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  1. I only have two minor nitpicks of the latest episode: 1. Why did they include Ken Wu? He wasn’t an OG (the others were and they were the only ones to make it through all 3 movies minus Charlie and Goldberg) 2. I would have thought Adam Banks would have made it to the NHL
  2. I think that’s why everyone was so surprised. They hadn’t officially met but I’m guessing Kimiko was made aware of what happened so she hugged her as a thanks.
  3. I recently finished Beach Read and In the Dream House. Two very different books but both intriguing and compelling in their own right.
  4. Hermione wasn’t nearly criticized enough for the awful things she did.
  5. Only 8 though. I just discovered the show, and after skimming through this thread, there’s apparently a 9th episode?
  6. wingster55

    Hamilton (2020)

    It was? I came to the show (via soundtrack) somewhat late but this is news to me. *googles*
  7. Based on what was revealed on Kevin Smith’s podcast, I think it’ll be much better.
  8. I don’t think Betty and Jughead were really friends before dating in s1. She never met his dad nor did she even know his birthday.
  9. https://www.bet.com/celebrities/news/2020/04/17/_boy-meets-world-star-trina-mcgee-reveals-which-of-her-co-stars-.amp.html
  10. Maybe he wanted a less white-washed version.
  11. I wasn’t expecting much, but I definitely enjoyed it. It doesn’t have so much from the “Sonic canon”, but any future movies should feature that based on the mid-credits scene and TAILS.
  12. For me personally, with all the books, shows, movies there are I don’t know if I’d get bored that fast.
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