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  1. Well SA finally posted something.. sort of. Shared Grant Gustin's post which was actually the words of a Black showrunner Eric Wallace. He later clarifies "Also... I'm aware that the showrunner wrote this. I'm supporting my friend. That's it.". This is the first time I'm aware that SA has shared anything relating to Black Lives Matter and his choice to share the words of a Black man but give credit to a White man for sharing them is a look. He doesn't even name Eric Wallace!
  2. I just binged the show so I can't really remember which episode it was mentioned in. I checked through some episode threads to see if it was mentioned or talked about and I didn't see it, so forgive me if it has been. I might have misheard, but I swear Delilah said that she and Jon spent an "entire Saturday in bed together" shortly before he died and Charlie was also "early". Is it possible that after all of this, Charlie actually is Jon's and not Eddie's?
  3. Duff had some pretty interesting tweets last night. He does not sound like he is a fan of the judging this season (or the format of the show at all). I wonder what the network gave him in exchange for doing two seasons of this show.
  4. I feel like Duff is adding more and more construction to his cakes because that's what Buddy is doing and he has to keep up. Though I did notice his "we could do a three tier cake, they seem to like those" dig which I thought was funny. That is what Buddy did all last season (and last week actually) and it got old. The details on the chocolate carousel characters on Duff's cake were amazing and far better than the construction project Buddy did. Neither had enough cake, but Duff should have been ahead by way more than 3 points.
  5. If these cakes were edible and you were actually serving them how would you serve Buddy's? Buddy again is going with this bigger = better. His cake looked like on of those rides in malls for little kids, but all of the visible hardware was terrible. I didn't understand the criticism for the wire of the fairy lights for Duff. I wish they ate the cakes and that part of the points came from how good the cake was and how much of the "cake" was actually cake. If I paid for a cake to be delivered to my event and it came and it ended up only being 10% sheet cake and buttercream I would demand a refund.
  6. I’m wondering if the last scene between Jonah and Amy was filmed after production shut down to give the season a proper ending.
  7. I want to clarify that I never meant to imply glasses and cochlear implants are the same thing. Rather that cochlear implants won’t work for every deaf individual similar to how lasik eye surgery won’t work for every individual who requires glasses. Just because it’s available it doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone (or that the person would even want it).
  8. I was left wanting more for Alexis and Stevie, it felt like their roles in the episode were to support David and Patrick and weren't their own characters. We know Alexis is moving to New York - but when will she be moving? Does she have an actual job yet? It was all left in the air for her and while I am happy she is no longer reliant on the men in her life, I was silently hoping for a surprise Ted return. Dan Levy has said that he is not opposed to doing a Christmas episode or a movie if it felt right so maybe we will see a reunion between Ted/Alexis.
  9. I find it odd that they didn't mention Abby Elliot playing Alexis in the initial pilot presentation. I would have loved to see how she played Alexis, but I really do think Annie Murphy was the best possible choice for the character. It was also interesting to see how different Twyla was at first too.
  10. @ElectricBoogaloo is right about my icon. But since you mentioned it. I do correct my vision with contacts but only one eye as I’m legally blind in the other. I’m not saying it has to the one or the other — there will be blind people who want their vision corrected and those that don’t. Neither is wrong. Those within the community will have different opinions but that’s always going to happen. But the thing that is wrong is the idea that non-able bodied individuals are in need of being “cured” so that they are “normal”. Abigail either didn’t want the cochlear implants or they didn’t work for her. But she seemed to get through life pretty well - she’s doing well in school, volunteering as travelling, and seems like an over all good person. Hearing is not necessary to life, but it has its benefits because we live like it is.
  11. As a partially blind person, I do not think there is a "need" to "cure" blindness or deafness. I recently learned about the disagreements regarding cochlear implants within the deaf community, and I find it interesting and understandable. Yes, people can choose to get the necessary surgeries that would "fix" the disability but why do we have to fix something that is not considered normal? Yes, they work for thousands of people and those people can choose to receive that if they wish, but there is nothing wrong with not receiving it either. There is nothing wrong with not being an abled bodied individual, not being considered the norm should not be something that is thought of in need of "fixing" or "curing". I took it this way too, and much like how they didn't work for her, lasek surgery won't work to "cure" my blindness.
  12. I actually think this is a good thing, sorry. So often deaf or blind people are left out of things that we take for granted. To have a song done entirely in ASL that wasn't subtitled worked for me. We are "left out" for a few minutes, but that is their entire life. This was a moment for the daughter, and it stayed a moment for her. Having subtitles (or voices even) would have taken away from that, especially with the song choice.
  13. With Max, it seems like every conversation he has with Zoey he brings up his feelings for her and her lack of (at the moment) feelings for him. Why would he need to ask about "I'm Yours Zoey" when talking about the job opportunity? He is putting a lot of pressure on her to admit her feelings and whenever she doesn't he gets upset with her. He needs to give her the space and let her come around to her feelings on her own (if she has them and decides she wants to act on them). Right now he is acting like his friendship with her had the expectation that it would lead to a relationship. And if he can't continue to be friends with her right now because of his feelings for her, he needs to say that. They need to have a conversation/conversations similar to what Zoey/Simon have had. Talk about where they are at - what are the feeling and can their friendship survive not having a relationship. Max also has to realize that just because someone has feelings for someone else, doesn't mean they have to act on them immediately or at all. I get that he's upset and confused, but continuing to put pressure on Zoey and bring up their feelings isn't helping anything. Zoey is also not at a great position emotionally right now, she's having an emotional affair with an engaged man and her dad is weeks away from dying. Now is not the time for Max to want to pursue a romantic relationship, now is the time for him to be the best friend Zoey needs. I'm glad Mo called Simon out on the emotional affair, because that's what it is/was. And it was unfair to Jessica and Zoey what he was doing. Right now it would be best for him to also go away for a bit. His emotional state is a mess with his father dying, the engagement/affair, and end of engagement. He also could use a friend (Mo maybe?) that doesn't have any romantic feelings involved. I think my issue with the show is how they are (or maybe it's just the fan reaction?) are presenting Max's behaviour as understandable and that we should root for him but Simon's behaviour makes him the Absolute Worst. I would love to see Max sing a song that isn't a love song to Zoey. Give us more about him and actually build it up. This promotion came out of left field, especially when you consider the peer reviews he got previously. We know more about what Tobin contributes to projects (and even Leif) but at the office Max just sings love songs to Zoey and then asks her how she feels about him.
  14. Oh good to know! I was wondering last night if the role required an actor who knew ASL or if they taught the actor the lines for the show.
  15. I'm good with her being an Intern, or even just showing up at the office to talk with Tobin. The show is also about a girl who can now hear people singing their thoughts with popular songs so I am willing to handwave away her still being in college haha.
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