet - Oliver and Felicity


 Arrow Hart to Hart style-  I have fond memories of watching Hart to Hart reruns as a kid and so using that opening for Arrow just made me smile and smile and smile.



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I cannot rec this fic enough: Between the Shadow and the Soul. It is by far one of the best Oliver x Felicity fics out there (and the best for any fandom I have ever read). It takes place immediately after the finale and goes from there. Unthinkable by the same author takes place right after Oliver leaves Felicity at the mansion in the finale-and again, is absolutely amazing. 


Sarcasticfina has some pretty amazing fics and has written quite a few- but she is currently on an Arrow fic hiatus. Her one fic We Keep All Our Promises (Be Us Against The World) is a "what if Oliver never got on the boat?" scenario is great. A few months ago Celina Jade discovered fan fic and this was one of the ones recced to her, and she ended up quoting a line from it on twitter. So awkward, yes, but also great for the author. 

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Thank you for this thread. It's really hard to weed the gold from the dross (though I usually follow my gut and skip any where they don't bother to use punctuation in the summary or title)

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I cannot rec this fic enough: Between the Shadow and the Soul. It is by far one of the best Oliver x Felicity fics out there (and the best for any fandom I have ever read).


Dude. @apinknightmare wrote that. She's amazeballs. And, yep, it really is great and captures the voices of the characters so well.


Dittoing the recs for SmoakandArrow's AU fics, as well, as any and everything written by sarcastic_fina but be warned that lots of tissues might be necessary for a few of her works.

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Dude. @apinknightmare wrote that. She's amazeballs. And, yep, it really is great and captures the voices of the characters so well.


Dittoing the recs for SmoakandArrow's AU fics, as well, as any and everything written by sarcastic_fina but be warned that lots of tissues might be necessary for a few of her works.

I thought it was her, but I wasn't sure! But I honestly cannot remember the last time I loved a fic this much. @apinknightmare you should know that pretty much everyone I talk to in the fandom is just in love with this fic and your writing. 


I'm dittoing you on the praise for sarcastic_fina as well, fic usually doesn't make me cry but I sobbed while reading be still

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There's an epic, Felicity centric, fic ongoing at the moment (currently up to chapter 45) called Still Waters and Quiet Men: A Starling Mystery http://archiveofourown.org/works/1810720/chapters/3885838 by Lademonessa. It takes place sometime after season 3 and it gives Felicity one hell of a backstory. There's a case to be made that Felicity is somewhat out of character but, well, see backstory. It's one of the three best written fanfics I've ever read (the other two were in different fandoms and some years back now).

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Thank you for this thread. It's really hard to weed the gold from the dross (though I usually follow my gut and skip any where they don't bother to use punctuation in the summary or title)

Ditto on the kudos to Statsgirl for starting this thread.  And likewise to BkWurm1 - I tend to avoid not only the bad spelling, grammar, and punctuation - but also if the author announces that they suck at writing summaries. 


I enjoy a lot of the stuff written by Anthfan who has a nice blend of genres and ratings.  I would also recommend Hope27 who writes beautifully, usually with hopeful and romantic themes.  Her stories put hearts in my eyes and make me clasp my hands under my chin and sigh longingly.  :)

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All these fic recs are so appreciated!  While I've read a lot of (and written some) Supernatural fanfic, a whole new show to read for is ridiculously exciting to me.


Work?  Who needs to work?

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@statsgirl, many thanks for getting the fic discussion ball rolling!


I haven't read so much fic in any one fandom since my Alias days (and I read a lot of fic back then).  There are sooo many talented writers, it's just awesome (and this is about to get long, sorry).  (All recs are Olicity)


I've got to second and third and fourth so many of the recs already made.  Fuscience, spyglass, jaegermighty, anthfan (who never met a trope she couldn't make awesome; I love the diversity of her work), hope27 (great description of her work, @Chairman Meow).  Oh!  @apinknightmare, your work is fantastic!  Smoakandarrow has been a revelation!  I love that she has two totally different works in progress concurrently and she's managing them both like a pro (and I love the The Love Business, is loosely based on Sabrina, fun and atypical use of Tommy in that one).


Then there's sarcastic_fina.  She of the absolute killer fics.  She's such a complete writer.  It's always amazed me that she can put out such a large volume of work and it's all so good.  Well though out characterizations, creative stories, just all around awesome.  

    A couple of particular favorites:

light a match, burn the world to ash (I will watch it die, and hold your hand as you fly) (Rated M) Complete
Slade comes after Team Arrow; Felicity gets revenge.  Buckets of tears.

rebellious crowns and jade hearts (Rated T) In progress
Medieval AU featuring runaway Princess Felicity and Robin Hood-ish Oliver.  Historical AUs can to so very wrong, but she, not suprisingly, gets it very right.  She really hit the tone and style on this one perfectly for me.  The language is just so beautiful.  Only a few chapters so far.


