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  1. Wasn't the man they sent him to for "rehabilitation" after the truth came out about how he abused his sisters also found guilty of CSAM or something similar??
  2. It's annoying but this is how those people make their money. The more relevant words they have on that page the higher their result will be on Google. Plus the more time you spend on the page the higher the engagement = more money. There are extensions you can install that will just make the recipe a "pop-up" on the page so you never have to see the preamble though! I feel like the chefs went into this challenge as Top Chefs and not Home Cooks. I am probably not going to make Gabe or Jamie's dishes but I will absolutely make Maria's. Maybe it's just me but when I look up recipes I tend t
  3. JSYK - Kym is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.
  4. Matthew and April were never going to work, especially not after that rush of a marriage shortly after his wife died. IMO they only had April marry Matthew to explain her quick exist and to put an end to Japril and to pave the way for Jackson/Maggie. If April wasn't married off screen there would have still been hope for the audience for a Japril reunion. I stopped caring (and have only watched on and off) about this show when they fired Drew and Capshaw but came back for Jackson/April. My shipper heart is happy at the thought of them in Boston and potentially getting back together.
  5. I work in a similar field in Canada. I always believe the best place for children to be is with their parents, as long as they are safe and happy. Removing children will always cause harm to children so it should be avoided at all costs. And if children can’t be with their parents, they should be with family. However the Duggars have hidden and helped Josh in the past and I’m not convinced they won’t in the future. So if the children have to go somewhere, I wouldn’t want it to be any of the Duggars. I’m not saying her brother will be successful either, just that he might try.
  6. I wonder if Anna's brother won't try to petition for temporary emergency custody of the m&ms. I don't know anything about American law, but I can't imagine her brother will just sit by and do nothing. Especially with the history of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar not doing anything with Josh's previous behaviour.
  7. So your issue is with the characters and not the story. There's a difference. And it's not heavy handed, turn on the news and you will see these exact situations happening in real life. If you think it's heavy handed or repetitive you're not paying attention to the real world. It's "repetitive" to you, but again, imagine living this daily. Because that's reality for the vast majority of Black people in America. Here's a thread (and you can read the quoted tweets as well) of various Black Twitter users talking about the most ridiculous reasons for why they were pulled over. I do
  8. If people are “exhausted” with watching shows and characters deal with the reality of being Black in America try to imagine how it is to live as a Black person in America. The show is 42 minutes and you can turn it off or mute it at anytime. Black people do not have the option to turn their lives off. If the show makes you think or makes you uncomfortable, good. If you’re bored by it, by watching Black characters deal with their very real experiences you might need to ask yourselves some questions about why that is. And to answer someone else, being woke will never end. Sorry you
  9. My university has a racoon problem. It's pretty much surrounded by trees/mountains and has automatic doors, so it was not uncommon to see them in the garbage cans in the hallways. So I laughed at Glen arguing with the racoons like he was familiar with them. I'm sad this show is ending soon. I have definitely liked it more this season without Amy than I did the last few with her. I think it hurt the show when they started focusing on their lives outside of the Cloud 9 building.
  10. The first Apple Watch also didn't work properly for POC because of the same reason - no POC were involved with building it. It was assumed that because the watch worked on white skin it would work on all skin types. If I remember correctly, the issue was actually discovered because someone had a tattoo on their wrist and couldn't get the watch to work.
  11. Well SA finally posted something.. sort of. Shared Grant Gustin's post which was actually the words of a Black showrunner Eric Wallace. He later clarifies "Also... I'm aware that the showrunner wrote this. I'm supporting my friend. That's it.". This is the first time I'm aware that SA has shared anything relating to Black Lives Matter and his choice to share the words of a Black man but give credit to a White man for sharing them is a look. He doesn't even name Eric Wallace!
  12. I just binged the show so I can't really remember which episode it was mentioned in. I checked through some episode threads to see if it was mentioned or talked about and I didn't see it, so forgive me if it has been. I might have misheard, but I swear Delilah said that she and Jon spent an "entire Saturday in bed together" shortly before he died and Charlie was also "early". Is it possible that after all of this, Charlie actually is Jon's and not Eddie's?
  13. Duff had some pretty interesting tweets last night. He does not sound like he is a fan of the judging this season (or the format of the show at all). I wonder what the network gave him in exchange for doing two seasons of this show.
  14. I feel like Duff is adding more and more construction to his cakes because that's what Buddy is doing and he has to keep up. Though I did notice his "we could do a three tier cake, they seem to like those" dig which I thought was funny. That is what Buddy did all last season (and last week actually) and it got old. The details on the chocolate carousel characters on Duff's cake were amazing and far better than the construction project Buddy did. Neither had enough cake, but Duff should have been ahead by way more than 3 points.
  15. If these cakes were edible and you were actually serving them how would you serve Buddy's? Buddy again is going with this bigger = better. His cake looked like on of those rides in malls for little kids, but all of the visible hardware was terrible. I didn't understand the criticism for the wire of the fairy lights for Duff. I wish they ate the cakes and that part of the points came from how good the cake was and how much of the "cake" was actually cake. If I paid for a cake to be delivered to my event and it came and it ended up only being 10% sheet cake and buttercream I would demand a r
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