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  1. Yeah I'm actually kind of blown away by that characterisation.
  2. I think this is EXACTLY what the writers think.
  3. Well when you put it like that... WHEN?
  4. I actually liked that they had Mike and Amelia in a pseudo relationship. It annoys me when shows do the whole "destined to be together and no one else could ever be a substitute" thing. Blip named great reasons for why Mike and Amelia would make a good couple, but it's simply down to choice. I'm good with this person, but I want that person. Anyway, I never thought Mike was as into Amelia as she was into him. Mike hooking up with Amelia seemed in large part due to his wife putting the kibosh on their relationship. Maybe in small part due to running away from Ginny, but definitely mostly because of Rachel. So when Mike called it quits with Amelia it actually made a lot of sense to me because they were keeping secrets and made their own little perfect world. But when Ginny found out, that bubble disappeared.
  5. I would agree with this opinion if the darn phone call didn't happen. That episode had a lot of strong Mike and Amelia moments with him sharing his future plans and current struggle with his ailing body. But then he called Ginny instead of Amelia and I was done. Amelia never stood a chance because he was already becoming hung up on his rookie.
  6. @Eolivet that's actually a really good point. They essentially wrecked every relationship on the show and the last time we see Ginny she's alone going through an MRI. Finales tend to set up the next season, but it was almost vicious how alone they leave Ginny in the end. I really hope they renew it because I'm still invested in Ginny's story.
  7. Oh I'm sure Al was talking about baseball, but that's sort of the problem I have with it. I don't really think the analogy applies to what Mike went through with the Cubs. And absolutely Mike would apply this analogy to he and Ginny. Because Mike is a disaster. Hahahaha And oh yes they went the whole nine yards with making Noah this perfectly perfect guy who is a billionaire and happens to sing. Probably flies the plane too.
  8. The bold and italic statement is a reason why I will never like Rachel. Al's "new girl" analogy didn't really work for me in the context of Mike and the Cubs. Mike actually didn't want to go, he was resigned to go. So hearing the "she makes you laugh and feel young" was super on the nose about Ginny but IMO irrelevant to Mike and his Cubs situation. Blip was an actual mess this episode. I didn't realize it whilst watching it the first time, but wow his feelings being hurt made him really horrible. He snapped at Mike during a game and really did question Mike's authority in front of everyone. Then before that he seems really self centered in his interactions with Evelyn. It makes me wonder what kind of conversations he and Evelyn had before they got married about how their living situation would work. He assumes she'll want to stay home and raise the children, which is fine, but he's not reading her very well that she wants something to stimulate her business mind too. Noah. I really like him because he makes Ginny happy. But I admit I cackled when she said "he can come see me practice in Arizona". She really has so much on her plate to be thinking of traipsing the world without a thought. I doubt we'll see him come next season. (wishful thinking?) Ginny and Amelia. Sigh. I love that this show isn't afraid to show Ginny be immature and sometimes too head strong for her own good, but Amelia and her secrets get to me. She treats Ginny like a child by trying to control everything. I agree with those up thread who said Evelyn should have approached Ginny about Will. Amelia and Ginny were already on a tight rope concerning Will and that confrontation was a long time coming. I am beyond glad that Ginny was so strong when faced with Will's stealing. That situation happens so often in real life, and the fact that Ginny could turn him away but still love him is beautiful. Finally, they sad and "draggy" Have No Fear at the end absolutely destroyed me. In contrast to the pilot that was so uplifting when Ginny finally found her rhythm, hearing it in conjunction with Ginny being injured and getting an MRI killed my heart. Evelyn killed me in that scene with Ginny at the beginning. "Use more words" hahaha. I don't think Ginny and Mike are over romantically. They have serious obstacles ahead of them, but I think those obstacles just make for good drama.
  9. I think this is exactly what Marc wants. Unfortunately, for me anyway, nothing about the story telling has been compelling or interesting. Shouldn't have advertised Olicity so hard for TWO YEARS whilst letting the overall narrative slip Marc if you didn't want such passionate fans.
  10. @tv echo is that from the review? Are the portraying this as what would've certainly happened had he not stepped onto the Gambit, or a sort of bizarro dream?
  11. I would agree with you, if I had any faith in these writers. Frankly I'd rather believe the writers are trying to write them and their relationship as "mature" than Felicity and Oliver dealing with being apart in an organic way. These are the same writers that had Oliver and Sara together for the most of the back end of season 2, and a week after their break up had Oliver confess he loves Felicity (trickery aside). I don't think subtlety are the writers specialty so Felicity in season 2 mode in relation to their relationship, and Oliver being stoic is exactly what the writers want them to be.
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