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  1. I couldn't get in to Signed, Sealed and Delivered, either. It's been a long while but I remember finding something very off-putting about Eric Mabius' performance and didn't make it past the first 30 minutes of the first one. I've liked him fine in other things, just didn't care for his character at all and I think the premise just didn't grab me. I know people rave about it, but I've just never had the urge to try again.
  2. Add me to the chorus of those who loved Love to the Rescue and for all the reasons mentioned. Michael Rady and Nikki DeLoach were just fabulous together. I feel like I spent 2 hours actually watching their characters become friends and fall in love. The supporting characters were great (yay, no evil people), the kids were sweet and fun without being annoying and the location really added something special. I also liked that not only was Nikki's character an animator (something new!) but that they managed to incorporate the animation into the movie. I'm guessing the budget got a boost above the norm, it certainly looked like it. One of my favorite scenes was the outing with the kids bonding with the opposite parent. It could have been cloying but I found it so charming. Michael was fantastic with that little actress. I've had a crush on Michael Rady since the first Traveling Pants movie and I'm so glad he's found a home on Hallmark. I think he exhibits such a natural warmth that comes through in pretty much everything I've seen him in. He's always so lovely to watch. Oh man, that's the one where Teri's dog goes missing and the family that "adopts" it won't give it back. I remember being so totally annoyed at the dad in that one. Can we form a protection squad? Because it really was well done. My sister actually turned to me about halfway through, "This dialogue is much better than usual." Heh. The story, the treatment of all the relationships and yes, the dialogue really were a cut above.
  3. JenMD

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Wow, that happened much faster than I thought it would.
  4. I thought Barbara Niven was way OTT in that movie. I can't imagine her character even more villanous.
  5. I checked in on #Hearties on Twitter and there seems to be a mix of prayer/forgiveness and "See ya, Abigail", with most concern going to the cast/crew and hoping the show continues. One thing I did see pointed out that I hadn't realized is that if she's convicted, she won't be getting back in Canada anytime soon, so wondering about seeing her on more Hallmark productions becomes a moot point.
  6. I woudln't be terribly surprised to hear that Hallmark contracts have a morals clause (or something similar) and being charged/pleading guilty to a felony would probably be among grounds for termination (isn't that a dealbreaker at most places of employment?). The guy in charge of the whole scam has apparently already pled guilty. I would also not be terribly surprised to have seen the last of the Garage Sale Mysteries. When Calls The Heart just started their new season, no idea what they'll do about that one.
  7. JenMD

    S07.E15: Training Day

    March Madness, indeed! I watched way more than I ff, that hasn't happened in ages. The Olicity was adorable and I really appreciate having a recognizable Diggle back onscreen. I like the kids, even if the future is the worst. I don't care even remotely about the crossover (last year's or next year's or any year's) so whatever they have to do to fix the future, go for it. It sounded like both Oliver and Felicity said tartine (open-faced sandwich).
  8. JenMD

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Seriously. I suspect that write up is supposed to entice me to watch but it's now more likely I'll just skip it altogether (won't be the first time and I never thought I'd say that about this show). I ff any scenes with FakeLaurel in them anyway and this sounds like an FL bonanza. Yech. I just can't with this ridiculous "friendship" with Felicity they've concocted (and I tried watching a scene with the two of them and couldn't make it through it) so the sooner KC is gone, the better for me. I don't care if she's ultimately good, evil or somewhere in between. My favorite version of Laurel, of any Earth, is one who is gone.
  9. JenMD

    S03.E07: A Public Inconvenience

    Sophie and Joseph should be so lucky as to be in a Tessa Dare novel. They'd certainly be much better written.
  10. Yes, same guy. That identification of people was something I thought this movie really dropped the ball on. Either I missed names, or more often, they didn't give them. I'm not sure if we got an edited version from the original but I found it confusing and choppy at times. I have to confess, the Xanadu bits in the commercial drew me in; even though it was just a glimpse I was so impressed by how well they seemingly recreated the set I just had to see it. And I've been a fan of Olivia's since her early radio days, so I was in, even though I didn't think Delta Goodrem resembled Olivia at all (I just kept seeing Jennifer Lopez). My goodness, the poor woman was saddled with some truly terrible wigs. Her singing was lovely, but I don't think she particularly sounded like Olivia, it pretty much could have been a movie about anyone. I actually think the younger actress was a much closer match (especially based on photos shown in the biography that followed). But back to Xanadu, it took me about halfway through the scene to realize the reason I though Delta was doing such a good job in particular spots was because is wasn't her, it was Olivia - they used actual movie clips for all the wide shots and only had Delta, the actor playing Matt and other dancers in close up. Explained a lot. Overall, it was fine. Finding out it wasn't made by Lifetime, but imported, explains a lot.
  11. JenMD

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    And you guys made the news here (I'm in New England) with your crazy hot weather. Heh. That ring is so lovely. You are a very nice sister!
  12. Christmas in July has been a thing for ages, not just for Hallmark. It's also when they do their annual ornament premiere. I'm not surprised they tie it in to their Christmas movies since they have 600 billion to show.
  13. Regarding A Winter Princess, does anybody recognize if we've seen either the "Aspen" hotel the brother worked at or "Snowden Peak" locations in other movies? Both looked familiar (and were gorgeous). I was miserable with a cold this weekend and I think my natural defenses were down because I didn't mind this one. Natalie Hall kind of grew on me as the movie went on. She was way OTT Disney princess to start and either she calmed down or I just got used to her because she eventually stopped bugging me. Lead guy was adorable and yay to no bad guys (a trend I like). I didn't even mind the Cinderella-blue ballgown at the end (subtle, they are not). But that Dollar Store tiara and mess they made of her hair were a travesty (hair should have been up). Oh, and they needed to skip the waltzing, I was suffering secondhand embarrassment for the actors. The other ladies looked fantastic, though. And add me to the chorus who really enjoyed Winter Love Story for all the reasons detailed. Yes, Jen Lilley's character starts off kind of a pill, but I think her natural charm helped offset any sharpness so she came off a lot milder than another actress might have. Also, how fabulous is Jen Lilley's hair? Loved her and Kevin McGarry's chemistry and enjoyed the whole road trip aspect. Sure, at the end she was being a baby leaving during the speech, but there's got to be a bump in there somewhere (it's a rule, it's probably written down somewhere).
  14. Wow. Those quotes. I can honestly say I've put any memory of Poppy being positioned as a flashback love interest out of my mind. It's a hilarious thought, in hindsight, considering how bland the actress ended up being (and yes, chemistry-free with SA). I won't even get in to the ridiculous idea that they needed a flashback love interest as a counterpoint to present day Olicity. MG is such a hack.