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S05.E09: Week 5: Part 2

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Babies in Paradise are just one more sign of the impending apocalypse.  I will not watch Carly & creepy Evan for any reason.  I can't even conceive of how this was judged to be a good idea.  And I think Tanner & Jade are just as bad, even though loads of people seem to think they're now such good role models.  

Is there a vaccination you can give a toddler to prevent famewhoreitis?  Probably not, since in this case it will be passed down by both sets of parents. 

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9 minutes ago, Armchair Critic said:

Looks like Carly's had some work done, her face is different (nose job?). *edited to say the eyebrows are still kind of a mess though

What about Jades immovable forehead?  Not even thirty and she’s freezing her face. Makes her look older.  Wait until mid forties.

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Eric sounds dumb a lot of the time.  But I hate Cassandra trying the Kendall bullshit on him.  “I feel you have some growing to do”.  Take a seat, you’ve known the guy for five minutes. You were even forewarned.

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Had to mute the crying babies. Ugh!

I just started watching this show.   I think I've seen 3 niights worth, being this is the 3rd time watcing it.  

It"s personal drama based, false tears, half dressed people galore.  A few people have personality disorders of course.

It entertaing because it's stupidly predictable. I has a soap opera vibe .... so it' a time filler while having dinner. ??

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3 minutes ago, leighdear said:

Eric thinks he's auditioning and has a shot at that brass Bachelor ring.  He's not even close.  That faux-conflicted act has been done before, and by much better actors. 

Hard pass, dude.  Better luck next show.  Try Big Brother.  

LMAO! This post is why I love you guys.

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Gosh they are acting  like Eric died. Jesus melodramatic much? 

And he says Follow the cheese as he’s leaving. Someone help me? WHat the hell does this mean?!

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10 minutes ago, TiredMe said:

Gosh they are acting  like Eric died. Jesus melodramatic much? 

And he says Follow the cheese as he’s leaving. Someone help me? WHat the hell does this mean?!


I particularly like when he was going on and on about the cheese theory to whichever success story was interviewing him and they asked whether he follows the cheese, he indignantly retorts, “I don’t follow the cheese,” as if he’s lactose intolerant. Guy’s been doing nothing but talking about following cheese for 96 days straight and suddenly all offended by the question. (I missed the whole segment with him leaving.)

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I missed the first hour (god that sounds terrible, this show is LONGER THAN ONE HOUR!) so thank goodness I missed Carly, Evan, et. al. and the babies. I mean the real babies. If I had to spend even a minute with a toddler in dipes, I'd have my thumb out for the next limo home.

I guess I'm not this show's demo if you have to want or like little kids.

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If someone pulls me aside to talk to me and then sticks her finger in her ear and digs around in an effort to fish out whatever's in there, that'd be the end of any relationship that person might have had with me.

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1 hour ago, Armchair Critic said:

I hate to say this to the Joe lovers because he seems like a nice guy, but he seems a bit simple.

I love Joe but I'm not mad at you for saying that. ; )

I don't think he's meathead simple since he does have a business.  I would be curious to know how conversant he is when he not on the show though.  

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