If I Were A Better Man Series (Rated T-E) 3 stories, 1 complete

Oliver meets Felicity before he goes on that fateful trip then tries to win her back when he returns.  Felicity befriends Thea and Tommy during his 5 lost years.


My current favorite WIP:


All In a Day's Work (Rated T) In progress

Well-written, in character, fun, intriguing, I can't recommend this highly enough. 


Other faves:


Small Wonders
If You Ask Me To Stay (Rated K+) Complete
and it's sequel

I'll Be Here In The Morning (Rated T) Complete


I remember being so taken aback by how much I loved If you Ask Me To Stay.  Sometimes you just click on a story, hoping to like it and that it's decently written and then you come out of it just breathless and wanting more.  That was this fic.  And the sequel turned out to be equally beautifully written.


And speaking of fics that just stay with you:

Celia Stanton
nothing comes from nothing (nothing ever could) (Rated K) Complete
5 Times The Sound of Music is important to Felicity.  Simply gorgeous.


The Ways of the Universe (Rated T) In progress
Romance, intrigue, fun, Team Arrow goodness.  I adore this one (and the author has a Birds of Prey origin chronicle in progress, as well, that's fantastic).


Where There's Smoak There's Fire (Rated M) Complete
This fic has it all, romance, action, angst, drama and it's fantastically written.


How Was Your Day? (Rated T) Complete

A collection of post-ep mostly one shots.  One of my favorite things after each episode was reading this fic to see how latbfan would expand on it.  Fantastic character pieces; follows canon.

All I Want For Chrismas (Rated M) In progress
Started off as a one shot, but became an Olicity version of How Was Your Day?


Lady Chi
I Took A Wrong Turn Somewhere (Somehow I Ended Up Right) (Rated M) In progress
Oliver and Felicity had a one night stand before he got on the Gambit.  He comes back to find out he's the father of twins.  Romance ensues (as does lots of other stuff, it's all great). 


Also from Lady Chi, a rock star AU (I admit, one of my fave tropes)

Life's Been Good To Me So Far (Rated T) In progress


More kids:

Sunshine and Rain Make A Beautiful Thing (Rated M) Complete
AU with Oliver the father of twins, befriending Felicity on his return to Starling City after being away (no boat crash); there's an intriguing twist some chapters in that I loved.

Also from Ciara:

Hang My Head Break My Heart (Build From All I Have Torn Apart) (Rated T) In progress
Very intriguing AU with Felicity in the role of damaged soul, befriended by Thea.


Ordinary Outliers (Rated G) In progress
Started off as a 5 Times fic but turned into a continuing story about the revelation of Felicity's life before Team Arrow.  Angsty and intriguing and so beautifully written.


And for some fun to end things (because I must stop, although I really could keep going):


Frea O'Scanlin (Frea_O)

Anything and everything by her

She's awesome and funny and taking a sabbatical to work on a real book (she's that good!).  My first Frea fic was Bad Altitude a crossover featuring Felicity trying to get to the island with Natasha's help.  Natasha's inability to remember Felicity's name had me dying.  I think I've loved every word Frea's written since.


Cherry Valence
More Interruptus Than Coitus (Rated T) In progress

Fun, funny and romantic. 


(And if I've actually managed to link all these stories correctly, I think I'll pass out...) (But let me know if I've screwed anything up.)



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This observation was made in the spoiler thread.

I'm pretty sure after the powerhouse that is Olicity, the second most popular ship is Smoaking Canary.

Based on the world of fan fic, I'd agree. Just for fun I completed the list.

After Felicity/Sara fics the ones I see most often are:

Nyssa/Sara (often with a side of Felicity)

Then Oliver/Slade (I know, right?)

Then Oliver/original character

Then Tommy/Laurel

Then Oliver/Laurel

Then Oliver/Sara (though often seen as an established couple at the start of Olicity fics)

And to keep the list going:








Oliver/Thea ( lot of stuff dated around the mid point of season one)


And sadly I also ran across one Moira/Oliver but I'm blocking that from my memory.

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haa, okay hopefully my question is being asked in the right thread cause.. i have no idea where to ask it.

I'm writing a fanfiction and i am so utterly confused about the time frame Malcolm was away and Thea's birth time. in 1x11 we learn Tommy was 8 when his mom died (somewhere in 1993) and that shortly afterwords Malcolm went away for a year maybe two after that, now Thea was born january 1995 so Tommy and Oliver were almost 10. which is where my confusion goes. if Thea was born jan 95 she was conceived around april/may 94, making the boys 8.. so did malcolm knocked up Moira and than left, or did he leave, came back and than knocked her up?


so confusing, i can't remember if the show ever gave more details on the subject.

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