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  1. I admit I was bothered by Felicity interrupting the vows. But, then I was wondering why Diggle married the four of them together. The more I thought about it. I think it works. Both Iris and Barry have crushes on Oliver. Now he won't have to be on Iris list of 3. Its unconventional but I get it.
  2. Had to comment on my fav topics of discussion bmd and ota. I didn't buy Oliver lying to Felicity long term. Initially, like someone mentioned earlier when he first found out, sure. But, I figured he would tell because he needs her to help him handle it. And to tell him what to do and be his cheerleader. I could see him not telling her due to fear of losing her, but they made the whole thing too convoluted. With the OTA I wish they could have explored the team dynamic highlighted in Dangerous Liaisons. Felicity is not just the IT girl they need to protect from season 1. I like the noobies ok, but ok isn't enough to make me want to tune in. Still not sure why there wasn't more with Diggle and Felicity. They would be the main ones having to work together to deal with the noobs.
  3. I kinda wanna know what's going on with Rajan. Wo ist Felix? The moment when Wolfie finds out the crew went to war for him. Dead Lila.
  4. I was dreading this character way before the show came out and the reviews. I thought I would hate him from what I read about him. And I was confused by the casting of Loras. But I really enjoyed the acting and the character. The failures for me came with some of the writing and martial arts. I think not buying him as a fighter is hard hurdle to overcome. I do think Finn did do a good job with the coming of age story and I actually like Danny. Can't wait to see him in Defenders. I really got the whole repressed trauma arrested development thing.
  5. They put a lot of effort in making things more difficult than they need to be. There has to be some happy medium between total neglect and doubling down on everything.
  6. I would comment on the episode outside of the bday festivities. But, unfortunately I haven't figured out how to convey my audible groans of misery on a message board. I do have a question for the Felicity and Olicity whispers out there. I apologize if I have the wrong thread. As a viewer I can see that Felicity is Oliver's sun, moon and stars. Why did she inquire about his other reason for keeping her close in the bunker? Its not reassurance or insecurity. So what is it?
  7. Hmm. Let's see. My take on Felicity's apology in the last scene. This scene was all over the place. My thoughts are over the place. Should Felicity have apologized to Oliver? Did I need Felicity to apologize to Oliver? I don't know. I did really appreciate the sentiment though. I think the writers lost some puzzle pieces and tried to jam some ill fitting ones in there place. Its been mention before that foundation of this is BMD. And BMD was a dumpster fire. How do you put out a dumpster fire? I don't know. I can talk about what I thought the acting was conveying. Oliver was confused by the apology but hanging on her every word because she was opening her heart to him. He wasn't accepting an apology even though it started out with I'm sorry. He seemed overwhelmed that the person he loved the most understood some of his crazy. I get that relationships have underlying issues that can manifest in different ways. Even if they felt Helix and BMD were the same symptom of a larger issue. I wish they wouldn't have tied them together. It seemed like they were having to do mental gymnastics to make it work. Or maybe that was me doing them trying to figure out what the hell they were trying to say..
  8. So here is my socks theory. One of my all time favorite shows was Haven on Syfy. In a rare moment when the characters had downtime. One of them got new socks and it was a big deal. I think it was written into Haven because one of the writers or crew never bought new socks or something like that. One of the writers on that series Speed Weed. So there is my conspiracy theory. Total Haven shout out.
  9. Oliver having his little sister on the team is as great as I'd imagined it. Love those kids.
  10. Thanks. I feel like I at least deserve to enjoy Felicity, Olicity and the rise of Speedy.
  11. Yeah. But, someone mentioned in the fandom before. He's still waiting for his bing search results.
  12. Unfortunately, for the love of speed weed and olicity I'm guess I'm back watching this show. I just need someone to explain why they got rid of Roy but Laurel still exists. Laurel brings nothing to the table except lance family trauma and forced relationships. Roy for all his flipping, had organic relationships with established characters and backstory to be mined. He had a connection to the glades, bad boy past, and mysterious parentage. Why is Laurel there but not Roy during this thea lazarus pit story?
  13. When I started watching the show Oliver and Felicity were competent.Now their level of ability to perform their duties depends on the plot. I can't take it anymore. What makes a better story is for characters to be at the height of their abilities and have a villian challenge that in someway. I don't want to handwave things like the lair not being secure yet Felicty, Oliver and Digg enough of a skillset to keep that from happening. There are probably other examples of this too. Also, Oliver can be a stubborn dumb ass, but not so much that he doesn't eventually listen to the people around him. He chose them (well not Laurel) for a reason. From what we know of Oliver's background he can't be as stupid as they try to make him out to be. Atleast in the areas of being a tactician, military type stuff, etc. One minute he's wise enough to train Barry the next minute he can't tie his own shoes. I hope I can come back and enjoy this show, but I feel like I've been burned too badly. I probably wouldn't care too much. Show's have off seasons. But, unfortunately I can't shake of the arrogance and stankness MG displayed to fans during the season. Especially, since people were asking legitimate questions about what was happening on the show. That's the real turnoff for me.
  14. I wasn't responding to whatever it was you posted. I've just been skimming reviews and review comments and came here to vent about it.
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