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  1. Jessie mentioned on Instagram that this was filmed in between the qualifiers and semis last year (some time in July) Congrats to Meagan Martin! I have to admit, I did not see that coming. Good for her! I thought from the very start that Flex would take it, so wasn't surprised she made the final two. Great job by everybody. I had a feeling when Jessie started hesitating on the handle that she was toast, but, as always, she just takes it in stride. I absolutely loved that Patty Jenkins was there to root her on and Jessie's reaction. I don't think Jessie stopped smiling during the
  2. Same here, captions were very wonky. I just checked the On Demand version and it looks like that is coming up complete, so whatever issue was going on seems they fixed it. Not sure if you have access Callietwo, but you might give it a try if you do. You can put me in the loved it camp. I was so looking forward to this one, since the promo first popped up during the Winter movies. I adore Allen Leech and have always like Joanna Garcia-Swisher. The little bits of them in the commercials for this had me totally sold and they delivered. And the location! So beautiful. Add in a script t
  3. During the holidays, they announced WCTH S7 was going to be available exclusively on the app. No idea what happened to S6, though.
  4. That was Brian Kretsch, he's a veteran ninja. He's competed in the previous 11 seasons of the show but didn't make it to St. Louis.
  5. Jessie Graff is going to be on Titans. New season starts this Monday on NBC.
  6. In the Key of Love, starring Laura Osnes and Scott Michael Foster, previously exclusive to the app, is finally going to be on the regular Hallmark channel. Woot! It's airing this Saturday, 3/21 at 9pm.
  7. JenMD


    Vulture has an article up that clears up a lot of the questions about the finale. Contains S2 spoilers, should a 2nd season ever happen. Eh, I found it incredibly unsatisfying for a supposed self-contained story. But maybe that's because we're only at the midpoint of Sidney and Charlotte's story. Sigh. I don't know if spoilers about a possible S2 need to be spoilered, but I'm ever cautious. As for the show itself, Lord Babington and Esther saved it for me in a big way. I would never have suspected I would be so invested in them at the start, but I was rooting
  8. From her top 10 I only watched 3 1/2 (I tried to make it through Holiday Date, but just couldn't). Of the rest, I don't really know how many because the names blend together but I know I skipped a lot this year and didn't love a ton of the ones I did watch. I do agree with Two Turtle Doves, easily my favorite. I really hope they find some place to put Michael Rady's NYE movie and it doesn't end up relegated to the app.
  9. I tried, but I didn't make it through The Best Christmas Ball Ever!. I did, however, fast-forward to the end because I wanted to see the ball. It really wasn't worth the trouble (my dvr kept trying to delete it before I got to the end, it clearly knew better than I did). One question though, why was Amy in costume at the ball? I made it just past 45 minutes in, I think, before I gave up. I've liked Elizabeth Harnois in other things but I didn't care for her here, or care for the love interest very much. Vienna was pretty, though. I've probably skipped as many movies as I've watched
  10. What's the Vienna movie called and what channel? I looked through the thread but couldn't find specifics. Thanks!
  11. Seriously, are they using a sundial over there? I've padded the beginning and ending series recording with extra minutes and I've still lost the start of one ep and the end of two. I don't get why starting their shows on time is so difficult.
  12. Woo! Just found Hallmark Drama has been added (thanks for the heads up @MikaelaArsenault!) so I get to see A Season For Miracles without having to subscribe to the app for a month. Awesome. Now they just need to include A Dog Named Christmas and my Christmas movie watching will be complete.
  13. His first Olicity tweet was the night The Odyssey aired (or thereabouts); they would have still had another 2 months or so to film at that point. Yeah, I'm thinking he knew how things were going.
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